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John Dolbeer (1827-1902): Responsible for modernizing red wood lumber operations in California, donated materials for library.

William Goss (1820-1887): The section of Epsom called Gossville derived from this man's influence.

George Benjamin Wallace (1817-1900): Mormon Man of Prominence, a founder of Salt Lake City.

Andrew McClary Maj. (abt. 1729 - 1776): Battle of Bunker Hill, left his plow to become a hero.

Charles C. Doe (1823 - 1898):Local farmer and Legislator. From Hurd's History

Nathan Bickford (1797 - 1879):Lumber man and farmer. From Hurd's History

Dr. Orren Strong Sanders (born Epsom 1820):Early Teacher and later renown Doctor in Boston. From Hurd's History of Merrimack

Deacon John Cate (1733 - 1821): An article from 1870 Suncook Valley Times about this distinguished early settler. Related: Two pages from his son Ebenezer Cates day book with family records: Personal .... Family

James Tennant (1847-1915) Epsom Businessman, established the Short Falls store.

Daniel Gilman Chesley (1837-1919) Contributed to town affairs and business

Benjamin Lovering Locke (1802-1883): Tavern Keeper and prominent member of the NH Militia.

David Clark (1817-1878): Ship Wrecked! Left his home to build a new life for his family in California.

Noah Martin (1801-1863): New Hampshire Governor.

Benjamin Franklin Webster (1824-1916): Benefactor and founder of Webster Park, Epsom.

David Morrill Philbrick (1823-1902): From Hurd's History of Merrimack and Belknap Countys - farmer and land owner.

Samuel Martin (1828-1916): From Hurd's History of Merrimack and Belknap Countys - farmer and 12 year selectman.

James Gray Capt.. (1749 - 1822): An early teacher in the town and revolutionary veteran. From Hurd's History of Merrimack County.

Capt. Elwood O. Wells WWII Pilot - the American Legion Post in Epsom named in his memory.

James Yeaton (1832-1906), successful farmer and citizen

George Sanders Jr. (1804-1886) agriculturalist of Epsom, NH

Judge Walter Henry Sanborn (1845-1928) Judge of the Eighth Circuit in St. Louis and Dartmouth College graduate.