A Sketch of the Heath - Norris - Smith - Hamilton
Clough - Swain - Watson - Buzzell - Dow Families
By Mrs. R.W. Heath 1913

History of Haverhill shows that Bartholomew Heath was one of its first settlers, that he and his wife Mary were members of the 1st church of Haverhill. After the straightening line between Mass and N.H., the name of Bartholomew Heath ceases to be mentioned in Haverhill history. He might possibly been the progenitor of the Heath's in Sandown, N.H.. The Heaths of Sandown were of the same line of Gen. William of Roxbury, Mass and of revolutionary fame. Three brothers, Isaac, Abel and Joseph settled in Corrinth, Vt. about 1790. January 1st 1792 James Norris, Priscilla and Leah his sisters were married. Priscilla married Abel Heath and Leah married Joseph Heath.
Isaac Heath married and settled in Corrinth; several children. A son Moses settled in Derby, Vt., another son Cyrus went west with his family, all but one daughter, who lived in Corrinth.
Abel and Priscilla Heath's children were three daughters and two sons, both Methodist ministers.
The Rev. Abel had a pastorate in Nashua, N.H. where he died in 1852. Their children were Solomon who went to N.J. and settled there. Horace, who married and lived in Mass; a younger son whose name I do not recall.
One daughter of this family married and died young. The other daughter Olive, a woman of talent and was represented in a book published years ago. She married a Sanborn and lived in Manchester where she died not many years ago. Abel and Priscilla Heath's other son, Samuel P. Heath, held pastorates in Vt., Mass., and northern N.H., died a few years ago. Mrs. Magoon, a sister of the three Heath brothers, came to Corrinth to live. One daughter and two or three sons. Stephen Heath, a brother of Joseph remained in Sandown, whom I thought never married, but records have come to that Stephen died March 31, 1857 aged 88 and Mary his wife died June 4, 1838, aged 67 years.

The Norris's were scotch coventers(?) and fled from persecution to North Ireland. Nicholas Norris, born about 1640 of English parents, came to this country as a stowaway at the age of 14 years. It seems he married Sarah Foxe of Hampton 1663 and afterwards settled in Exeter, and from him descends most of the Norris's of New England. The line of descent - Nicholas, Moses, Moses Jr., James who married Priscilla and resided in Epping , N.H. She died in Corrinth, Vt., Nov. 6, 1814. Their children were Moses, James, Theophilus, Jacob, John, Priscilla, Leah. Priscilla married Abel Heath, Leah, Joseph Heath. Moses, James, Jacob, John settled in Vt. in the towns of Corrinth and Chelsea.
These families all had children. One of the most noted of these was the Rev. Thomas Y. Norris, a Methodist minister and for many years editor and proprietor of the Boston Olive Branch. After his death, one of his sons, Erastus Norris, became editor and ran the paper for some years, then sold out to another publishing company. The name of Boston Olive Branch ceased. The four or five children of this family were noted for this ability. Caroline, who married a Norris, was a regular correspondent for the Olive Branch of much ability.

Joseph Heath and Priscilla Norris married in 1791. Children were
Leah - Moses N.
Lorinda and two girls dying in infancy both bearing the name of Mary.
Priscilla Heath married a Stockbridge, one daughter Maria who marred a Ward and settle in Vershire, Vt. Priscilla married Moses Heath, her cousin, and lived in Derby, Vt. Several children.
Nancy Heath, unmarried died May 19. 1827 aged 31 y 10 m.
David Heath married Lewiah (?) Smith.
Eliza Heath married a Savage, no children, lived in Hartford.
Joseph Heath married Achsa __ died May 11, 1827, aged 26 years. One son, Joseph. His widow married a Jackman.
James Heath, a graduate Middlebury Medical School went to the state of N.Y. where he married Madelin Bearer (?). Three children, Edward, Ivan, Lucy Lucellia (?). He finally settled in Jamesville, Wis., where he was a successful physician and a hansom property - but health failing, he went to California where he died in 1852; his wife dying in a year or two. The children returned to Jamesville, sought the advantages of a good education.
Hannah Heath married her cousin Gould Norris and lived in Corrinth. Children were James, Leah, Alma, Joseph.
Mehetable married Perly Humphrey, one child Harriet who married and settled in Corrinth Vt. Mr. Humphrey was killed by the fall of a tree. She married second a Darling; several children.
Leah Heath married Harris Thurker, settled in Unity, N.H., five children whose names I do not recall. Two daughters and three sons.
Lorinda married Joseph Eastman and lived in Corrinth. Five children. I remember the names of Joseph and Madelia.
Moses Norris, the youngest child of Joseph and Leah Heath, married Elvira Merrill and resided on the home farm. Children, Lorenzo Dow, George Henry Martin and a daughter much younger whose name I do not know. Moses Norris Heath died in the early part of the 20th century.
Joseph Heath with his clothes tied in a handkerchief, axe on shoulder, walked from Sandown N.H. (to) Corrinth where he purchased land and became a prominent farmer. He was deacon of the Free Baptist church in Corrinth forty years. He died April 28, 1842, aged 71 years.
Leah Heath, his wife, died Oct. 19, 1855, aged 83 years.

