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December 2009 Christmas Social

The Epsom Historical Association held its Annual Christmas Social on Sunday December 6 at the Epsom Public Library. The event is a thank you to members for their continued support. Refreshments included manychoices taken from the new "Kitchen Memories" Cookbook. A brief review of the past year was given and recognition made to Nancy Claris, Carole Brown, Penny Graham and Joyce Heck for their work during the past year. About 25 members participated. [Photos]


November Program

On Sunday November 15 at 2:00 pm, the final program of the Epsom Historical Association was presented at the Epsom Public Library. The program was the history of the Bickford and Huckins mill with personal anecdotes, photos and stories concerning the mill presented by Al Bickford. Residents will best remember the building as the Old Mill Restaurant. The meeting will also include election of officers and refreshments.



After nearly 3 years with the blue screen css based website, got a new design, reverting back to a more graphic oriented site, similar to those it used in the past. New buttons and navigation make it even easier getting around the different sections without getting lost in the vast content which makes up website. One of the new features is the ability to view the original scanned documents by picking pages out of thumbnails, then read the pages in order using new NEXT/PREVIOUS buttons. This replaces the simple page links which forced users to backspace and pick a new page to view.

Other site additions include two new albums of photos, including over 100 captioned pictures from the Verna Wells Hunt Collection, loaned to the Historical Association by the Kevin Reeves family. A second album of 21 photos were loaned by Bruce Coutu. A photocopy of a small silhouette of the likeness of General Michael McClary was given by John Atwood. This would be the earliest known likeness of an early Epsom settler. The new website launched October 4, 2009 and includes a new forum and local links on the homepage. Mike Jacobs scripted the new document viewer.


History of Epsom Part 2

Following the French and Indian War, the town of Epsom still had not met the requirements of its 1727 charter. ‘Revolution and the Stone Wall Era’ picks up the history of the town with the establishment of the first church, the first schools, early roads and the settling of the outlying lots. Most of the stone walls in the state were made during the 1780-1830 time frame, which covers the most interesting period in the development of Epsom. The lecture also covers the period of the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. The early settlers struggled financially to get the town on a strong footing prior to the Revolution, and after the population exploded, laws of religious tolerance were changed, and many families and individuals entered the history books. The lecture was sponsored by the Epsom Public Library and was presented by the Epsom Historical Association, following the previous part one on the settling of the town. The program was presented Friday evening, October 16, 2009 at 7 pm. Refreshements were served. [transcript]

History of the

September Meeting Sunday the 13th - 2 pm - Epsom Public Library

The Epsom Historical Association held its third program of the year at the Epsom Public Library Sunday afternoon, September 13th at 2 p.m. The program was a history of the old meetinghouse, originally built by the Free Will Baptist Society in 1861. As background, a brief history of the Society leading up to the building of the structure was included. The program also focused on the related parsonage building which stood on the corner of Route 4 and Black Hall Road.
With the LChip work and stain glass window restoration complete, the program was timely, as discussion for the possible future use of the building is under discussion.
About 25 members attended and a short business meeting, including selecting a nominatng committee for the 2010 officers, preceded the program followed by refreshments. [pdf transcript]



The Epsom Historical Association debuted it's new cookbook "Kitchen Memories" on Sunday July 12th, complete with samples of selected recipes, at the Epsom Public Library. One hundred of the cookbooks were sold during the day, and the remainder were sold within days of the event. The 170 page cookbook features submitted and other recipes along with related historical photos from the Association's digital archives, with some old remedies from various sources. Complete with a helpful index, the book is divided into seven catagories: Appetizers & Dips: Breakfast, Brunch and Breads; Cookies and Bars; Desserts; Main Dishes and Caseroles; Salads, Sides, Soups and Stews; and finally, This & That. The book also has an index, a list of contriutors and list of credits, common recipe substitutions and measuring equivalents chart. The committee, which completed the elegant in appearance cookbook, included Carole Brown, Margaret Porter, Nancy Claris, Mary Frambach, Betsy Bosiak, and graphic design, Bridget Remare.

The outstanding response to this wonderful cookbook has forced a second printing to be ready by Epsom Old Home Day. Copies can also be found in select area shops. Cost of "Kitchen Memories" is $14.95. [additional photos]




The Trustee's of the Epsom Public Library has erected a new sign at the old public Library at 1776 Dover Road. The sign, very much like the one it replaced, now reads "Epsom Public Library Historical Center" with the words 'Historical Center' in a bold back background. The Historical Center is the home of the Epsom Historical Association and work is being completed during the summer to open the facility as a museum sometime in the fall.


The Epsom Historical Association met for their second program of 2009 at the Epsom Public Library March 17th. The program was looking at Epsom History through old newspapers. The news was presented in a simulated newscast complete with powerpoint photos illustrating the different reports. Over 60 news items were featured, from 1759 to 1925. Accounts of political activities, tragic deaths and accidents, real estate dealings, crime and other events were all part of past news items delivered during the program. [transcript of presentation]

The program was preceded by a short business meeting and refreshments followed..[ more photos]


Carleton Rand presented a reprise of a program on early Epsom History first given in 2001. The event, sponsored by the Epsom Public Library, repeated the program in preparation for Part 2 to be given in the fall. Mr. Rand, a past president of the Epsom Historical Association covered the formation of the town and the settlers who occupied the first twenty homelots. Among the families discussed were the McCoy's, Wallace's and McClary's.

Fifty people attended the Friday evening program which concluded with questions and refreshments. Part Two is scheduled for October.[ more photos]

N.H and the Revolutionary War

Thomas Graham, historian for the New Hampshire National Guard presented a program on 4 historic events of the Revolutionary War with direct connections to New Hampshire. His presentation kicked off the new season of programs to be presented by the Epsom Historical Association in 2009. The event opened with a brief business meeting, Mr. Graham's program, and ended with refreshments.

Mr. Graham's presentation focused on the raid of Fort William and Mary; the battles of Lexington and Concord; Bunker Hill; and finally the battle of Bennington. The program also made note of the participation in some of these events by Epsom's Andrew and Michael McClary. [ more photos]



The Epsom Historical Associaton wants to include your recipes in its cookbook! All categories welcome--time-tested, new discoveries, quick and easy, family favorites, seasonal, and anything from Epsom cooks and kitchens. Whether you're new to town or lived here forever, or used to live here, join in this important fundraising project! Credit will be given to all participants. Also seeking any photos of local cooks, restaurants, gatherings, and local lore, with permission for use. Submission deadline: March 1, 2009. Email entries to or mail to: EHA Cookbook Project, PO Box 814, Epsom NH 03234.

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