Research Links


The following are historical maps and a link to current Epsom tax maps:

Epsom Plot Map of all original proprietor's drawn lots with names of original owners and occupants in 1800. Re-drawn by G.W. Lane 1887. Note: original not to scale and some plot owners names not always accurate. If using for research, best to still trace the property.* PDF format

Epsom Town Map by Joseph Lawrence "agreeable to the Act passed by the general court and protracted by a scale of equal parts two hundred rods to an inch." Circa 1820, showing early roads, rivers, ponds and mountains. Two mills and meetinghouse are the only structures shown. PDF format

Epsom 1858 Map from Hurd's Atlas showing homes and occupants* PDF format

Epsom 1858 Map insert of Epsom Center (Slab City area)* PDF format

Epsom 1892 Map showing homes and occupants* PDF format

Epsom 1927 USGS map - can be viewed at Historical Center at higher resolution.

Link to Epsom Current Tax Map CAI Query Manager (may require some configuration first time accessed, also issues with Chrome browser, recommend IE))

Maps of Lewis 'Perch' Hill - these hand drawn maps by Lewis Hill are priceless. Not at all to scale, they include locations that he remembered as well as current occupants about the year 1900. 3 maps; use the pdf controls to reduce map viewing size, recommend opening browser full screen for best viewing. PDF format

Map 1 - Goboro Road and Route 4 with New Orchard Road

Map 2 - Route 4 east of New Orchard Road and North Road

Map 3 - Center Hill and Mountain Roads

* The maps in PDF format can be zoomed in and out for better detail. Allow time for them to download - even save them to your computer!