Christopher Smith was of Scituate, R.I. His ancestors had early settled there. The father of Christopher had married and reared three or four children, his wife dying, he married Zeruriah Sprague, one or two children by that marriage. Elizabeth of the first marriage married and settled in the state of N.Y. Another sister married in Wallingford, VT., on the Alterbuk (?), one or two children remained in R.I.

A younger son of the Earl of Hamilton emigrated to America and settled in R.I. A descendant of his married Annie Fift (?). There were two children, Joseph and Mary. Joseph Hamilton married Lydia Jenins, no children. John Hamilton died leaving his wife, Annie, a good home in Scituate. This she sold and emigrated to Grafton, N.H. in 1776. She died in 1784. Joseph Hamilton after some years residence in Grafton on Rapos (?) Hill sold his farm and went to the northern part of the state where he lived out his life.

Christopher Smith married Mary Hamilton in 1775. January 1st 1776 he, with his wife and a six week old baby Annie, his wife's mother, Joseph Hamilton and wife started with an ox sled for Grafton, N.H. accompanied by Joseph Hamilton and wife. They were six weeks on the road. They settled in the north part of Grafton where they resided nine years, sold and bought in the south part of the town. He was called out twice in the revolutionary war to serve his community at Ticonderoga under Gen. Stark. The last service was short.
The children of Christopher and Mary Smith were:
Annie married John Barney of Grafton whose father emigrated from the southern part of Mass.
Their children were
Arad - Anna(?)
John Barney married Hannah Flag; their daughters Polly died in early womanhood, Isabella married Gilbert W. Rollins of Grafton, Armintha (?), married a Martin 1st.
John Barney lived and died in Grafton.
Jedediah Barney married 1st Melaney Williams; one son Mark Y. settled in Bridgewater, Mass, married 2nd Eunice Blackman, Children Eliza died young; Harriet married George W. Dean of Danbury; Jial (?) married, settled in Bridgewater, Mass, came to Manchester a few years ago where she died not long since/ Cyril who never married, died in Grafton about 1885.
Charles died young.
Albert M. enlisted in the Civil War as a drummer, died at Port Hudson. Lafayette F., who lives on the original Barney farm; Ellen Frances who married Thomas J. Hoyt of Grafton about 1883, she died. Amanda Barney never married, died in the eighties. Anna Barney never married, died in Nov. 1887. Cyrus Barney married a Norris, settled in Wisconsin, three children.
Arad Barney married Hannah Prescott, lived in Grafton, their children; Morrison Hosea and a daughter who married Hosea Williams. Rial Barney died a young man. Nelson Barney married a Kingsman and died young leaving three children.
Amy Barney married Benjamin Fowler of Springfield, N.H. Three children.
John Barney died 1880. His wife Annie Mar 10, 1841. Elizabeth Smith married a Seavey; four children, one son, Stephen, three daughters, Clarissa, Didamon (?), the others names forgotten. Mrs. Seavey died in Hartland, Vt. in 1851. John Smith married Betsey Bowen, settled on the Otter Creek river in Vt. Four children whose names I cannot recall, only Mary who married a Blake.
Lydia Smith married a Durfre of R.I. lived in Grafton. She died about 1812 leaving two children. Mr. Durfre went with his children to Ohio.
Christopher Smith married Elizabeth Cole. Their children were John who died at sea; Charles who followed the sea and died in Grafton in 1862. Eliza who married a Caleb Sleeper and died in Grafton about 886 leaving a son George of California. Hannah who never married. Lois married Winchester Dean, went west. Harrison unmarried, went west.
Sleeper and Jeremiah, who with their families, taking their mother with them, went west in 1855.
Christopher Smith died in Grafton in Jan. 1854. Phebe Smith married Ora Ransom of Lebanon, three or four children, she died Feb. 4, 1834.
Mary Smith married Joseph of Lebanon. Their children; Samuel, who married and lived in the State of N.Y., went to California in 1849 where he died, left children. Hiram Estabrook married and lived in Alexandria, N.H., four children. He subsequently moved to Goffstown where he and his wife both died some years ago. Adney Estabrook married and lived in Newton, N.H., now dead. There were three daughters of Joseph and Mary Estabrook, all died young. Mrs. Estabrook married 2nd David Burnham of Enfield. She died in Alexandria Sept. 1867.
Sarah Smith married a Douglas and lived in Chelsea, Vt - children, a son Calvin, two daughters; Caroline married a Reid and lived near Nashua. I do not recall the other daughter's name.
Nehemiah Smith married Abigail Caswell of Tauton, Mass. Their children, Maria, James, Louisa, Jarvis, Abigail, Sarah Ann.
Maria never married, died in Grafton. James settled in Bridgewater where he married. Three children, a very successful businessman. Louisa married Sewell Cole of Grafton, children Sarah, James, Fannie, Frank.
Sarah married a Webster James, died at the age of twenty, thrown from a team, killed.
Fannie married Eugene Tucker and lives in Alexandria. Frank married and lives on the home farm.
Sewell Cole died in early eighties, his wife Louisa some years later.
Jarvis Smith married and settled in Bridgewater, Mass; was in the meat business with is brother James - a very successful firm. Jarvis died in 1859 leaving a wife and several children.
Abigail Smith unmarried, died in Grafton Dec. 1870.
Sarah A. Smith married Mark Y. Barney, lived in Bridgewater, Mass; three children, Albert, Ellis, Melaney.
Nehemiah Smith died in Grafton in Nov. 1849. His wife Abigail April 9, 1866.

