WALLACE, Note #992

The account of the Wallace family of Rye, N.H. in Parson's History of Rye is very brief and contains so many errors that, as regards the first three generations, it is more misleading then helpful. The following facts have been cleaned mostly from deeds and probate records.

By a deed of Nov. 6, 1660 (NH Deeds Vol. II, page 45A) George Wallace, "sometime of Newfoundland" bought land and buildings at Little Harbor, NH. He was petit juror in 1665 and 71. He died before 2 Jan 1685 when administration of his estate was granted to his widow, Eleanor. (NH Probate records, Vol. 1, page 291). March 13, 1785-6 (NH Deeds vol iv, page 43a) a deed was signed by "us the children" of George Wallace, dividing his real estate. The children named are: William, George and Honor, who sign "with the consent of Caleb, our youngest brother." It was also signed by Walter Randall and James Berry for their wives, who were daughters. It was agreed that the farm should be equally divided between William and George. It was known as the "Wallace Farm" and was at Wallace Sands, Rye, NH. I find no other mention of any Caleb Wallace in deeds, probate records or provincial papers, except as given below.

George (2) Wallace (not Ralph, as stated in the "History of Rye") married, Nov. 18, 1686, Ann Shortridge. George and Ann deeded June 5 1719, New Hampshire Deeds, vol. ii, page 8. He died before Sept. 12, 1726, when his estate was divided (New Hampshire Probate Records, vol. vii., page 312) among his children, who were Ann, wife of Benjamin Barnes; Mary, wife of ____ Seavey; Esther wife of Nathaniel Berry; Deborah, wife of Christopher Scheggel; Hannah wife of Edward Randall, and Caleb an idiot, for whose support during life a part of the estate was reserved, to be divided among the others after his death. The daughter's husbands signed, receipting for their shares, are among them Yedyard Webber, who perhaps had been husband of a deceased daughter.

William (2) Wallace married Dec. 15, 1673, Jane Drake. He deeded his estate Feb. 11, 1722-3 (New Hampshire Deeds, vol xiii, page 129) to his son Samuel for support in old age, mentioning no wife and no other children except two daughters, Jane, wife of Stephen Lang, and Sarah, wife of Joshua Foss. They were to have 20 pounds each if they survived him and demanded it. There was probably another son, William (3) who lived in the adjoining town of Greenland. Very likely proof of the relationship might be obtained from a thorough study of deeds and other available records. New Hampshire Deed, vol xxii., page 447, have a deed Aug. 4, 1715, of land in Greenland, from Joseph Weeks to William Wallace, Jr., both of Greenland.

It seems improbable that there were other sons of William (2) that lived in that vicinity, not only from lack of allusion to them in records so far as I have found, but also because no other Wallaces appear among the proprietors of Epsom, which was granted May 18, 1727, to the rate-payers of 1723 in Rye, Greenland and New Castle, nor among the proprietors of Barrington, which was granted in the same way to the Portsmouth rate-payers of 1719-22.

Samuel (3) Wallace lived on the Wallace Farm in Rye. June 4, 1732, he and wife Hannah, daughter of William and Hannah Seavey. (New Hampshire Deeds, vol 1., page 257.) His will dated June 1, 1741, allowed Aug. 26, 1741, mentioned sons: Samuel (executor), William, George and Ebenezer, and daughters: Hannah and Mary. (New Hampshire Records, vol. xv., page 125.) Of these sons, Samuel (4) lived on the homestead. He married about 1740, Sarah Moses (James 3, Aaron 2, John 1). They had children, according to the "History of Rye" and the "Moses Genealogy": Sarah, who married May 10, 1764, Paul Seavey; Hannah, born Aug. 2, 1745, who married April 29, 1773, William Marden; Abigail, who married June 12, 1775, Nadab Moses; Mary, who married, Dec. 25, 1781, Joseph Tucker; Samuel, born 1747, who married Nov. 16, 1773, Elizabeth Parsons, and lived in Rye (see "History of Rye"); and Martha, born 1752, who married March 1, 1796, John Langmaid and lived in Chichester, N.H.

