Pension of John Batchelder

S 15310

PENSION of John Bachelder

John Batchelder of Merrimack in the State of New Hampshire who was a private in the company commanded by Captain ____ of the Regiment commanded by Col. Senter.
Inscribed on the roll of NH at the rate of 39 dollars and 10 cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1831.

In order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832
State if New Hampshire, County of Merrimack ss

On this twenty second day of January 1833, personally appeared in open Court before the Judge of Probate for said County, now sitting, John Batchelder, a resident of Chichester in the County of Merrimack and State of New Hampshire aged 71 years, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration, I order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress, passed June 7, 1832.
That he entered the service of the United States under the following named offices, and served as herein stated - That he enlisted at Epsom in the County of Merrimack and State of New Hampshire the first of April A.D. 1777, for one month and marched to New Castle near Portsmouth, NH and served the one month in the Company commanded by Capt. Hayes and Ensign Dickey of the NH Militia and dismissed, was stationed in the old Fort near the light house - that he again enlisted at Epsom aforesaid for six months in the year 1777 and according to his best recollection, in the month of July under Captain Simon Marston in the Regiment of NH Militia commanded by Col. Senter and marched to Pierce's Island near Portsmouth, NH, remained there about one month then marched to Rhode Island and served in said State until the expiration of the six months for which he enlisted and dismissed at Warwick in said State. During this service he was stationed at Providence, ---town and Newick. That he again enlisted at Canterbury in the State aforesaid (being a resident of Epsom aforesaid) for six months in the year 1779 (when exactly he believes) in the month of July under Capt. Samuel Runnells and Col. Archibald Moor's __ NH Militia or State Troops and marched to Providence, RI __ a short time, thence to Trivertown RI and served in said State until his expiration of the six months for which he enlisted and was dismissed at ___ - that he had no written discharge from any of the above mentioned services, that he was born in Kensington, New Hampshire in the year 1761 - that he has a record of his age which he took from his Father's manuscripts - that since he left the service he has lived, most of the time in Epsom aforesaid and now resides in Chichester above written.
Here herby relinquishes every claim whatever to pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the Pension Roll of the Agency of any State.
John Bachelder
Sworn and subscribed the 23rd January AD 1833

Information as contained in this (or his widow's) application for pension on file in this Bureau - John Bachelder/John Batchelder. File 15310

Date of enlistment - April 1, 1777, 1 month, Pvt., Capt. Hayes, NH
July 1777, 6 months, Pvt., Capt. Simon Marston, Col. Senter, NH
July 1779, 6 months, Pvt., Samuel Runnells, Col. Mooney, NH

Battles engaged in, -
Residence of soldier at enlistment, Epsom, Merrimack Co., NH
Date of application for pension - January 22, 1833
Residence at time of application, Chichester, Merrimack Co., NH
Age at date of application, born at Kensington, NH 1761
Remarks - no data as to family