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Lizzie G. Allen married Dec. 27th/59 by Rev. W.H. Ryder
To John S. Brickett

S. Amanda Allen married Jan. 10th 1865 by Rev. A.A. Minder
To George E. Emerson


Isaac Allen Born Tamworth Sept. 29, 1782
Betsy Gilman Born Feb. 23rd 1790
Ira Allen Born Tamworth Jan 3rd 1812
Abigail Jonson Born Tamworth March 17th 1815
Stephen M.O. Allen Boston April 15th 1819
Betsy Gilman Allen Tamworth April 15th 1825

Samuel Locke Born Epsom Nov. 15th 1791
Lydia Buzzell, New Durham, NH May 28th 1789
George E. Lock Epsom May 31st 1810
Eliza M. Lock Born Epsom June 15th 1812
Harriet S. Lock Born Epsom Sept. 18th 1814
George E. Lock 2nd Born Epsom January 31st 1817
Mary Ann Lock Epsom June 4th 1819
Wm. M. Lock Born Epsom Aug. 18th 1821
Maria F. Lock Born Epsom Novem 4th 1823
Lydia D. Lock Born Concord, NH Jany 4th 1827
James J. Lock Born Dover NH April 9th 1832

Lydia Locke Little Lydia Born in Lowell June 31st 1853 Daughter of Wm. M. Locke

Aet of Ira Allen's family
Lydia A. Allen Born Dover NH March 12th 1832 age 10
Susan Amanda Allen Born January 3rd Dover NH 1835
Elisabeth Jonson Allen Born Meredith January 25th 1837
William Merrill Allen Born in Corinna, ME March 17th 1841
Harriet Maria Allen Born Corinna, ME October 8th 1842
Ida Blanche Allen Born June 22nd, 1855, Roxbury, Mass. Wed morn 6 ½ o'clock


Elisabeth G. Allen Died January 4th 1845 @ 12 ½ o'clock P.M.
Isaac Allen Died May 3rd, 1856 @ 2 o'clock P.M.
Betsey S. Allen died July 13th 1865 at 3:20 P.M. n 75th year of her age.
Ida Blanche Allen died April 23rd, 1873 at 1 o'clock 45 minutes in the morning.
Ira Allen M.D. died Aug. 29th 1875 at 7 o'clock 30 minutes P.M.
Harriet Maria Allen Died Feb. 21st 1890 at 2:20 o'clock A.M.
Harriet S. Allen Died Dec. 11th 1897 at 6:50 P.M.
William M. Allen Died August 31st 1899 at 11:30 o'clock A.M.

G.E. Lock Died Nov. 1814
Eliza M. Lock died Sept. 7th 1835
Maria F. Lock Died March 30th 1840
Lydia D. Lock died July 4th 1829
Samuel Lock died Lowell, September 25th, 1847 @ 9 o'clock & 45 min. P.M.
Lydia Lock died Lowell, March 17, 1854 at 10 minutes of 11 - P.M. -
M.A. Daigneau Died July 20th 1889

Susan Amanda Emerson died Jan. 14th 1900 at 9:55 P.M.