David Heath, born in Corrinth, Vt Mar. 27, 1797, and Zeruah Smith, born Grafton Mar 31, 1796, were married in Corrinth March 31, 1819. Their children:
Caroline born in Corrinth
Zeruiah Smith born in Washington, Vt., July 7, 1821
David born in Washington July 17, 1823
Christopher Smith born in Washington Mar 31, 1827
Eveline Melissa born in Vershire, Vt. Sept. 16, 1831
Edwin Alonzo born in Vershire, Vt., Oct. 18, 1834

Caroline Heath died Apr. 5, 1820 aged 7 weeks.
Zeruiah S. married Winslow L. Fisk, died in Vineland, N.J., Sept. 26, 1881, aged 60 years, leaving one son Clarence Lincoln.
David married Esther Porter of North Troy, Vt where he resided until his death. Children were Mary Frances who married Baxter Rines and resides in North Troy; James Alberta married and lives in Arkansas.A son died in infancy.Belle M. married a Rowell. Two children, both died young. Mr. Rowell and wife both dead.
Christopher S. Heath married Rosilla W. Clough.
Eveline M. married Winslow L. Fisk (Fish?) a native of Vt., lived in Canaan, N.H., moved from their to N.J. Children, Frank Winslow, George William, Edwin Arthur, Asnetha (?) Barney, James Lathrop, Clara Melissa.
Frank Fisk married and resides in Bristol, R.I.
George Fisk married and lives in Vineland, N.J.
Edwin married and lives in Connecticut
Asnetha married and died in Bristol, R.I.
James unmarried lived in Vineland.
Clara, adopted by a family, taken to California where she married a man by the name of Brown.
Melissa Fisk died in Vineland Feb. 28, 186_ aged 32
Winslow Fisk died 1911
Alonzo Heath died in Manchester Dec. 5, 1847 aged 16.
David Heath Jr died in North Troy Nov. 1859 age 56. His wife died some years later.
David Heath Sr. died in Vershire Vt. Feb. 10, 1844 aged 46 yrs 10 mo. His wife Zeruiah died in Grafton, NH March 26, 1874, wanting five days of 78 yrs.
I find Stephen Heath married his wife Mary died June 4, 1808 aged 60. There were six children. Stephen heath died Mar 31, 1857 aged 88 years. Children, Joseph who went to the north part of Vt. Isaac who married and settled in Hampstead. Moody who never married. Lived on the home place __ and died Oct. 10, 1864 aged 57 years. Sally married Jacob Conch, lived in Chester, died Dec. 21, 1901, aged 99 years, 5 months.
Jane married a Towle, lived in Kingston.
Hannah, the youngest, never married, died Apr. 13, 1900, aged 8 m 26 days.

The Cloughs were of England but I have not been able to trace back further than Caleb of Newbury, Mass. Many of the Cloughs of Canterbury, Loudon and Gilmanton came from Newbury and Salisbury, Mass. At what time Caleb Clough went to Hampton, NH to reside I do not know; but it seems Josiah enlisted in the service of his country about 1759 in Newbury. The Adjutants report show that Caleb and Josiah Clough enlisted in April 1759 in Capt. Jeremiah Marston's Co., went to Quebec and returned the following Nov. Josiah was wounded at Isle du Noir and died coming down the St. Lawrence river. His bloody pocket book was kept in the family for many years. Capt. Marston was grandfather of Gilman Marston of the 2nd NH in the Civil War. Records show that Caleb Clough and Elizabeth Cooper of Hampton, were married Mar. 10, 1761 by the Rev. Mr. Noyes, first settled minister in Newbury. The history of Newbury shows that there were two Rev. Noyes, probably father and son. Records show that Caleb Clough bought land in Northwood just North of Jenness Pond and close to Pittsfield line in 1767. Here was the old Clough homestead, the buildings still standing.
The children of Caleb and Elizabeth Clough were boys
William, born in Hampton
A younger one whose name I cannot recall.

