Pension of John Ham

S 18004

June 7, 1832

State of New Hampshire, County of Merrimack
July 24, 1832, personally appeared before the Judges of the Court of Probate for the County aforesaid, John Ham, a resident of Epsom, NH, age 68, that he enlisted in the army of the United States in the year 1780 with Capt. Prescott, and served in the Capt Henry Dearborn's regiment of the Continental line, under the following named officers:
The he enlisted in Epsom __ in the County of Merrimack and State aforesaid in the month of June 1780 for six months under Capt. Prescott in the Continental service and marched to Kingston in the County of Rockingham and State aforesaid, and thence passed muster. Bartlett was muster master and thence marched to West (?) Point and thence was pit into Capt. Pays (?) Company Ensign McGaffey in Col. Dearborn's Regt; marched to Warner town New Jersey (so called) thence Soldiers Fortune (so called) near Fishkill in the state of New York, served the full term of six months and was discharged by Ensign McGaffey in the absence of the Col., had a written discharge but have lost it.

I William Wallis of Northwood in the County of Rockingham and State of New Hampshire being seventy nine years old depose and say that I served seven years in the Continental line of the United States army during the war of the Revolution in Capt, Kinissons, Morrils and other Captains in the Regiment commanded by Col Stark and Col. Cilley; that during one of those years in which I served, I think the year 1780 - John Ham of Epsom in the County of Merrimack served in the service Continental line of the United States army as a private soldier in the company commanded by Captain gray in Col. Dearborn's regiment - I and the said John Ham lived about one mile from each other, he in said Epsom and I in said Northwood - and I knew him well in the army and frequently saw him while at West Point and at Warner Town in the State of New Jersey. Also at a place called Soldier's Fortune near Fishkill in the State of New York where he was regularly discharged having served out the time of his enlistment which I then understood to be six months.
William Wallis

State of New Hampshire, Rockingham County July 21, 1832
Then the above named William Wallis personally appeared bade solemn oath that the above affidavit by him subscribed is true.
Before me, Eben Coe, Justice