Pension of Joseph Moulton

R 16650

PENSION of Joseph Mouton and Sarah his widow

New Hampshire, Joseph Moulton, Grafton County in the State of New Hampshire who was a private in the Company commanded by Captain __ of the Regiment commanded by Col. Randlett in the NH for 6 months. Certificate of pension 10.876 issued the 21st day of May 1830.

In order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress of the 7th of June 1832
State of New Hampshire, County of Grafton SS

On this first day of January 1833, personally appeared, Joseph Moulton, a resident of Ellsworth in the County of Grafton and State of New Hampshire, aged 67 years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth, on his oath make the following declaration, that he enlisted into the service of the United States and served as herein stated; that in the month of July AS 1778 he enlisted into a Company commanded by Capt. Woodman in Col. Runnells (unreadable) for sixth months, marched from Epsom, NH to No. 4 thence to Otter Creek thence to Saratoga and was at the taking of Gen. Burgoyne thence he marched to Fort Edward thence to ___ thence to Shinesboro and thence back to No. 4 where he was discharged having served his six months. He was born in Old Hampton NH 1764, has no record of his age, lived at Epsom when called into service and since the Revolutionary war has lived a short time in Chichester and for the last thirty two years has lived in Ellsworth aforesaid; does not recollect the names of other officers except above named except his Lieut. Whose name was Randall - he received a discharge signed by his Col. which he has lost.
He refers to the Rev. Israel Blake and Edward Webber by whom he is known in his present neighborhood and who can testify as to his character for veracity and their belief of his service as a soldier of the Revolution.
Joseph Moulton

State of New Hampshire
County of Grafton SS

On this twenty seventh day of August AD one thousand eight hundred and sixty one, personally appeared, Sarah Moulton, aged seventy nine years, a resident of Rumney in said State of New Hampshire, who being duly sworn according to law, declares that she is the widow of Joseph Moulton, deceased, who was a private in the Company Commanded by some person now to her unknown, in the revolutionary war, the time and place of whose enlistment she does not now recollect, that her said husband, Joseph Moulton, continued in actual service in said war for the term of two months and twenty days and was taken sick and was discharged at the time and place of which she does not now recollect. She further states that her said husbands name was inscribed upon the pension rolls of the United States and that he drew a pension for the term of thirteen years, she thinks, previous to his death.
She further states that she applied for and obtained a land warrant under the law "granting bounty land to certain officers and soldiers who have been engaged in the military service of the United States" and that she hereby makes reference to said declaration with the accompanying papers therewith filed in the pension office at Washington, and she also refers to the papers on file in relation to her said husbands pension; and she thinks her said husband enlisted at Epping, NH or Ipswich, Mass.
She makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the pension to which she may be entitled under the pension laws of the United States, and she further declares that she has not received or applied for a pension previous to this application under any of the laws of the United States.
Sarah Moulton (her mark)
Witness, Joseph L. Spaulding

Mr. Joseph Moulton, Abiah Moulton and Charles C. Moulton of Ellsworth, in the County of Grafton and State of New Hampshire, testify and say that we are son, daughter and grandsons of Joseph Moulton, deceased, who was a soldier in the war of the Revolution and received a pension under the Act of 1832, that our said father died in the town of Ellsworth on the eighth day of November AD 1844 and we attended his funeral; that he left a widow who still survives and whose name is Sarah Moulton and who still remains a widow; that the said Sarah was our father's second wife and that she was married to him on the twentieth day of June 1838 in the town of Middleton in the State of New Hampshire and they lived together as husband and wife ever after their said marriage until our father's death; that we have no interest or claim for bounty land we further state that we took care of them both and that he died in our house.
Joseph Moulton
Abiah Moulton
Charles C. Moulton

State of New Hampshire
County of Strafford ss
Town Clerks office Middleton, May 4, 1859

July twenty third 1838
This certifies that the marriage of Joseph Mouton of Ellsworth and Sally Ellis of Middleton was solemnized by me Robert Mathes Minister of the gospel.