Pension of Samuel Goss

New Hampshire April 27, 1818, pension issued Sep 6, 1819

I Samuel Goss of Epsom in the County of Rockingham and State of New Hampshire testify and declare that in May in 1775 I did enlist for six months in the company commanded by Captain Caleb Hodges in the regiment commanded by Colonel David Gilman in the New Hampshire line in the Army of the United States in the Revolutionary War against the common enemy. I served said time of six months faithfully and was discharged. Then in August 1776 I enlisted again into the company commanded by Captain Mark Wiggin for one year in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Long in New Hampshire line in said Revolutionary War against the common enemy. Joined the Army at Shapley's Island at Portsmouth, stayed there until January, marched from thence to Ticonderoga where we were stationed and had to retreat to Fort Miller and from thence to Saratoga from thence to Stillwater where we were until the twelfth day of August 1777 at which time I was honorably discharged by Colonel Long. I served in said revolutionary war against the common enemy more than eighteen months, was honorably discharged, am sixty five years of age, I am in reduced circumstances in life and need assistance from my Country for support. My discharge lost.
Allenstown, April 27, 1818
Samuel Goss

County of Rockingham, State of New Hampshire, April 27, 1818
The foregoing declaration made and sworn to me. Hall Burgin, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for the County of Rockingham aforesaid.

I hereby certify that the said Samuel Goss did serve in the revolutionary war against the common enemy as he has stated in his declaration by him signed and I am knowing to the said Goss having no estate at all and is a poor old man and needs assistance from his country for support.
Hall Burgin

PENSION of Samuel Goss

S 47179

(Elizabeth Goss, widow of above soldier received pension as former widow of Benjamin Burnham, NH W 27956 - see papers in said claims)