William Clough married Sarah Swain.
Josiah Clough married- children were Caleb, William. Caleb recorded in Barnstead. A son of his died not long since Cushing Clough aged 89. William Clough Plaistow.
The daughter Rhoda Clough married Benjamin Greenleaf of Pittsfield.---
Josiah Clough married 2nd Jennie Lowell of Maine. Three children, Lowell who resided in Northwood, father of Charles and Alvah Clough. The two daughters of Josiah, Merriam and Nancy, never married.
Benjamin Clough married Betsey ____, resided in Northwood, a well known educator; usually spoken of as Master Clough. He and wife died in the late thirties.
Records show that William Buzzell and Rhoda Clough, both of Northwood, were married Oct. 10, 1886 (I think she might of meant 1786). Children Samuel, John, William, Rhoda, Lydia who married a Ramsey and lived in Northfield, N.H.
Jacob Willey of Barnstead and Sarah Clough of Northwood were married Mar 22, 1792. Their children were boys Caleb, Jacob; girls a Mrs. Babb, a Mrs. Evans. Hannah, the youngest married a Huntingdon of Salisbury, Mass.
Robert Evans married Elizabeth Clough and resided in Northfield, N.H. Their children were Betsey who married a Henry (?), William C. who for some years resided in Barnstead and then moved to Pittsfield where he died some years ago. He married Martha Carr of Loudon. Joseph Evans married and died about 1841 leaving one son. Mahala Evans married and moved to the north part of the state.
The youngest daughter of Caleb Clough married a Thompson and lived on the home farm for some years, moved to Gilmanton and from there to Bartlett, N.H. I remember their sons Emery. Homer, Horatio; no daughters.
Judith Clough died at the age of seventeen. Cannot give the date of Caleb Clough's death; his wife Elizabeth died in Gilmanton in April 1831.

The Swains came from Leeds, England. It has been said that three brothers came to this country sometime in the 17th century; one settled Portland, Maine; one in Nantucket and the other in the south eastern part of N.H. It appears that a John Swain once lived in Portsmouth and that vicinity and a son Richard owned land in Barrington before 1750. This Richard Swain married Sarah Clark of Barnstead. Their children were:

John Swain married Abigail Drew Oct. 6, 1773. He died Apr. 10 (?) 1821.
Isaiah Swain married Feb. 22, 1774, Dorothy Drew of Barrington, married 2nd Lydia Tibbetts of Madbury.
Daniel married June 15th 1789 Betsey Ayers of Barrington.
Deborah Swain married Apr. 17, 1777 Stephen Foy, she died Aug.4, 1843.
Mary married a Winkley, resided in Strafford many years, died in the late forties.
Sarah Swain married William Clough.
The children of Daniel Swain who married Betsey Ayers were Mark, Richard, Daniel, Jeremiah and daughters __ who married a Drew, Eliza who married the Rev. Samuel Sherburne.

William Clough born in Hampton July 1765 and Sarah Swain born in Barrington May 20, 1768, were married in 1792 in Barrington. Their children:
Joseph Cooper
Micaiah Swain
Benjamin Ayers
Sarah Pendergast

Richard Clough married Rhoda Elkins of Pittsfield. He moved to Springfield, N.H. in his early married days. Children were:
Eliza Ann
Richard Alfred
Joseph Albert
William Alvah
Micaiah Swain

Richard Clough died Aug 6 1829. His widow married 2nd Jonathan Dunbar of Grantham. She died Sep 4, 1857. The children went to live with relatives after their mother's marriage. Eliza lived for a few years with her uncle Micaiah in Barrington, became a school teacher; married Moses A. Walker. Two children, Richard Alfred who gave his life to his country in the Civil War. Mary J. married a Clough and lives in Greenland, N.H. Eliza A. Walker died in the summer of 1874 (or 1854?).

Richard Alfred Clough lived with his grandparents in Pittsfield and died there in 1833 aged 12 years.
Joseph A. Clough lived with his uncle (Micaiah) in Barrington, was educated at ___ Academy. He married Hannah M. Wells of Epsom, resided in Strafford for many years and represented that town in the legislature. His wife dying in 1871, he married a Miss Bennett, removed to Dover where his wife died. He died in 1910, aged 88. (we know it was June 10, 1911). Two children, Ella M. who married Foss and Albert who married Sarah Locke of Suncook where he resides.
William Alvah Clough, adopted by his uncle William Clough of Barnstead, was educated at Pittsfield Academy and Bridgewater Normal School. He taught one year in Baltimore (?) made teaching a business for a few years. He married Elizabeth Clough of Loudon. He went to reside in Concord where he taught school; was register of deeds for Merrimack County. One daughter who married Charles West of Concord. Some years ago Mr. West going to Wollaston, Mass, she went with him. He died there July 1905. His age was nearly 78 years.
Micaiah Swain Clough adopted by his Uncle Micaiah S. Clough, died in Barrington July 2, 1838 age 9.

Eliza Clough married Mark Swain of Barrington. Their children were William C., Martha Jane, John Q.A., Ann Maria.
Martha J. married Bennett Swain of Barrington, two children, Oreson died young; William of Barrington. He has represented his town in the legislature, married, one son.
William C. Swain died in 1841 at the age of 20. John Q.A. Swain married Sarah J. Swain, two children, Adah and Rosilla J., both married. Mrs. Swain died in Dover where they had resided for some years in Nov. 1910. Mr. Swain died Mar. 1912. He had represented Barrington in the legislature.
Ann M. Swain married Charles Locke of Barrington. One child Cora, who married Peter Ladd of Epping. She died some years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Locke both dead. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Swain both dead. Charles Locke and wife both dead.
Mrs. Eliza Swain died in autumn of 1867 aged 72 years. Mark Swain died some years later.

