Revolutionary War Pension Extracts

Revolutionary War soldiers and widows filed for pensions from the Government and included statements of support and declarations from individuals confirming service. These give insight into the war and the people connected with it and these are extracts from original pension files.

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Batchelder, John

Berry, Benjamin

Bickford, Samuel

Blake, John

Burnham, Benjamain

Cass, Theophilus

Cook, Paul

Drought, Richard

Emerson, Mark

Fisk, Cato

Goss, Samuel

Grant, John

Gray, James

Ham, John

Haynes, Elisha

Howe, David

Jenness, John

Knowles, Isaac

Lear, Samuel

Libbey, Bennett

Libbey, Samuel

Locke, Francis

Locke, Moses

McClary, Michael

McGaffey, Andrew

Moulton, Joseph

Moulton, Samuel

Pettingill, Jethro

Pettingill, Jonathan

Philbrick, Daniel

Randall, Jonathan

Robinson, Levi

Sinclair, Noah

Wallace, Weymouth


BERRY, Benjamin & widow Sobriety

BICKFORD, Samuel & widow Abigail

BLAKE, John & widow Mehitable

BURNHAM, Benjamin & widow Elizabeth

CASS, Theophilus & widow Susannah

COOK, Paul

DROUGHT, Richard


FISK, Cato and widow Else

GOSS, Samuel

GRANT, John & widow Dorothy

GRAY, James

HAM, John

HAYNES, Elisha

HOWE, David and widow Sally

JENNESS, John & widow Temperance


KNOWLES, Isaac & widow Prudence

LEAR, Samuel

LIBBEY, Bennett

LIBBEY, Samuel & widow Mehitable

LOCKE, Francis

LOCKE, Moses

McCLARY, Michael & widow Sarah

McGAFFEY, Andrew & widow Hannah

MOULTON, Joseph & widow Sarah



PETTINGILL, Jonathan & widow Susannah Bartlett

PHILBRICK, Daniel & widow Ruth


RANDALL, Jonathan


WALLACE, Weymouth

Epsom Revolutionary War Pensioners as reported in the 1840 Census and names of the heads of families with whom the pensioners resided June 1, 1840.

Ruth Philbrick, 83, widow of Daniel Philbrick - Ruth Philbrick

Sarah McClary, 84, widow of Michael McClary - Jonathan Steele

Dorothy Grant, 86, widow of John Grant - John Grant

Eunice Sargent, 84, widow of Benjamin Sargent of Pittsfield - John Marshall

Mark Emerson, 78 - Simeon P. Locke

John Batchelder, 79 - Levi Locke

Phebe Prescott, 82, widow of Ebenezer Prescott of Pittsfield - Samuel Cate

Samuel Lear, 78 - Samuel L. Lear

David How, 75, - David How

Abigail Bickford, 84, widow of Samuel Bickford - Samuel B. Bickford