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Sept 2007 6 pgs
March 1998 missing
January 2004 none
Nov 2007 6 pgs
May 1998 2 pgs
January 2008 none
July 1998 2 pgs
May 2001 2 pgs
May 2004 2 pgs
March 2008 10 pgs
July 2004 none
May 2008 16 pgs
July 2008 8 pgs
January 2002 none
None Published 2005
January 2006 none
May 1999 missing
July 1999 2 pgs
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January 2010 none
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Listing with contents:

1 January 1998 2 pgs

News & Notes, New Items donated, Newly Archived items

2 March 1998 missing

3 May 1998 2pgs

Historic Homes Project, Early Gravesites Identified, Ramblings, Web Site Grows

4 July 1998 2 pgs

Ice Cream Social, House Committee Continues Work, New Web Site, Ramblings, Old Home Day Plans

5 September 1998 2 pgs

Old Homes Project Continues, Sumer is Over, Web Site Joins GenWeb, Cemetery Book Revised, Ramblings

6 November 1998 2 pgs

Program Joanne Bailey, Mystery Photo, Genealogy gossip, web news, Ramblings, Mystery Photo

7 January 1999 8 pgs

Special Edition: Old Newspaper items-Church Raises Issues Again, Almanac, McClary Place, Ads, Mystery Person photo, Knowles Cemetery Inscriptions, Book New, Sole Industry Wiped Out (Lace Factory fire)

8 March 1999 4 pgs

Town Forest Meeting, Town History Trivia Questions, Book Update, Tarleton Cemetery

9 May 1999 missing

10 July 1999 2 pgs

Summer Meeting, Haslet Epsom Records Book released, Except from Rev. Place Journal, Online Web info

11 September 1999 2 pgs

Genealogy Gibberish, Mystery person photo, Epsom Preservation topic of 2 groups, New Web content

12 November 1999 2 pgs

Research Genealogy Meeting topic, Mystery House photo, Genealogy Gibberish, Cemetery News-Brown Cemetery, Web site upgrade

__ January 2000 none

13 March 2000 4 pgs

Wm Haslet Jones dies, 2 Unknown persons photos, Benj. L. Locke family, Association Test signers, Epsom Rev. War Graves, Letter from Capt. Gray to wife

14 May 2000 2 pgs

NH Bridges next Topic, Gossville Cemetery Association help wanted, Web site index

15 July 2000 2 pgs

Stange but True the Clark Gravestone, Ice Cream Social, Epsom England.

16 September 2000 missing

17 November 2000 2 pgs

Carroll Stevens next meeting, Obits: Annie B. Yeaton, Clarence O. Wells, Sophronia Y. Wells, Augusta W. Fisk, Annie M. Wells, Rosetta L. Libbey

18 Winter 2001 6 pgs

Special Edition: Old Newspaper items-Fireman Social Hour/Elects Officers, Fire Calls, Man Injured by Tree, Four-legged Chick, Social Scheduled. Obits: Hollis Hall, Nathan J. Goss; Woman's Club Election, Circle honors 1st President, Jitterbug Banned, Fireman Extinguish Blaze, Harold C. Brown & West Point, Bold destroys Thomas Yeaton Barn, Epsom Old Brass Band photo, more fire calls.

19 March 2001 2 pgs

Program, New Rye Revisited, Christian Society of New Rye, Gravestone Photos online,

20 May 2001 2 pgs

Meeting on Epsom History, Some George H. Yeaton history notes.

21 July 2001 1pgs

Ice Cream Social, Mystery person photo.

22 November 2001 2 pgs

School Districts and George H. Yeaton School notes

__ January 2002 none

23 March 2002 2 pgs

Library web site launch, web site facelift, Epsom Town Hall, Louis Prang Bio

24 May 2002 2 pgs

War to End All Wars program, Elwood O. Wells Missing (newspaper article), Apiary Gift Given, WWII Soldiers names on memorial, New Online

__ July 2002 none

25 September 2002 2 pgs

Cooperative Co. finishes ice cutting; club dedicates old muster field (from old newspapers)

26 November 2002 4 pgs

New Association Publications, Foul on Fritz, Town Hall Restoration, Mehitable Lambert, Lucinda Libbey, What's new online

27 January 2003 6 pgs

Goals set, Officers elected, Schedule, Guestbook entries, 2002 Review, Yeaton Cemetery No. 2 Inscriptions, Who was Andrew McClary?

28 March 2003 4 pgs

Our Home at Town Hall, EHA logo, Perkins Philbrick No. 31 Cemetery Inscriptions, Wallace Cemetery No. 32 Inscriptions, Sarah McClary widows pension, 2003 Projects.

29 May 2003 3 pgs

Mystery Photo, Kudos for Cemetery Work, Inscriptions from Joseph Sherburne Cemetery No. 10, 2003 Projects,

30 July 2003 1 pg

Ice Cream Social, Northwood Invitation to meeting

31 September 2003 2 pgs

Old Home Day Program, Mystery school house photo, Cass Cemetery No. 19 Inscriptions

32 November 2003 2 pgs

Babb Family notes from G.H. Yeaton, Guestbook entries

__ January 2004 none

33 March 2004 2 pgs

Town Hall on Historic Register, Work Days at Town Hall, McClary sign update

34 May 2004 2 pgs

Town Hall set for dedication, Early Original Church Members, Cemetery Inscription Haynes No. 20

__ July 2004 none

35 October 2004 2 pgs

1776 Production preview, Enoch W. Eastman letter to old newspaper

None Published 2005

__ January 2006 none

36 March 2006 4 pgs

Mystery Building Photo, Burnston to be speaker, What's New? Epsom in 1776, Will of Mercy Bickford, ID help wanted, New Publication on Floral Park, About PDF files, Mountain Road Cemetery No. 24 Inscriptions.