William Clough married Judith Chase of Pittsfield, settled in Northfield where they resided some years and then moved to Barnstead where he lived many years, but finally went to Contoocook to live with his adopted son. Died in Contoocook Jan 1861, aged 63 years. His wife died in Concord Dec. 1890 aged 88 years. No children.

Micaiah S. Clough married Deborah Foye of Barrington. He was educated at Pittsfield Academy; settled in Barrington where he kept a store and hotel. He represented Barrington in the legislature of 1843. He was for many years justice of the peace. In 1844 he sold out business in Barrington, bought a farm at Strafford Center where he moved. Died in Strafford Feb. 17, 1847, aged 47 years. His wife Deborah died in Strafford Nov 27, 1875 aged 88 years.

Judith Clough died in Pittsfield Jan 23, 1878 age 72.
Daniel Clough married Mehitable B. Watson.
Benjamin A. Clough educated at Pittsfield Academy, a teacher in early years, married Lydia A. Sinclair of Northwood, one son Micaiah S.
Mr. Clough was a man of much intelligence and held offices of trust. He resided on the home farm and died Sept. 28, 1864, age 54 (or 59?). His wife Lydia died in Feb. 1874, aged 47.
Micaiah Swain Clough educated at Pittsfield Academy had been a member of the legislature and Sheriff of Merrimack County, died suddenly in Hooksett on his way to Pittsfield Feb. 23, 1908, aged 60 years. He married Josephine Harvey of Pittsfield.
Sarah P. Clough married Rev. David Garland of Barnstead, a Free Baptist minister. He died in 1864; his wife died in Apr. 1881, aged __ yrs.

William Clough worked one year on a farm for 50.00 dollars, this money he saved and bought fifty acres of wild land in the Jenness Pond district, Pittsfield, put up cheap house into which they moved unfinished. Somewhere near 1800 he put up a substantial and convenient house. Some years later he added a large two story building, increased his farm to 300 acres. Here he lived in old age amid comfort. His doors were always open to the needy. Here the grandchildren had their pleasantest hours. The beloved old home was burned some years ago. William Clough died May 12, 1845, aged 80 years. His wife Sarah died Oct. 9, 1864, aged 96 years.

This should have come after William Clough and his wife Judith, I mistake (?).

Joseph Cooper Clough married Nancy Elkins of Pittsfield. Their children:
Martha Elliott
Richard Alvah

Martha married Curtis Chesley of Dover, two children; Charles Alvah who resides in Greenfield, Mass. Lillian who married a Parker, two children and is now in Greenfield, Mass. Charles & (?) wife and only child, a son, are dead.
Joseph Clough died in Barrington in 1864, his wife some years later.
Mrs. Chesley and husband both dead.
Richard Alvah Clough married Susan Saunders. Their children, a boy who died young; Idella Mattie who married Frank D. Osgood of Pittsfield.
Richard died in Pittsfield in 1858 aged 28 years. His wife Susan, who married 2nd a Williard, died some years since in Pittsfield.

I have but little knowledge of the Watson early history. It seems that William Watson of Dover, N.H. was called in the revolutionary war on an expedition to Rhode Island in 1778. He married Sarah Buzzell of Barrington and settled in the part of Pittsfield near Jenness Pond and near Northwood line.
Their children were:
Stephen, the oldest child
Daniel, second child

Stephen Watson married 1st Lydia Garland; 2nd Mehitable Dow Brown.
Daniel Watson married Sally Fogg, children were Sally, Hannah, Solomon, Mary, Albert, Eliza, Daniel, Abigail.
Sally Watson married Clement Snell of Pittsfield. Two or three children.
Hannah married George Snell, children.
Solomon married Sophronia Tilton of Pittsfield, lived in Northwood some years where he died. Daughter Addie married John C. Fogg, resided in Lynn, Mass where he became mayor. The son Plummer (?) went west taking his mother, where she died some years ago.
Mary Watson died unmarried.
Albert Watson died in 1835.
Eliza Watson married Gilman Buzzell and lived in Tamworth, N.H.. Abigail Buzzell married Elbridge True of Pittsfield; both dead.
Daniel Watson married Margaret Tilton of Pittsfield, have children, one of which is Edward Watson, the principal of Pittsfield Academy. Daniel married 2nd a Mrs. Cate of Allenstown, __ children. He is now dead.
Andrew Watson died unmarried Nov. 21, 1824 aged 29.
David Watson died Sept 9, 1800, aged 2 years.
Solomon Watson died Oct. 5, 1800, aged 4 years.
John Watson married Mrs. Betsey Emerson, children: Betsey Jane, Sarah Maria, William, Emily, Andrew. Betsey Jane married her cousin Andrew Watson, resided in Concord. Sarah M. married a Locke, now dead. William died in the Civil War. Emily married Reuben T. Leavitt of Pittsfield.
John Watson resided on the home farm. He died in 1854. His wife died many years later. Their son Andrew died a young man.
William Watson married and settled in Meredith.
In the family I remember a Margaret, Jacob, Daniel, who married and settled in Pittsfield. He and wife both dead; son Charles lives on the homestead. Andrew, son of William, who resided in Concord.
Hannah Watson married Solomon Batchelder and resided in Meredith. Their children: Eliza, Maria, William, Albert.
Eliza never married. Maria, John Buzzell. William married and lived on the homestead. Albert died a young man unmarried.
Betsey Watson died unmarried Feb. 1837 aged 40 years.
Sarah Watson married Benjamin Kaime of Chichester. Children were sons:
Mary Ann

