Pension of Benjamin Burnham & widow Eliz. Goss
W.F. 27956

PENSION of Benjamin Burnham

May 3, 1851, Elizabeth Goss, of Epsom, New Hampshire, aged 90 years, deposed :
That she is the widow of Benjamin Burnham, who enlisted at Hampton Falls, N.H., July 17,1779, for one year ; was mustered into service by Col. Jonathan Moulton and received his town bounty, whence he was to march to Exeter, N.H. ; that this occurred soon after her marriage which took place Sept. 20, 1778 ;
and that Burnham died May 29,1810 ;

that she married Samuel Goss ( Revolutionary pensioner, N.H.S.F. 47179 ) Sept 18, 1827 ;
and that he died Feb. 7,1831, and she has ever since remained a widow.
Signed by mark
in presence of John C. Burnham and James M. Burnham.

Certificate from town clerk of Gilmanton, N.H. ; that the marriage of Benjamin Burnham and Elizabeth Gordon, on Sept.20,1778, is recorded on the books of the town.

Certificate from N.H. shows that the name of Benjamin Burnham is borne on the pay roll of Capt. George Tuttle's co., Col. Stephen Evans' regiment, N.H. militia, for one month, 12 days from Sept. 8,1777 :

also that a receipt by Caleb Robinson, Captain, is on file, stating ; "received July 17, 1779, of the Parish of Hampton Falls" ---" Benja. Burnham, a soldier, enlisted into the service of the United States for one year as one of the quota of the parish of Hampton Falls, also received his enlistment." and other entries pertaining to said Burnham as found on rolls.

June 25, 1852, David Bean, of Gilmanton, N.H., aged 71 years, testified that when he was quite young, Benjamin Burnham worked for his father in Gilmanton ; that Burnham often talked of his experiences in the Revolution ; how he was marched fron one place to another, & c.; that he came to Gilmanton soon after his service was over; that he died in Gilmanton near where deponent lives, & c.
David Bean

May 10, 1852, Jonathan Goss, of Epsom, N.H., aged 58 years, testified that Elizabeth Goss, who now lives about two miles from him, was the former widow of Benjamin Burnham ; that he has known Elizabeth for over thirty years ; knows Burnham was considered to be a Revolutionary soldier, & c.
Jonathan Goss.

May 17, 1852, John Prescott, of Bristol, Grafton Co., N.H. , aged 87 years, testified that he was born in Epsom, N.H. , and lived there until 1837, when he moved to New London and then to Bristol ; that some forty years ago or more Elizabeth Goss was living in Epsom, her name being Burnham and deponent knew her as the widow of Benjamin Burnham ; she lived within two and one half miles of deponents house, and kept house for her son, Jeremiah, a number of years before he was married ;
& c.
John Prescott

Certificate from Probate Court of Hillsborough Co., N.H. shows that satisfactory evidence has been filed to prove that Benjamin Burnham, who was a Revolutionary soldier, died in May or June, 1810 ; that his widow afterwards married Samuel Goss who died as stated, & c.

Claim allowed and certificate 5169, N.H. Agency, was issued Dec. 13,1852, Act of July 4, 1836.

June 2, 1855, John C. Burnham, Guardian of Elizabeth Goss, of Epsom, N.H. aged 93 years, applied in her name for Bounty land.
John C. Burnham
Benjamin Towle and C. Augustus Towle certified to his identity.

Certificate from Probate court shows that John C. Burnham has been appointed Guardian and that Elizabeth Goss is still Living.

Application granted and BLWT 45664, for 160 acres was issued Oct. 17, 1856.