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Added 32 color slides to the Oscar Hendricksen album.


Two hundred and sixty photos have been added in a new online album. The items were loaned to the Historical Association by the heirs of Dick and Joan Fowler - The Fowler Estate Album. The collection included two framed photos, two old albums, photos of classmates of the Pembroke Academy class of 1946, and numerous loose photos. Among the collection were about a dozen tintypes. The first of the albums contains primarily photos of members of the Tripp and Fowler families; the second includes some family photos as well as members of the Grange and other town residents. As with many old albums, many of the individuals remain unidentified. The items have been scanned and added to the electronic archives and placed online. The Epsom Historical Association cannot thank enough the family of Dick and Joan, both whom were strong supporters of the Historical Association. [view album]


NH State Library adds Epsom History Books

The New Hampshire State Library has recently ordered a complete set of the Historical Association's books on town history. The list includes books on the one rooms schools, taverns and stores, the meetinghouse, McClary Cemetery, and East Street. Also included are the 12 books on the various sections of the town - Center Hill, Marden's corner, Short Falls, Fowler District, Sanborn Hill, North Road, New Orchard Road, Mountain District, Slab City, New Rye, Gossville and Goboro Road, and finally, Black Hall Road. The collection also includes 5 cemetery books - Gossville, Short Falls, McClary, New Rye and a book on the old town family cemeteries. The State Library also purchased the book 'Towle Roads', the 'Kitchen Memories' cook book, and 'Compliments, 1776' which documents the local staging of the musical "1776."

The collection was first purchased and is available at the Epsom Library.


Added Congregational Church Records - Meetings 1761-1774 of Rev. Tucke


Added images and transcription of the Epsom Town Charter 1727

Added Congregational Church death records 1815-1824, 1831

Updated and extended Capt. John Ham genealogy & Dea. Nathan Marden genealogy, Col Samuel Osgood

Updated locations in genealogy database to make them uniform & uploaded to Rootsweb world connect. 2/13/2016

Added Will of Reuben Sanborn, 1794

Epsom Early Settlers Genealogy database broke 50,000 individuals 2/12/2016

Added genealogy to Sanborn and Libbey lines. (Abigail, dau Lt Reuben Sanborn)

Transcribed wills of Col. Samuel Osgood, his son Abraham and his son David.

Updated genealogy of family of Moses Osgood, dau. Deborah and Samuel Seavey

Updated genealogy of familes of Joseph and Joseph Seavey Jr.

Centennial Address on the Baptist Church 1961. Dr. Emmet Russell, had retired and returned to Epsom and remained a member of the church. His article on the history of the building was part of the centennial celebration.

Two love letters from 1821 - James Babb of Epsom to Susan Mead of Northwood, his eventual wife. Transcriptions and original images.


The year 2015 saw the completion of a series of twelve photo books highlighting the history of various parts of the town of Epsom. The historical content of the books are now available online so they become part of the search on The main difference of the information online and the books is that the online versions do not include all the photos offered in the print versions. The online historical information is in two formats, standard webpage and pdf files and can be found on the history pages, the titles include:

Black Hall Road History: Based on memoirs of Benjamin M. Towle, comes this history of Black Hall Road, focusing on its settling families and homes.

pdf icon Black Hall Road History pdf file: 61 pages

Gossville and Goboro Road: History of Gossville from the work of the Gossville Historic District; Goboro Road on memoirs of Benjamin M. Towle..

pdf icon Gossville and Goboro Road pdf file: 73 pages

New Rye's Early History: History of the New Rye District of Epsom including homes and families and the early proprietors.

pdf icon New Rye's Early History .pdf file: 81pages

Slab City: Also known as Epsom Center, follows the Little Suncook River and the site of Epsom's early mills next to the later First NH Turnpike.

pdf icon Slab City pdf file: 59 pages

Mountain Road and New Portsmouth: From the entrance on Center Hill Road to New Rye, the homes and families of what was Mountain Road and the area once known as New Portsmouth are highlighted.

New Orchard Road: Based on the memoirs of George H. Yeaton and inhabitants on the 1858 and 1892 maps.

pdf icon New Orchard Road pdf file: 56 pages
North Road to 107: Families and homes from the Pittsfield line to the town of Deerfield.

pdf icon North Road to 107 pdf file: 33 pages

Sanborn Hill : First settled by the Charles McCoy family, and by 1761, the Sanborns, the road went from Center Hill to New Rye.

pdf icon Sanborn Hill pdf file: 43 pages

Fowler District and Jug City: The Fowler District contains the land in the town's second division lots.

Short Falls: Described as a small community unto itself, it covers the Four Corners to the Suncook Valley Highway and River Road.

pdf icon Short Falls pdf file: 52 pages

Marden's Corner : The area of the Traffic Circle and the roads leading into it, originally the crossroads comprising the Marden District.

pdf icon Marden's Corner pdf file: 59 pages

Center Hill : The area of the Traffic Circle and the roads leading into it, originally the crossroads comprising the Marden District.

pdf icon Center Hill pdf file: 73 pages

Also added:

EPSOM'S EARLY TAVERNS AND STORES : An Epsom Historical Association publication, the early taverns and stores of Epsom, taken from early town records.

And a pdf version of Revolution and the Stone Wall era:

Additionally, several wills have been added to the Records section of the website under probate: Brown, Enoch, Brown, James, Brown, Jonathan, Critchett, Thomas , Knox, Isaac , Saturley, Joseph , Towle, Joseph and Yeaton, Theodate.

The following new content also added in January 2016:

Historical Statement of the Church in Epsom. In July of 1899, Rev. John Woodbury Scribner, pastor of the Epsom Freewill Baptist Church, gave four lectures on the history of the church as part of its 75th anniversary. His original notes are housed at the NH Historical Society (277.78b E664) as "Historical statement of the church in Epsom." It is quoted by a later article by the Rev. Donald E. Macomber. Included here are the first two lectures covering the early history of the church.

Old Homes Remembered, 1899 Old Home Day address by John H. Dolbeer

Epsom's Physicians 1899 Old Home Day address by Dr. Andros P. Chesley

Our Schools 1899 Old Home Day address by Mrs. James W. (Ruhamah Locke) Fowler

pdf icon Three 1899 Old Home Day addresses by John H. Dolbeer, Mrs. J. W. Fowler and Dr. Andros P. Chesley

Added old news articles and re-organized the articles on the web.

Added obituaries: Dea. Eaton Green, Horace Locke, Alanson Stewart, James Hersey, William H. Yeaton, James Morrill, Daniel Ansel Clough, Lucretia (Gray) Brown, Andrew M. Heath, Edward D. Lord, Mamie Brown, Jennie E. Noyes and Sally Robinson.

Updated the Rootsweb genealogy database on January 11th and added Stott to Piper line.

Transcribed McClary Grange program of 1954 and posted on the site.

Added Crawford and Riverside graves and photos of Epsom related burials in Alexandria, NH.

Added Langley-Watson Cemetery - Langley graves and photos in Chichester, NH

Updated and made corrections to the Deacon James Langley (to Samuel Langley family of Chichester) genealogy database.

Updated information in the genealogy database on the family of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Gordon) Burnham.