37 May 2006 4 pgs

Library Program to be presented and tour, Membership campaign, Epsom Social Library, Rev. War Pension of John Ham, Marden Cemetery Inscriptions, Guestbook comments

__ July 2006 none

38 September 2006 2 pgs ..E-10 pgs

McClary Cemetery program, E-newsletter, Civil War News, Then.....or Now, McClary Marker Dedicated, Daniel Philbrick Rev. War Pension and grave honored, Dedication Program, Mystery photo, Historical Events Calendar online, Ice Cream Social a Success, Bickford Family Genealogy Error discovered, New in our Archives, Fact or Fiction the Meetinghouse monument,

39 November 2006 2 pgs ..E-8 pgs

T. Graham to speak on Militia, Mystery house photo, Andrew Hall Civ War Diary excerpt, Sept, Meeting highlights, Epsom Town Pound and Tramp house with old news article, Wells-Brown No. 18 Cemetery Inscriptions, Genealogy-the case for Hannah Brown, Guestbook entries, News articles from old Newspapers, Collection additions

40 January 2007 2 pgs ..E-8 pgs

Library & Historical Assocation Partnership, Historic DVD, Moses Locke and family, Civil War Soldier Picture restored, Last meeting review, Clock & Temperance Records purchased, New Rye School Scholars 1858, Archiving Collection, Will History repeat itself?, New online

41 March 2007 2 pgs ....E-10 pgs

Moving the meetinghouse, Caverno's Charge to FWB, From the Church Records, Brackett Civil War letter, GO West! Stickney Robinson Journal excerpt, Clough-Watson Genealogy, Epsom Burials at Old North Cemetery in Concord, Museum Notes, Some Old News from old newspapers, Guest Book entries, "Me & Johnny B" Book, Congratulations to Meetinghouse Committee.

42 May 2007 2 pgs ...E-6pgs

Wheelock Robinson, John & Brown Collection, New to our archives, new computer system, Poor Farm Cemetery inscriptions.

43 July 2007 2 pgs ....E-2 pgs

Ice Cream Social, Old Library Readied.

44 Sept 2007 2 pgs ....E 6 pages

Old library work, tidbits from its past, Meetinghouse ready to set in place

45 Nov 2007 2 pgs ....E 12 pages

Caverno vital records from Diary, Factory Bell letter, Photos one room schools, One Room school reports, old Baptist Church on foundation, Mountain Road School Fire, more Epsom news from old newspapers

46 March 2008 2 pgs ....E 10 pages

WWI Ambrose Letter, Center School Minutes 1848, Old Home Day 1899 Schools Address, Two Locke Obits, Yeaton Cemetery Black Hall Road inscriptions, 2008 programs

47 May 2008 2 pgs ....E 16 pages

Ephraim Berry Genealogy, Benjamin Berry Rev War Pension Info; Fowler-Lovejoy Cemetery inscriptions,; Epsom Honor Roll history, July Meeting, Web site redesign, McClary family deaths and obituaries.

48 July 2008 2 pgs ....E 8 pages

John Dolbeer's 1899 First Old Home Day address, a sketch of Epsom History; Allen-Locke Family Bible records; Ice Cream Social.

49 September 2008 2 pgs ....E 14 pages

A.P. Chesley 1899 Old Home Day address on Epsom doctors. East Street Revisted, Huckin's Barn History, Photo Sleuthing, Quimbycentral.com, New Online Photo Archives format, Granny Howe Cemetery Inscriptions, first EHA Fundraiser, Gen. John Stark portrayed by Richard Wright, September meeting.

50 November 2008 2 pgs ....E 10 pages

Flower Genealogy and other genealogy finds, Bracket Civil War Letters. September program reviiew, Bickford Cemetery inscriptions, Old news from newspapers 1894/96.

51 January 2009 2 pgs ....E 9pages

Bacon Civil War Letter, Welcome New Members, Recipes wanted, Page Family Genealogy, Gravestone Pictures enhanced, Calendar Raffle winners.

52 March 2009 2 pgs ....E 6 pages

James Sherburne Cemetery inscriptions; Cato Fisk Revolutionary War Pension; Epsom in the Revolution by Luella Marden Bunker from Historical Sketch 1927, List of Epsom Revoutionary War Graves.

53 May 2009 2 pgs ....E 7pages

Placing Abigail Sherburne 1793-1880; Nathaniel Sherburne Cemetery inscription; Association news; Charles J. Brown 1865 diary; Remains of Maj. Andrew McClary.

53 September 2009 2 pgs ....E 7pages

Church History from sermonof John W. Scribner, 1899; Robinson Cemetery Inscriptions; Epsom 1776 Association Test Signers; Work at Epsom Historical Center Update; new donations; September Meeting History of the old Meetinghouse; October Meeting, History of Epsom Part 2 Revoution and the Stone Wall Era.

54 November 2009 2 pgs ....E 7pages

Hiram Holmes, John Mark Moses, Rev. J. Curtis, J. Dolbeer, articles on Industry and mills in Epsom. New look to the website. Program Bickford and Huckins Mill - Christmas Social.

55 March 2010 2 pgs ....E 5pages

History of the Epsom Brass Band meeting, Old Library Update, new additions, Jane Chase and Margaret Wallace; John Wallace dies at Bunker Hill; Margaret Richardson, wife of Reuben Sanborn.