Pension of John Jenness & widow Temperance

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PENSION of John Jenness & wife Temperance

9356 Vermont from New Hampshire, John Jenness was a Private in the regiment commanded by Colonel Cilley of the New Hampshire line for the term of 4 years ~ 1779. Certificate of pension issued the 16th day of April.

I John Jenness of Pembroke in the County of Rockingham and State of New Hampshire testify and delare that in April 1779 I enlisted into the Continental Service in the United State Army in revolutionary war against the Common Enemy - during the said revolutionary war under Captain Amos Morrill of Epsom in said County & in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Joseph Cilley of Nottingham, the said County in New Hampshire line & went to Wionna and to Genisee and all through the Indian Country under General Sullivan; was at Newtown in a skirmish with the Indians at the time Lieutenant Nathaniel Calley was killed and was in a number of other skirmishes with the Indians and served faithfully from the time of my enlistment as aforesaid to the last of said revolutionary war and obtained an honorable discharge with a Badge of merit on the 7th day of June 1783. I am now in reduced circumstances in life and need assistance from my Country for support.
John Jenness (his mark)
Allenstown, April 8, 1818
Sworn to and declared on the day and year above mentioned before me, Hall Burgin.

I Michael McClary of lawful age, depose and say that John Jenness of Pembroke enlisted as a soldier in the company under the command of Capt. Amos Morrill during the Revolutionary war and at the close of the war the said John Jenness returned to the town of Epsom and upon producing his discharge, received from the selectmen (your deponent than being one of the selectmen of said town) the bounty to be paid to the soldiers by said town to compensate them for the depreciation of the continental money - the said Jenness enlisted in the spring of the year A.D. 1779.
April 27, 1818 - Michael McClary
Signed and sworn before Josiah Sanborn, Justice of the Peace

State of New Hampshire
Rockingham, ss

On this twenty sixth day of June 1820, personally appeared in open Court before me Hall Burgin, John Jenness aged fifty eight years, resident in Chester, in said County, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth, on his oath declare that he served in the Revolutionary War as follows; - I enlisted April 19th 1779 during the war in the Company commanded by Capt. Amos Morrill in Col. Cilley Regt. New Hampshire line in the Revolutionary war against the common enemy. I served faithfully until the 7th day of June 1783 at which time I was discharged at Newburgh. The date of my original declaration in order to obtain a pension is the 8 day of April AD 1818. The number of my pension certificate is 9356. I have received a pension.
My occupation is laborer, I am generally of sufficient ability to pursue it as men of my age reasonably are excepting a _ on my _ which troubles me some; in family residing with me, a sick wife and one daughter (Su_ by name) of the age of seventeen years she is expensive as most girls of that age are and not in her _ to render other assistance than to wait on her mother. At present I have one daughter who is _ from home who has just arrived to the age of twenty years who has been sick a great part of her time and been very _ for years past.

Containing the whole estate and income of John Jenness (his necessary clothing and bedding excepted) by him subscribe, exhibited to the Court of Common Pleas for the County of Rockingham, on the fourth day of July 1820, and annexed to his oath, viz.
Two oxen valued at 50.00
One cow - 16.00
Household furniture - 5.00
One ox chain 1.25
One ax - 1.00
One old scythe .50
Total 73.75
John Jenness (his mark)
I am now indebted to my creditors at least fifty dollars above what I have due to me.
Jonathan Jenness (his mark)

State of New Hampshire
Merrimack Ss
Town Clerks Office
Pembroke, MH October 4th, 1843

The following persons were married by the Revd. Zacheus Colby
John Jenness and Temperacne Follet both of Pembroke, married November fourteenth seventeen hundred eighty three.
I certify that the foregoing a true copy of the record with the exception of the date which is expressed on the record in fair legible words and figures as follows:
"John Jenness & Temperance Follet both of Pembroke married Novr 14, 1783"
Jacob Sawyer, Town Clerk of Pembroke

State of Vermont
Orleans County SS

At a special court holden at Newport on this seventh day of October 1843, personally appeared Temperance Jennis a resident of Newport aforesaid, aged eighty four years who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision of the act of Congress passed July 7th, 1838; That she is the widow of John Jenness who was a soldier in the war of the Revolution and served as she believes through nearly the whole of said war but cannot be certain whether he enlisted for three years of during the war for which services he was a pensioner of the United States at the rate of ninety six dollars per year and for the particular account of his services reference may had to his declaration no in the War Department by which he obtained his pension.
That she was married to the said John Jenness at Pembroke, New Hampshire by the Reverend Zacheus Colby, minister of the Gospel in said Pembroke on the 24th day of September in the year next following the close of the Revolutionary War; that the said John Jenness died at Newport, aforesaid on the tenth day of May 1843; that she was not married to the said John Jenness previous to his services in the said war but the marriage took place prior to the first day of January 1794. She further declares that before her said marriage her name was Temperance Follet; that she resided at the said Pembroke until about twelve years ago since which time she has resided at Danville and Newport, her present residence in Vermont.
She further declares that she is still the lawful widow of the said John Jenness.
Temperance Jennis (her mark)
She further says she is somewhat confident that her statement respecting the day of the month when she was married is correct, but from infirm health and extreme age she may be mistaken. She has no record now in her possession to establish that fact, but thinks there is one in the possession of some of her cornerpins? Made at the time and also the record of her children's ages.
Temperance Jennis (her mark)

Department of Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington, DC
Statement of the military history of John Jenness, a soldier in the REVOLUTIONARY WAR.
Date of Enlistment - April 19, 1779
Length of service - June 7, 1783
Rand - Pvt.
Officers under whom service was rendered - Capt. Amos Morrill/Col. Joseph Cilley
State - NH
Battles engaged in - Newtown and skirmishes with the Indians
Residence of soldier at enlistment - Epsom, NH
Date of application for pension - April 18, 1818, his claim was allowed
Residence at date of application - Pembroke, Rockingham County, NH
Age at date of application - 56. He died at Newport, Orleands, VT, May 10, 1843.
Remarks: Sol. Married Temperance Follet Nov. 14, 1783 at Pembroke, NH both were then residents of said place. She was allowed pension in her application Oct. 7, 1843 while living in Newport, VT aged 84 years. Children in 1820 were a daughter aged 24 _ not stated and daughter Sukey aged 17. In 1821 soldier was living in Vermont with his younger son, his name and names of their children not given.