Pension of Jonathan Pettingill

R 588

PENSION of Jonathan Pettingill (Susanna Bartlett, former Widow)

State of Vermont, Washington District SS

At a session of the Probate Court holden at Plainfield within and for said district on the 13th day of June 1851, personally appeared, Susanna Bartlett, a resident of said Plainfield, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth, in her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain a pension under the law of Congress passed July 7th, 1838 and the act of March 3rd 1843 - June 17th 1844 and 2nd of February 1848.

That she is the widow of Jonathan Pettingill who was a private in the war of the revolution, that he enlisted in the town of Epsom in the State of New Hampshire and served as she believes over three years, that she believes he served under Capt. Scott and she thinks he was in Col. Cilley's Regt., a part or all of the time. That she was married to the said Jonathan Pettingill by the Rev. Zachius Colby at Pembroke in the State of New Hampshire on the twenty fourth day of March in the year Seventeen hundred and eighty nine; that her husband (the said Jonathan Pettingaill) died at Craftsbury in the State of Vermont on the twentieth day of February in the year eighteen hundred and twenty, that she afterwards to wit: on the seventh day of February, in the year eighteen hundred and twenty one, intermarried with Solomon Bartlett, who died on the twenty sixth day of April in the year Eighteen hundred and thirty eight, that she has continued a widow ever since, the decease of the said Bartlett; that her name before marriage to said Jonathan Pettingill was Susanna Baker and that she is now ninety years old.
Susann X Bartlett (her mark)

Sworn to and subscribed in open court on this day and year first above written
Jacob Scott, Judge

State of New Hampshire, Merrimack County SS
Town Clerk's Office, Oct. 14, 1851

I William Haseltine Jr., clerk of the Town of Pembroke, in the County of Merrimack and State of New Hampshire, do hereby certify that the following record appears upon the books of said town - the following persons were married by the Rev. Zacheus Colby viz; "Jonathan Pettingill and Susanna Baker, both of Pembroke, were married march twenty fourth seventeen hundred eighty nine - Thomas Adams, Town Clerk"
I further certify that the above is a true copy of the original record with the exception of date, which is expressed on the records in plain legible words and figures as follows: "March 24th 1789"
I William Haseltine Jr. depose and say that I hold the office of Town Clerk in county, town and state aforesaid, and the above is a true extract from the records of said town of Pembroke with the exception above names as certified by me.
William Haseltine Jr,, Town Clerk of Pembroke, NH

West Fairlee, VT, April 11th, 1853

Dear Sir,
I hereunto enclose an additional affidavit _____ in the case of Mrs. Susannah Bartlett, late the widow of Jonathan Pettingill, since a report has been made in the case, I have field two affidavits showing that there was not any other person of the name of Jonathan Pettingill residing in Epsom, NH during the Revolutionary (War) that he had a brother by the name of Jethro who went with him into the service from Epsom and I have produced the Certificate of the __ of NH showing that Jonathan and Jethro enlisted for said war from Epsom and I herewith enclose and affidavit of Jacob Jenness who knew Jonathan and Jethro Pettingill, ___ that there was not any other persons of that name residing in that town - knew him up to the time of his death (see his former affidavit, also MRs. Blaisdells).
Please put this affidavit and letter into the files of this case and communicate the results to me.
I am truly yours,
Stephen Thomas

Honorable L P. Waldo
Court of Pensions
Washington, DC

I Jonathan P. Blaisdell of Albany in the County of Orleans and State of Vermont of lawful age depose, testify and say that while I was a child under two years of age my parents gave me to Jonathan Pettigill and Susanna, his wife, who adopted me as their own child and with whom I lived constantly till he died. The first portion of this time he resided in Greensboro, Vermont and the latter in Craftsbury, where he died. I was over twenty one years old when he died which was more than thirty years ago. I often heard him speak of being n the United States service and will remember seeing a scar on the calf of his leg which he said was a wound made by a 'shot' in some battle which he was in. He told me that he was in the service between seven and eight years and served to the close of the war of the revolution. I remember his telling of being in several battles, especially at the taking of Burgoyne, and I have no doubt whatever that all his representations of these matters were true. I well remember his speaking of his service in Col. Cilley regiment. He told me that he served one summer as a volunteer upon half rations under General Sullivan in a campaign against the New York Indians, and I have now in my possession a brooch which he gave me and which he said he took from an Indian in that campaign. I was present at his decease and attended his funeral and took charge of the affairs of his widow until her marriage with Solomon Bartlett of Plainfield, Vermont. She then resided with Mr. Bartlett till his death some ten or twelve years ago, since which time she has remained a widow and lived in the family of Levi Bartlett of said Plainfield. She was Susanna Baker of Pembrook New Hampshire previous to her marriage with Mr. Pettingill. I have heretofore had some acquaintance with some of her sisters and their children. ___ I say not.

Jon. P. Blaisdell