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Allen-Locke Family Bible

Daniel Cilley Family Bible



Blank Family Group Sheet pdf


OUR GENEALOGY DATABASE at Rootsweb World Connect (updated 2/12/2016 - over 50,000 individuals)

EPSOM EARLY SETTLERS DATABASE on our server. Includes new larger photos of individuals when available. If you have photos we can add, we will scan them and return them to you. Contact us via email (last updated February 12, 2016- 50,006 entries)

EARLY SETTLERS OF EPSOM by John Mark Moses is much of the History of Epsom, but contains mostly descriptions of the families, their children and where they were prior to coming to Epsom. A Genealogy wealth of information on Epsom, NH. It was written in four installments which appeared in the "Granite Monthly" during the months of June, September and December, 1909; and in February 1910: here some corrections which had been made previously, are indicated with strikouts (example), and early corrections are also shown in braces {example}. Still more recent changes have been shown in brackets [example]. The text remains in tact as it first appeared.

SKETCHES OF THE FAMILIES ALLIED WITH CLOUGH by Mrs. Rosilla Clough Heath 1913. A Sketch of the Heath - Norris - Smith - Hamilton - Clough - Swain - Watson - Buzzell - Dow Families

SHERBURNE FAMILIES OF EPSOM from the Boston Transcript, January 8, 1906

WALLACE FAMILIES OF EPSOM from the Boston Transcript, June 10, 1907

McCoy Family Sketch

Towle Roads : Tracing family routes through old photos of families Sanborn, Towle, Rand, Babb, Fowler, Critchett and more.

Towle Roads as pdf file (allow time to download) 30 pages