Pension of Bennett Libbey
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PENSION of Bennett Libbey

State of New Hampshire Merrimack SS

On this 24th day of August AD 1852, personally appeared before the Hon. Horace Chase, Judge of Probate, Zebulon K. Harmon, Administrator of the estate of Bennett Libbey, late of Canterbury, deceased, who being duly sworn according to law, doth, on oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of June 7th, 1832.
And your declaration states that Bennett Libbey was a resident of Gilpin or some town in its vicinity in the time of the Revolution and that he was a soldier in the Revolutionary war. He has reason to believe and doth verily believe that Bennett Libbey served eight months in 1775 in Capt. Henry Dearborn's Company, in Col. John Stark's Regiment and was in Cambridge. The tradition has been that he served in the Revolution and this declarant has heard John Wadleigh so state at a time when said Wadleigh was of a sound mind. Your declarant states that the said Bennett Libbey died at Canterbury on the seventh day of September 1837 aged 83 years and 8 months, the he left no widow and that Bennett Libbey is the only surviving child. He therefore claims the pension due said Libbee under the act(s) aforesaid.
Z.K. Harmon, Administrator
Subscribed and sworn to on the day and year before written, before me
Horace Chase, Judge of Probate

State of New Hampshire, Merrimack SS

I, William P Foster, register of probate for the County of Merrimack do hereby certify that satisfactory evidence has been exhibited to said Court that Bennett Libbey, a reported Soldier of the Revolution, was a resident of the County of Merrimack, in the State of New Hampshire, and died in the town of Canterbury in the State aforesaid, in the year 1937 on the Seventh day of September and that he left no widow and that Bennett Libbey is the only surviving child of Bennett Libbey, deceased.

I David Parker one of the trustees of the family of Shakers in Canterbury in the County of Merrimack, State of New Hampshire on affirmation state that Bennett Libbey was for more than 25 years before his death a member of the Society of Shakers. He died on the seventh day of September AD 1837, aged 83 years and 8 mos. Bennett Libbey was reported to have been a soldier of the Revolution. He left no widow and Bennett Libbey, now residing in Canterbury, is the only surviving child of the said Bennett Libbey, deceased. He was a member of the Society of Shakers and therefore declined a pension.
David Parker, Trustee

I David Parker, one of the trustees of the Society of Shakers in Canterbury in the County of Merrimack and State of New Hampshire, on affirmation, state, that I well knew Bennett Libbey for nearly twenty years before his death which took place in 1837. I know his handwriting. I have this tenth day of March AD 1853 seen the signature of Bennett Libbey signed to a receipt given by the soldiers of Capt. Henry Dearborn's Company for four dollars in full satisfaction for the Regimental coat promised to the soldiers by the Colony of New Hampshire as said receipt purports, and I have no hesitation in pronouncing it the genuine signature of Bennett Libbee, late of Canterbury, NH. Said receipt is in a book now in the Secretary of State's Office of New Hampshire marked Army Rolls Vol. 8, page 106.
David Parker, Trustee