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ANNUAL MEETING - November 16, 2014

The Epsom Historical Association held its annual member meeting at the Epsom Library, Sunday, November 16 at 2 p.m. At the meeting elections were held for the officers for the next two years with T. J. Rand, president; Harvey Harkness, vice president; Betsy Bosiak, secretary; and Penny Graham, treasure. The program was 'Researching and Navigating the website.' The site was established in 1998 and features thousands of images and historical information. The genealogy of the towns early settlers, vital records and maps are just part of the sites offerings. Links on the site are available for those researching their family history and to other area town sites. Also included is information and photos on all the known cemeteries, including inscriptions and photos of gravestones prior to 1940. The Epsom Daily Blog and our facebook page were also be discussed. Several followed along with wireless laptops which that were able to access the site during the discussion. The program was open to the public and refreshments were served .Click for photos

NEW BOOK - New Orchard Road

George H. Yeaton's New Orchard Road is the sixth book highlighting the history of various parts of Epsom. George Hill Yeaton grew up on New Orchard Road and later in life put to paper many stories he remembered being told while growing up. He also recorded his memories of the many families that inhabited the road, which are the basis for this history of New Orchard Road. Also included is an article he composed about life growing up on the family farm, and a history of winter roads. Includes familes from the 1858 and 1892 county maps with photos from the Historical Associations collection. 45 photos, 80 pages. PREVIEW or ORDER

NEW BOOK - The Mountain District

The Epsom Historical Association is proud to announce the fifth book in a series about various parts of Epsom. 'The Mountain District, Mountain Road and New Portsmouth' follows the publications 'Black Hall Road', 'Gossville and Goboro Road,' 'New Rye's Early History,' and 'Slab City.' As with all books in the series, they highlight old photos from the Epsom Historical Associations files, and by deed research and genealogy, traces the various families that settled in Epsom. The new book starts at the entrance to the Mountain Road from Center Hill and makes its way to an older part of town that was called New Portsmouth, continuing down to the old Red Schoolhouse and the border with Allenstown. Already settled by the Revolution were Ebenezer Brackett, Ebenezer Wallace, Aaron Burbank, Nathaniel Payne, and Samuel Moses. By the first census, they had been joined by Joel Ames, Jonathan Bartlett, Joseph Dennett, David Dickey, and Jethro Libbey. The book is 97 pages and includes 85 photos and images. PREVIEW or ORDER


Members of the Epsom Historical Association met at the home of Ed and Glenna Nutter on Sanborn Hill Road on Sunday, September 14 at two pm for a special program. On display were some of the newer books on Epsom History made available by the Association for individual online ordering. Officers and members provided a wide array of refreshments including apple crisp and cider. The perfect weather made for a great social gathering of over 50 attendees, the largest number of people to gather for an EHA event in recent memory. Three mini-bus tours were made of East Street, stopping at the John McClary homestead for a tour with current owner John Atwood. The unannounced stop was enthusiastically received and proved a highlight of the day. Thanks to Ed and Glenna for hosting the event, officer's Harvey Harkness, Betsy Bosiak and Penny Graham, and other members for making this such a great event. Click for photos


The Epsom Historical Association brought a display to the town's Old Home Day on Saturday August 9th. The display included a running slideshow of over 600 photos on a 32" display in the gazebo along with a newly acquired painting of the Short Falls Bridge and Grist Mill. Also on display were the 15+ books that have been created over the years on various parts of town history. Thye hand drawn maps of Lewis Hill were on display with the county maps of 1858 and 1892. The fundraiser was the selling of raffle tickets with a drawing to be held September 14th. Thanks to Nancy Claris and Penny Graham for working the booth during the day.


2014 Ice Cream Social

The Epsom Historical Association held its annual Ice Cream Social on Sunday, July 13 at 2:00 pm. It was held at the old Yeaton Tavern, the home of Charlie Yeaton, 105 North Road in Epsom. The program included a presentation on antique tools by Charlie Yeaton who operates the Betty House Antiques in the out buildings of the old tavern. The program was held inside with about 40 people in attendace. Future plans of the Historical Association were announced by Vice President Harvey Harkness. Following the presentation an ice cream buffet was served. The current books on Epsom History were dislayed. Thanks to the officers of the Association, and in particular Charlie Yeaton and Nancy Claris for hosting the event.

3rd Publication of 2014 - "Slab City" now available

Slab City lies just below Center Hill and north of the Little Suncook River. Epsom by 1823 has 8 grist mills, 10 saw mills, 3 carding machines, three clothier's shops and four bark mills, many of which were on the Little Suncook River. With the first NH Turnpike running through Epsom and following the river, the area was prime real estate from 1800 to the Civil War. Mills were already established by 1750 and powered the early settlements and home lots on Center Hill. 'Slab City' presents many of the photos from the Epsom Historical Association, along with descriptions of the families who settled and ran the area businesses. 93 photos - 100 pages.PREVIEW BOOK

New Publication - "New Rye's Early History" now available

New Rye's Early History, the family homes and settlements to 1892, includes the original owners and proprietors and traces the families and home owners. Based on the property owners as shown on the town and county map of 1892, the genealogy of the familes and progression of owners are given.As is the other books in the series, nearly 120 images are highlighted from the Epsom Historical Association. Familiar family names include Haynes, Dolbeer, Cass, and Brown.There is also a brief account of the ice cutting operation. The book is dedicated to Charlie and Phil Yeaton. 120 pages PREVIEW BOOK

New Publication - "Gossville and Goboro Road" now available

This history of the village of Gossville and Goboro Road is based primarily on two sources. The first is the report of the 1991 Gossville Historic District. The study included 39 primary contributing structures, one primary site, 30 secondary contributing structures and 21 non contributing structures. The Gossville bounds start with the Bickford homestead on the east end and following west on Route 4 to the old Suncook Railroad bed, then north to the Sherburne Road. The second source are notes made by Benjamin M. Towle in 1936 of his recollections of the homes and families living on Goboro Road. The two studies overlap, with Mr. Towle's notes extending from the west end of Gossville, up Goboro Road, to the Chichester town line. Includes information on the early history, families and residents. The book contains over 130 images from the Epsom Historical Associations archives. 134 pages. click HERE for preview.



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