from the Congregational Church Records 1815-1824, 1831

Priscilla Hammond in 1933 copied the early Congregational Church records of Epsom from the originals housed at the NH Historical Society. Included were several years when the church recorded deaths, as the town did not keep vital records until much later. Their clerk Jonathan Dolbeer and nephew Calvin, continued a list of deaths until 1874.

Jan. Mrs. Elizabeth Sanborn, 82
Feb. 25 Mrs. Susanna Robinson, 49
Feb. 25 Mrs. Dolly Greely, 53
Apr. 6 Mr. Moses Cheney
Apr. 17 Mrs. Jane Quimby, 97
Apr. 25 Mr. Morris Lamprey, 75
A child of Jona. Knowles
A child of Mr. Brown
Mrs. Howe
Nov. 7 Mrs. Rachel Towle, 74
Nov. 16 Miss Susan P. Gray, 23
Dec. 5 Son of James Sanborn, infant
Jan. 28 Dau. of Th. Critchet, 6
Feb. 3 Mrs. Mary Lawrence, 42
Feb. 12 Mrs. Lydia Osgood, 56
Feb. 19 child of Lieut. Bickford Lang
Feb. 25 Mr. Benjamin Brown, 23
Mar. 18 son of Jeremiah Prescott
Mar. 28 Capt. Samuel Locke
Apr. 8 Elizabeth Wells, 14
child of Jona. Bartlett
Mr. John Tripp, 86
Mrs. Wallace
Miss Lydia Haynes
child of Matthias Haynes
dau. of Isaac Ames, 11
son of Mr. JohnTrippe,6
child of Mr. Isaac Ames, Inf.
dau. of Mr. John Trippe, 15
Mr. William Yeaton
Jan. Mr. James Wood
Mr. Rand
Mar. 13 son of Mr. J. Tarlton, 11
Apr. 10 child of Mr. Sceles, inf
Apr. 22 Mr. Jeremiah Prescott, 75
Apr. 23 child of Wm. Marden
child of Isaac Ham
July 28 the Widow (Elizabeth) Pitman, 99
the wife of Jona. Knowles
Sept. child of Thomas Rand, 4
Sept. 19 Mr. John Wells, 45
Nov. wife of Richard Libbey
Nov. dau of Nathaniel ---, 14
Mr. Abraham Wallace
Jan. 23 Miss Jane Ham, 44
Mar. 13 child of Ens. Osgood (Isaac), Inf.
grandchild of Mr. __, 7
Mar. 13 child of Moses Philbrick, 7
Mar. 18 wife of Dea. John Cate, 75
Mr. Cochran
Aug. 19 child of Mr. Joseph Brown
Aug. 20 Mr. Nathaniel Sherburne
Aug. wife of Bradbury Cilley, 19
Sept. ch. of Greenleaf Brackett, 8
" ch. of Simeon Sanborn, 2
" Mr. Simeon Sanborn
" Mr. John Brown
" Miss Charlotte Kennison
Oct. 3 Widow Trippe, 83
wife of Freeman Locke
Dec. 25 ch. of Levi Locke
Jan. ch. of Mr. Stephen Rand
Feb. Mr. Griffin, 73
Feb. 14 Jona. Strong, son of Rev. J. Curtis, 1-2-0
ch. of Mr. Goss
Mr. John Dolbeer
Samuel Lear
Mr. Thomas Bickford
ch. of Mr. Daniel Libbee
Mr. James Moses
Wid. Rebecca Bartlett, 90
Polly Robinosn
Nov. Capt. Isaac Osgood
Nov. ch. of Mr. Samuel Prescott Jr.
Dec. wife of Mr. Ebenezer Brackett (Abigail), 75
Dec. Mr. Samuel Osgood, 83
Dec. Widow Olive Haynes, (old age)
Mr. Benjamin Heath, old age
Benjamin Moody Esq.
Mr. Edward Lawrence
wife of Daniel Buzzell
wife of Mr. John Sanders
ch. of Mr. Francis Locke
ch. of Nicholas Dolbeer
May wife of Mr. Christopher Blake
ch. of Mr. Perkins Philbrick
wife of Mr. Joseph Worth
ch. of Mr. Moses Locke
June Mr. William Dickey
ch. of Mrs. Campbell
July Samuel Marden, 19
Nov. ch. of Mr. Isaac Towle, Inf.
Nov. wife of Mr. Caleb Pearson, 52
Jan. Lieut. Richard Brown
Jan. ch. of James Brown, 4
Mar. ch. of Robert Knox, 1
Mar. Mr. Allen
Apr. Mr. Fowler
Apr. ch. of Winthrop Fowler
Apr. ch. of Mr. Ames
Apr. ch. of Mr. Moses Locke
June widow Jane Wallace
June Samuel Towle
July Mr. Levi Libbey
August 3 ch. of Mr. Amos Davis
Oct. ch. of Mr. Francis Locke Jr.
Nov. 6 Dea. John Cate, 90
Nov. ch. of Mr. Amos Davis, 15
Dec. 13 Mr. John McClary, 36
Dec. 19 Mr. John Pearson, 84
Jan. Capt. James Gray, 72
Feb. Mr. Nathaniel Wiggin
Mar. wife of Caleb Haynes
Apr. 20 Mr. John Sherburne, 42
May ch. of Mr. Benj. Bickford, 3
May Inf. of Mr. Jona. Marden
June Mr. Samuel Ames, 74
June Mr. Jeremiah Haynes
June Langdon Daley (African), 74
August Capt. Jonathan Green (at sea)
Sept. 8 William, son of David Sherburne, 15
Sept. Mr. John Green, 61
Sept. 9 wife of Josiah Knowles (Esther)
wid. Marden
Nicholas Dolbeer
ch. of Mr. John Locke
Jan. Mr. Simeon Towle
Jan. ch. of Mr. Joseph Worth, 5
ch. of Mr. James Dow
June wife of Mr. John Jones
July Mr. Moses Osgood
ch. of Mr. Richard Webster
ch. of Mr. Ephraim Pettingill
grandchild of Cato Fisk (African)
ch. of Mr. Timothy Blake
Dec. ch. of Mr. William Marden
Dec. ch. of Capt. Eleck Brown, 3
Jan. 8 ch. of Mr. John Lane, 14 mo
wife of Mr. Richard Libbey
Jonathan Dolbeer, 12
Feb. 24 ch. of Mr. Samuel Cass, 1
Feb. 26 wife of Mr. Jethro Pettingill
Mar. 23 Mr. Enoch Brown Jun.
Mar. 25 Cato Fisk (African)
Apr. Gen. Michael McClary, 71
wife of Mr. Richard Rand
June Mr. Allen
July wife of Mr. Reuben Sanborn
Aug. 14 ch. of Mr. Jona. Prescott
Aug. 17 ch. of Mr. John Lake
Sept. 25 ch. of Capt. Edward D. Lord
Oct. 16 wife of Mr. David Griffin
Nov. Ruth Dolloff
wife of Mr. Samuel Goss
(no entries 1825-1830)
Jan. Mr. Highram Brown
Mr. Jethro Pettingill
2 ch. of Josiah Brown
2 ch. of Mr. Jeremiah Burnham
Feb. 1 ch. of Mr. Richard Trippe
1 ch. of Mr. Samuel M. Chesley
1 ch. of Mr. Jeremiah Burnham
1 ch. of Mr. James Babb
Mr. Samuel Goss
1 ch. of Mr. Isaac Knox
2 ch. of Mr. Avery
Apr. wife of Ephraim Locke
Mr. Samuel Bickford