Pension of Jethro Pettingill

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PENSION of Jethro Pettingill

Issued May 25, 1819

I Jethro Pettingill of Epsom in the County of Rockingham and State of New Hampshire testify and declare that in the month of March one thousand seven hundred and seventy eight I enlisted as a private soldier in the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War against Great Britian in a company commanded by Captain Ebenezer Frye in Colonel Joseph Cilley's Regiment in the New Hampshire line, in the continental establishment - that I continued in said service until the end of the war when I was regularly discharged, and I further declare that when I left the service I received an honorable discharge which by some means or other is now lost, that I am now poor and in reduced circumstances and need the assistance of my country for support.
Jethro X Pettingill (his mark)
Witness Michael McClary, Aprl 14, 1818

I Michael McClary of Epsom in the County of Rockingham and State of New Hampshire Esquire, testify and say that being an officer in the continental army in New Hampshire line at the time the said Jethro Pettingill engaged in the arm, I am well knowing that he served in the same as a private soldier as he has stated in his affidavit and that he is also very poor and ___ and has been for more than twenty years and really stands in need of assistance from his country for support.
April 14, 1818 - Michael McClary

Schedule containing the whole estate and income of Jethro Pettingill (his necessary clothing and bedding excepted) the fourth day of July 1820.

One cow four years old which I purchased with money I received from my pension - 15

Witness, Michael McClary
Jetho X Pettingill (his mark)

State of New Hampshire, Rockingham County June 29, 1820
Before Hall Burgin of the Court of Common Pleas, I Jethro Pettingill aged 63, resident in the town of Epsom, in said County, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth, on his oath declare that he served in the Revolutionary War as follows: That in the month of March 1778 he enlisted as a private soldier in the company under the command of Cap. Ebenezer Frye, in Col. Joseph Cilley Reg., in the Continental Army, that he was in the battle against the British Army at Monmouth and that he served in said Regt. Until the end of the revolutionary war where he was discharged. The date of my original declaration in order to obtain a pension is the 14th day of April 1818. The number of my pension certificate is 11053. I have received a pension.

My occupation is a farmer but not of sufficient ability to pursue it. In my family residing with me, my wife Elizabeth, 63 years of age, one daughter 26 years Joanna. One 18 years Mary; one 16 years Elizabeth; one son 7 years, James. Their capacity to contribute to their support - not able to render any assistance toward my support.
Jethro X Pettingill (his mark)
Sworn and declared at Epsom on the 29th day of June AD 1820 before me, Hall Burgin, Judge of said Court.