Pension of Michael& Sarah McClary


PENSION of Michael McClary

November 15, 1836 Sarah McClary of Epsom, Merrimack County, New Hampshire, eighty-one years of age, deposed:
that she is the widow of Michael McClary, late of Epsom, N.H., who was a Captain in the Revolutionary War;
that soon after the battle of Lexington, in 1775, her husband "raised a number of men and marched to Boston; was in the battle of Bunker Hill where his uncle, Major ANDREW MC CLARY, was killed;"
that January 1, 1776, he was appointed First Lieutenant in the Fifth regiment of foot commanded by Col. John Stark, and was afterwards made a Captain,
that her husband continued to serve as Captain until the spring or summer of 1779 when he resigned on account of ill health "but with fixed determination of returning to the service should his health be restored;" that his health had been declining for some time previous to their marriage;
that during his service, her husband was at the capture of Burgoyne, and she believes at most of the battles fought in the Northern and Middle states;
that she was married at North Hampton, N.H., by Rev. David Macclure, then Pastor of the church there, October 1, 1778, her maiden name being Sally Dearborn; and lived with her father in North Hampton while her husband continued in service; but when he resigned, she immediately moved to Epsom, the place of her husband's residence, which was July 14, 1779;
and that her husband died March 27, 1824.

Sarah McClary.

November 15, 1836 Josiah Sanborn of Epsom, N.H., seventy-three years of age, testified that he lived in Epsom during the Revolutionary war and at that time was "well acquainted with the late Gen. Michael McClary of Epsom;" knew that he went to Boston in 1775 as a Ensign; served seven or eight months; then enlisted for a year; and then was employed to enlist men for three years for the war; that he was in the expedition to Canada; was at the Surrender of Burgoyne; then joined Washington's army and was at the Battle of Monmouth, etc.

Josiah Sanborn.

October 20, 1834 Rev. Jonathan French of North Hampton, N.H., testified the records of marriages, solemnized by his "predecessors in the ministry in this place, commencing in the year 1767" are in his possession; and that he finds among them in the handwriting of Rev. David Macclure, the following:

1778, October 1, Michael McClary of Epsom and Sally Dearborn of North Hampton.

Jona. French, Pastor of the Church in North Hampton, N.H.

November 5, 1836 DAN WOODMAN of Rockingham County, N.H., eight-eight years of age, testified that he joined the army under Gen. Gates at Bemis Heights in 1777 and McClary was there then; remained with the army except for a furlough, until the summer of 1779.

His Mark

(The commission of Michael McClary as First Lieutenant in Col. John Stark's Fifth regiment of foot, signed John Hancock, President, dated January 1, 1776, is on file in the Department. BMD.)

Claim allowed and Certificate 582, Concord, N.H. Agency, was issued March 11, 1837, Act of July 4, 1836, Section 3.
(Only Revolutionary Pensioner, named Michael McClary under any spelling of the name from any state.
From memorandum on file it appears that Sarah McClary, eighty-four, was living in 1840 at Epsom, N.H., with Jonathan Steele. BMD.)