William Kaime educated Princeton, N.J., married a Miss Roby of Chichester. He was a Baptist minister, died young leaving one child.
Benjamin Kaime, a teacher in his young days, married a Miss Batchelder of Loudon, no children; married 2nd Olive Sanborn, a son and daughter. The son, Louis, died in Nov. 1913, aged 42. Mr. Kaime was for many years in business in Pittsfield, died a few years ago.
James Kaime settled in Missouri, a successful business man, died a few years ago.
John Kaime married Adelieliza (?) Knowlton of Pittsfield. He and his wife have been dead a number of years; left children Frank Kaime, married Emily A. Eaton of Barnstead. He is now dead.
Sarah Kaime died unmarried.
Mehitable Kaime married a Mason and went to Missouri.
Hannah Kaime married a Severance (?) and lived on the home to care for her mother. She is now dead.
Elizabeth Kaime married a Fellows and lived at Webster Mills, Chichester, now dead.
Mary Ann Kaime, a teacher, married a Webster. They taught in Conn. And came to Manchester and became principal of the High School of Manchester. She died there about 1857.
Benjamin Kaime for many years deacon in the Free Baptist church died more than forty years ago. His wife Sarah died about forty years ago.
Mehitable Watson married David Blake, lived in Meredith. She died Aug. 6, 1826 aged 26, left two children, Dearborn who died many years ago. Mehitable Watson who married her cousin Daniel Watson and lived in Pittsfield. Mr. and Mrs. Watson have been dead some years.
William Watson died in Pittsfield Sept. 10, 1824, aged 71 years. His wife Sarah died in Pittsfield Aug. 26, 1855, aged 96 years.

Stephen Watson born in Pittsfield about 1780, married first Lydia Garland, two children, David, Lydia. He married 2nd Mehitable Dow Brown, children; Mehitable Brown, William, John Buzzell. He married 3rd Ruth Fogg.
David Watson went to Waterville, Maine, where he married Harriet S. Towsice. Their children, Stephen, Carroll, David, Harriet, Caroline, all lived in Maine. David Watson died in 1879.
Lydia Watson married James Bickford of Northwood. Their children were:
George Augustus
Stephen Watson
David Sumner
Sarah Frances

George A. married Hannah J. Marston. Their children, Ida, Etta, George, Celia, George, James Alfred, Ray and two who died in infancy. Ida married and lives in Maine. Etta married a Marsh, lived in Manchester, died in Jan. 1910. George died young. Celia and George died in Nov. 1880. James Alfred, who lived on the home farm, died in the autumn 1912 leaving a family.
Ray, a teacher for several years in Conn., married July 1913, now at the home farm.
Stephen W. Bickford served in the Civil War in Co. L 1st Mass H.A., married, lived in Lynn. Died some years since leaving two daughters.
David Sumner Bickford died in Sept. 1843 aged 2 yrs.
Sarah Frances Bickford married John Knowles of Barnstead many years ago having two daughters.
George A. Bickford died Nov. 1911 aged 75 years.
James Bickford died Mar 1885, his wife Lydia died in Mar 1884 aged 83 years.
Mehitable B. Watson married Daniel Clough.
William Watson married Jane Maria Davis of Pittsfield, they settled in Northwood, their children were:
Lucinda Jane
William Dyer
Mary Florella
Granville Perry
Harriet Alfretta
Hettie Alice
Lucy Ellen
Sarah Davis
Frank Ernest

Lucinda Watson married Philester Elliott and resides in Pittsfield. Mr. Elliott was a soldier of the Civil War. They have a son and daughter.
Wm. D. Watson married Malvina Giles, six daughters, Alva, Lena, Winnie, Elizabeth, Marie, Esther.
Alva married a Bartlett and lives in Lynn, Mass.
Lena married and lives in Vt.
Marie married the Rev. Carroll Cushing.
The others unmarried are teachers.

Florella Watson married Byron Ambrose of Deerfield. She and her husband now dead, four sons, two daughters. Ella married a Quimby of Deerfield; Albion married and resides in Epsom; William married, on the home farm; Granville unmarried on the home farm; Margie married in Boston; Charles married in Boston.

Granville Watson married, settled in the west, now dead.
Harriet A. Watson died in 1854, age 6 years.
Hettie A. Watson, educated at Pittsfield, has been a teacher for more than forty years.
Lucy E. Eaton married a Mr. Poor (?) and lives in Raymond, N.H.
Sarah D. Watson, unmarried, matron of an institution in Washington, D.C.
Frank A. Watson, married, resides in Lynn, Mass.

William Watson died in Dec. 1872, aged 59 yrs. His wife died in 1883, aged 70.
John B. Watson married Fannie Noble Blake of Northwood. He resided on the home farm. Three children, twins John and Fannie who died in infancy Mar.1841. John Plummer married Emma Cilley, resides in Pittsfield, one child, Fannie who married Frank Emerson, resided in Manchester. She died in the autumn of 1911.

