Pension of Theophilus Cass

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PENSION of Theophilus Cass

State of New Hampshire
Grafton County

On this 3oth day of April 1818, before me this subscriber, Theophilus Cass, aged sixty three, a resident in Dorchester in the said State being duly sworn according to law, doth, make the following declaration, the he Theophilus Cass enlisted AD 1776 for one year in the State of New Hampshire in the company commanded by Captain Amos Morrill of the New Hampshire line, that he continued to serve in said corps or in the service of the United States until the 7th of June 1783, when he was discharged from service in the Head Quarters.
April 30, 1818

State of New Hampshire - Grafton
At the Court of Common Pleas holden at Haverhill within and for said County of Grafton on the first Tuesday of August in the year of our Lord 1820, present the Honorable Ezra Bartlett and Daniel Blaisdell, Esquires, Justices
Personally appeared Theophilus Cass, aged 65, resident in Canaan, being duly sworn according to law, doth, on his oath, declare that he served in the revolutionary war as follows: A Sergeant in Capt. Amos Morrills Company and Col Cilley's Regiment in the New Hampshire line, that his original declaration is dated 30th day of April 1818, and that he has received a pension and his pension certificate is numbered 3.446.
And I do solemnly swear that I was a resident of the United States on the 18t day of March 1818. I declare that I am by occupation a farmer unable to do more than one third of a man's labor and I was wounded in the revolutionary war and have other infirmities and I am perfectly unable to support myself by labor. I have a wife aged 59 years unable to work half the time by reason of the rheumatism and other infirmities, I have only one child at home with me, viz Theophilus Cass aged 15 years nearly supports himself, but no more and in all respects really stand in need of my country's bounty.
Theophilus Cass
State of New Hampshire
Grafton SS, Caanan July 21, 1820

The following is a schedule of all the property either real or personal which the subscriber is the owner of:

1 chest drawers
1 chest
1 large broken kettle
1 small pot
1 tea kettle
1 __ kettle
1 shovel and tongs
6 old chairs
2 old tables
1 wooling wheel
1 old chest
1 pewter platter
2 pewter basins
2 old water pails
1 wash tub
1 hand saw
2 augers and 2 chisels
5 old axes
2 hoes
1 plow
1 shave
5 young swine
1 pr old __ wheels
1 carpenters edge
A number of old knifes, forks and spoons
2 old scythes
1 petite fork
1 warming pan
3 rakes
1 pair stealyards
Total 61.00
Theophilus Cass


In order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress of the third day of March 1843, entitled An act granting pay and pensions to the widows of certain revolutionary war soldiers -
State of New Hampshire, Grafton SS
December 8, 1845
Personally appeared Susannah Cass, a resident of the town of Dorchester, in the County of Grafton and State of New Hampshire, aged 81, being duly sworn according to the law, on her oath makes the following declaration:
That she is the widow of Theophilus Cass who was a Sergeant in the Army of the Revolution and was at the time of his death a Revolutionary Pensioner of the United States under the act of Congress passed June 7, 1832. She has no documentary evidence to prove his services but respectfully refers to the declaration and testimony furnished the War Department by her said husband in support of his claim to a pension to support her own claim.
She further declares that she was married to the said Theophilus Cass on the 28th day of January AD 1786 in the town of Epsom in said State of New Hampshire by the Rev. Mr. Haselton who was at that time a settled minister in said town of Epsom, that her husband the said Theophilus Cass died November 5th AD 1845 and the she has remained his widow to the present time.
Sworn and subscribed to on this day and year above written.
Susanna X Cass (her mark)

I William Ham, Clerk of the Town of Epsom in the County of Merrimack and State of New Hampshire, certify that it appears on the records of said town the Mr. Theophlus Cass and Miss Susanna Libbee were ___ in marriage by the Rev. Mr. Haseltine the twenty eighth day of January one thousand seven hundred and eighty six.
Michael McClary, Town Clerk

I further certify that the above is a true extract from the records with the exception of date which is expressed on the records in fine legible words and figures as follows - 1786 January 38th.

William Ham, Epsom Town Clerk, December 16, 1845
Witness Robert Knox, Justice of the Peace