WILL of James Brown - 1833

In the name of God Amen. I James Brown of Epsom in the County of Merrimack and State of New Hampshire being weak in body, but of sound and perfect memory, blessed be Almighty God for the same, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following.

Firstly - I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Hannah Brown the one third part of all my lands in Epsom, with the north room in the new part of the house and a chamber in the westerly end of the old part of the house, with a privilege in the kitchen, the cellar and dairy - Also one third part of my barn, a sufficient quantity of fire wood hauled and cut at the door to support one fire and the use of a horse and carriage to ride when she pleases during the time she may remain my widow - Also I give my said wife one cow and three sheep, all my house hold furniture and fifty dollars in cash, to be at he disposal forever - Also I will that all wife's necessary doctors bill be paid by my Executors.

Secondly - I give to my son Jacob O. Brown and to my daughter Hannah O. Davis, twelve dollars each to be paid by my Executors hereafter named, and to my daughter Susan K. Straw, fifteen dollars to be paid as above.

Thirdly - I give to my daughter Abigail Brown a comfortable support out of my Estate, both in sickness and health, to be furnished by my executors during the time she may remain unmarried - Also the easterly room in the old part of my house for her own use during said term - Also seventy-five dollars in cash to be at her disposal - and in case the said Abigail should marry I then give her one cow and three sheep in addition to the foregoing.

Fourthly - I give to my son William S. Brown all the land I own in the town of Wentworth in the State of New Hampshire.

Lastly - All the rest and residue of my estate both real and personal wheresoever found, I give and bequeath to my two sons James Brown Jr. and Robert S. Brown, they paying all my just debts and all the above legacies - The said legacies are to be paid in one year after my decease. And I hereby constitute and appoint the said James Brown Jr. and Robert S. Brown, Executors of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

In witness hereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventeenth day of May A.D. 1833. - James Brown
Witness Thomas D. Merrill, Caleb B. Haines, Amos Prescott