Stephen Watson died in Pittsfield April 24, 1855 aged 75 years. His wife Lydia died Jan 10, 1806 aged 26 years. His wife Mehitable died Sept 8, 1840 aged 68 years. His wife Ruth Fogg died Apr. 1886 aged 85 years.

The Dows were of Salisbury, Mass. The father, whose name I believe to have been Isaiah, married Naomi Carr of Salisbury.(Rosilla seems to have this wrong. Records show a Joseph Dow who married Naomi Carr.) She was an aunt to Carr's who early settled in Pittsfield. In the family were four sons, Josiah, Joseph, Jacob, Joshua and three daughters, Naomi, Mehitable, Mary.
Josiah Dow settled in Strafford, Vt. Joseph married Olive, settled in Deerfielda large family of children. (again here Rosilla mentions a Joseph, but records indicate an Israel Dow married Olive Abbott with some children born in Deerfield, NH.) Israel settled in Danbury (see above note). One grandson Israel Dow was for many years overseer of the Manchester _ and was city treasurer of Manchester at the time of his death.
The daughter of Joseph (Israel) Dow, Olive married a Langley and resided in Wilmot - after her Mr. Langley married her sister Mehitable. Rebecca married Abraham Cilley of Northwood. Hannah married Samuel Bartlett of Northwood. Naomi married Josiah Robinson of Grafton. Three children, one of whom married her cousin Joseph Cilley of Northwood.
Jacob Dow married Charlotte Langley of Deerfield where he settled on Mt. Delight, their children were:
Esther, who never married.
James who married and lives at Mount Delight among whose grandchildren is Mrs. Frank Hall of Epsom.
Josiah Dow married Hannah Langley, no children.
Mehitable Dow married True Langley, children; Mary who married a Moore; Josiah who resided in Epsom; Lucy who married Charles H. Hall; Betsy C. who married 1st Lemuel Hall, 2nd George Piper.
Jacob Langley who married a Moore 1st and a Brown 2nd.

Joshua Dow resided in Salisbury, Mass.
Naomi Dow married first a Clough of Gilmanton, three sons, Isaiah, Hazen, Benjamin. Married 2nd a Mr. Adams, she died 1841.
Mary Dow married a Fullerton, died young leaving one daughter Mary who died in early womanhood.
Mehitable Dow married Benjamin Brown and settled in Pittsfield near Loudon. One son Benjamin. Mr. Brown was killed at a raising by the fall of a stick of timber. In 1809 she married Stephen Watson. Benjamin Brown married Jane Brown of Seabrook. Their children were Mehitable, Benjamin, Stephen, Hannah, Sally. Benjamin Brown moved to Seabrook about 1834.His son Stephen who followed the sea, died in New York where his vessel had come into port in 1854. The other children settled in Seabrook and that vicinity. Benjamin Brown died suddenly in Pittsfield where he was visiting in May 1848.

I know but little of the Buzzell ancestry. Sarah Buzzell that married William Watson of Dover was always spoken of as a Barrington woman. I think she had a brother Solomon of that town. She was born near North Pond in Barrington, but I think her father's house came within the precincts of Northwood. There were several cousins of my grandfather's in Barrington. Jerry Buzzell, a Mrs. Shackford, whose 2nd husband was Capt. John Sherburne of Northwood. One son, Charles H. Shackford was a physician of Dover. A daughter married Dr. Levi G. Hill of Somersworth. Another daughter married a Hayes of Barrington. A cousin, Mrs. Woodbury, married 2nd a Drew of Barrington. A son of Solomon Buzzell, Clark (?) Buzzell had some years in Northwood. His son whose name I do not recall, a literary man died in Worcester about 1810.
The Buzzells were of the same line of the Rev. John Buzzell, and early Free Baptist minister and was the first editor of the Morning Star published in Dover for many years. Afterwards removed to Boston, now extinct. The Rev. John Buzzell died in Maine.

Daniel Clough, son of Wm and Sarah Swain Clough, born in Pittsfield, N.H. Nov. 29, 1804 and Mehitable Brown, daughter Stephen and Metitable Brown Watson born Feb. 12, 1810 in Pittsfield, were married June 18, 1828 by the Rev. William Swain. Their children were:
Rosilla Winslow
Sarah Elizabeth
Cynthia Jane
Daniel Ansel

Rosilla W. educated at Stafford, Pittsfield and Pembroke Academies, commenced teaching at 16. Taught school several years and married Christopher S. Heath.
Sarah E. born in Pittsfield Sept. 9, 1831 educated at Pembroke Academy, commenced teaching before 17; taught several years then married John Buzzell Leighton of Barrington, a Free Will Baptist minister. He held pastorates in Vt and N.H. Health failing in 1880, he moved to Vineland, N.J. Their children Lura Del, Irving Rand, Carl Buer, Louis Ansel. Lura Del a graduate of the Vineland High School, taught school for a number of years, married Mortimer Mayhew and lives in Morrisville, NH, one child Catherine Elizabeth.
Irving married and lives in Vineland. Carl married lived near Philadelphia, died 1910. Louis died in 1911. John B. Leighton died Apr. 5, 1900, his wife died April 3, 1913, aged 82 years. His age 74 (79?).

