Pension of Paul Cook

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PENSION of Paul Cook

Paul Cook who was a private in the regiment commanded by Colonel Reid of the New Hampsh ire line for the term of 4 years. Certificate 10.018 issued April 1819.

State of Vermont
Orleans County SS

On the 16 day of April AD 1818 before me this subscriber one of the Judges of this County court within and for the County of Orleans aforesaid being a court of record, personally appeared Paul Cook of Glover in the county of Orleans aforesaid aged sixty years, makes the following declaration, that he the said Paul Cook enlisted in the town of Epsom in the State of New Hampshire in the month of April or May AD 1779 into Capt. Amos Morrill's company and marched in Morrill's Company as far as East town in the State of New York when he was transferred into Capt. Clayes company in Col George Reed's Regiment and General Poor's Brigade, from East Town he went into the Indian Country __ was __ under General Sullivan and was in some skirmishes where his captain Clays was killed. He was then under the command of Capt. Chase in the same Regiment and same Brigade and returned to Danbury in Connecticut and there __ in said Chase's Company. I faithfully served my country against the common enemy until I was honorably discharged at Newburgh in the State of New York on the fourth day of June AD 1783. My discharge was signed by General George Washington. The last two years of my service, I was a drummer and was so discharged, but my discharge and transfer which to obtain some Bounty Land but never did receive any land, never have I since seen my discharge, and that he is in reduced circumstances and stand in need of assistance of his country for support and that he has no other evidence now in his possession of his said services.
Paul Cook
Sworn to and declared before me on the day and year aforesaid.

District of Vermont
Orleans County SS

On this 30th day of June AD 1820, personally appeared, Paul Cook, aged sixty two years, resident in Glover in said Orleans County, who was duly sworn according to law, doth, on his oath declare that he served in the Revolutionary War as follows; in a regiment commanded by Col. George Reed, in a company commanded by Captain Chase of the New Hampshire line, as by original declaration by him subscribed and dated the sixteenth day of April AD 1818, and on which he received a pension certificate dated 0th of April 1819 and numbered 10.018.


One cow, three chairs, 1 pail pot, 1 quart kettle, 1 pewter platter, 5 small earthen plates, 4 tea cups & saucers, 1 teapot, 1 white bowl, 3 spoons, 1 teaspoon, 5 knives, 1 shoe knife, 1 shoe hammer, 1 table, 1 chest with 2 drawers, 1 hoe, 1 sickle, 1 scythe.
My occupation a day laborer, and owing to infirmities am unable to labor more than one third of my time, my family consists of myself, a wife named Rhoda, aged sixty two years, very feeble - and a son of the name of Jacob Cook aged twenty two years, an idiot and wholly unable to labor from his birth - I have no income other than what I receive from Government on account of the law passed on the 18th March 1818.
Paul Cook
Sworn and declared in open court this 30th day of June AD 1820
William Howe, Judge of Orleans County Court

State of Vermont, County of Orleans SS

I Paul Cook of Glover in the County of Orleans and State of Vermont aged seventy five years, do upon oath declare and say that about or in the year 1776 I enlisted into the service of the United State for the term of three years in Col. Stark's Regiment, New Hampshire, and served out the time for which I enlisted. I then enlisted into the same regiment for the term of during the war and served in that and Col. George Reed's regiment of the New Hampshire line until the close of the war when I was regularly discharged from the said Regiment commanded by said Col. George Reed and when I was a private. I do further declare that I have never received a warrant for the bounty land promised me on the part of the United States and that the same is now due to me from the United States.
Paul Cook
Sworn and subscribed this 15th day of February AD 1834, before me, John Kimball, Justice Peace