Cynthia J. born in Pittsfield, June 17, 1835, educated at Pembroke Academy and commenced teaching at 17, taught several years, married Charles G. Swain of Barrington, one child, Daniel Loren, a graduate of Pembroke. They lived Pembroke twenty years, moved to Dover 1903. She had written much for the press. Some years ago published a book of poem __. She died Dec 10, 1910, aged 75 years. Loren Swain lives in Dover married Angie Page, two children, Lora married a Pierce. Lawrence Page Swain.

Daniel Ansel Clough, born in Epsom Sept 8, 1842, educated at Pembroke and Boscawen Academies. At an early age showing a for drawing and penmanship, commenced teaching penmanship at the age of 16. He later taught penmanship at Pembroke and Boscawen Academies. In 1863 he went Concord and Concord photography. He soon gave it (up?) and followed his natural bent for landscape and portrait painting. He opened rooms in Concord. After a few years went to Boston where he took rooms in the studio building. He was very successful but health fading in the summer of 1873, he came to his father's home in Epsom where he died Oct. 28, 1873, aged 31 yrs. He died with consumption. Ansel Clough married Sept 1870 Emma J. White of Haverhill, Mass. One child Bertha Ancella who married a man by the name of Hunter and resides in Los Angeles, California.

Daniel Clough resided at the Clough home until 1832 when he bought a farm near his fathers where he lived until 1836 when he went to Northwood Narrows where there were better opportunities for schooling. Selling at Northwood, he bought a larger farm in Epsom in the New Rye district and moved there in the spring of 1840. He resided there 29 years then health failing, he sold and bought a small home at Epsom Centre. He was a member of Epsom Free Baptist church as was also his wife and was a reader of the "Morning Star" forty years. Died Feb. 26, 1880 aged 75 years. His wife went to Barrington to reside with her daughter Mrs. Swain, and died Oct. 5, 1880, aged 70 years.

Christopher Smith Heath of Manchester, son of David and Zeruah Smith Heath, born in Washington, Vt. Mar. 31, 1828 and Rosilla Winslow Clough, daughter of Daniel and Mehitable B. Watson Cough, born Pittsfield April 15, 1829, were married at her fathers home in Epsom Sept. 1, 1853 by the Rev. M.A. Quimby. Their children:
Rosilla Estelle
Clarence Linwood
Alonzo Smith
Fred Sherman
Ansel Clough

Rosilla Estelle born in Manchester Nov. 18, 1854 was educated at Grafton and the Danbury High school. Commenced teaching at the early age of 16, taught several years and married Charles Hall of Barrington June 28, 1883. One son Roland Smith, born in Barrington May 30, 1884. He married Olive May Sullivan of Epsom June 26, 1909. Their children:
Carol Olive born May 10, 1910
Verna Rosilla born July 23, 1911
Roland Hall and Olive his wife were both educated at Coe's Academy Northwood, now reside in Concord.
Charles Hall took up his residence in Epsom in 1899.

Clarence Linwood Heath, born Epsom Aug. 23, 1856, died in Grafton N.H. Dec. 15, 1857, aged 15 months.

Alonzo S. Heath born in Grafton Mar 19, 1858, was educated in Grafton schools and Danbury High School, learned telegraphy at 16 and for many years worked in railway offices, recently retired to farm life in Sandown, N.H. He married Jan 13. 1885 in her fathers home in Manchester, Isabel Fifield of that city, a high school graduate; one son, Clifford Alonzo educated in Taunton Mass and Boston. Now at Lebanon Conn, R.R. Station as agent.

Fred S. Heath, born in Grafton, N.H. Feb. 20, 1866, educated at High School, manager (?) for some years in the RR office, Concord, NH. He married Hattie L. Tripp of Epsom, educated in Epsom schools and Berwick, married Sept 9, 1888. No children.

Ansel C. Heath born in Grafton Nov. 11, 1874, educated in Epsom schools, married Edith G. Batchelder of Epsom. Following railroading for a number years through different grades to conductor, recently gone to a farm in Londonderry, NH.

Christopher S. Heath's father dying before he was sixteen in Vershire, Vt., came with the family to Grafton in 1845. At the age of eighteen he went to Manchester to work in a cotton mill which business he followed ten years, health suffering from confinement to mill life, he went to Lowell to reside, but the great financial crash of 1877 made it seem better to retire to our home in Grafton.
He enlisted in the Mass 3 months quota Apr 27, 1861. The quota full they were transferred to the 14th and were mustered in July 5, 1861. He was made 2nd Lieut in two months, promoted to first and in 14 months Captain. In the first year of their service, this Regt was changed to 1st Mass H.A., his company was B. He was in command of a Howitzer battery on Maryland Heights one year. This regiment went into battle as infantry. Was mustered from service Oct. 7, 1864, escaped the bullet but broken in health. Died in Epsom Oct. 2nd 1896, aged 68 years.