William (4) Wallace (Samuel 3, William 2, George 1) married Aug. 15, 1738, Comfort Cotton, daughter of Thomas of Portsmouth. He died before March 15, 1747 (New Hampshire Probate Records, vol. xv11., page 115 ?) leaving widow Comfort and sons: Samuel, William and Spencer. Comfort married June 30, 1748, James Knowles, later of Rochester, N.H. Of the sons: Samuel (5), Jan. 2, 1771, was "carpenter" of New Castle. (Exeter Deeds, vol. civ., page 72, and William (5) on the same date, with wife Mary, was of Nottingham, probably in the part that is now Northwood. I judge that he is the William of whom some account is given in the last paragraph of the Wallace family in the "History of Rye." Samuel (5) owned land in Epsom. He may have been the Samuel Wallace of Epsom, "joiner," whose will, dated Jan. 8, 1800, was allowed May 21, 1800 (Exeter Probate Records, vol. xxxiii., page 269). He mentioned wife, sons: Joseph Chase Wallace, Samuel and Shadrach Wallace and daughters Peggie Treadie and Comfort Wallace. Epsom was settled mostly from Greenland, Rye and New Castle.

George (4) Wallace (Samuel 3, William 2, George 1) according to Parson's History of Rye" and Cogswell's "History of Nottingham" married Margaret McClary and removed to Epsom. He was there before 1747. His will, dated Jan. 10, 1781, allowed May 20, 1765 (Exeter Probate Records vol. xxxi., page 529) mentioned wife Sarah: sons, Ebenezer and George: daughters, Polly (Patty?) Ham, Margaret Sanborn, Hannah McGaffey and Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Babb, and grandson John Gray. From other evidence it appears that a daughter Martha had married Benson Ham of Epsom, before 1764. Margaret married Eliphalet Sanborn, Nov. 19, 1761. Jane Wallace married James Gray of Epsom July 20, 1769, and died before Feb. 2, 1772.

Ebenezer (4) Wallace (Samuel 3, William 2, George 1) is supposed to have been the Ebenezer Wallace of Rye, whose will dated April 18, 1803, was allowed March 13, 1812. (Exeter Probate Records, vol. xi, page 406). Legatees, wife, Dorothy, Ebenezer Wallace Ball, son of the late John Ball, Mary Lang, Fanny G. Lang and Richard Lang.

Ebenezer (5) Wallace (George 4 of Epsom) married Jan. 11, 1770, Sarah McGaffey. They had children baptized at Epsom: Jane, Dec. 2, 1770; Margaret, May 31, 1772; and George, June 5, 1774. His estate was divided Sept. 10, 1804 (Exeter Probate Records, col. xxxvi., page 52) among his widow and children, Jane Morrill, Margaret Critchett, George, John, Hannah, Sarah, Elizabeth and Ebenezer Wallace.

George (5) Wallace (George 4 of Epsom) had a child Jenny baptized in Epsom, June 20, 1773. He then had wife Rachel and probably lived in Deerfield, near Epsom. He probably had a son William (see Exeter Deeds, vol. civiii., page 288) who married Sally True and had sons: Gilbert and Jacob True, the latter of whom married Rachel Fogg and settled in Northwood.

Of the family of William Wallace of Greenland, N.H., supposed to have been son of William (2). I have incomplete information, as I find no will of his on record. The following are all the Wallace items in the Greenland church records that are printed in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vols. Xxviii. And xxix.: In 1726 Martha Wallace, wife of William; in 1716 baptized Jeane Wallace, a daughter of William; in 1724 baptized Nathaniel Wallace, son of William; in 1725, baptized Martha Wallace, daughter of William; in 1729 baptized William Wallce, son of William; in 1737 baptized Abigail Wallace, daughter of Mr. William; in 1742 baptized William Wallace, son of Willliam; in 1741 baptized Joseph Wallace, son of Samuel; in 1744 baptized Abraham Wallace, son of Samuel; in 1746 baptized Nathaniel Wallace, son of Samuel; June 24, 1750 baptized Jean Wallace, daughter of George; Dec. 8, 1751 baptized John Wallace, son of William, who owned covenant.

William (3) Wallace certainly had a daughter Jane, who married, March 12, 1735-6, Mark (3) Moses (Aaron 2, John 1) and went with him to Epsom (Exeter Deeds vol. cxix., page 15), a daughter Abigail, who, Oct. 9, 1762, was wife of William Blazo of Greenland (New Hampshire Deeds, vol. xciii., page 4) and a son Joseph, who lived to maturity (Exeter Deeds, vol. cxii., page 156). I suppose he had also sons: William and Samuel, and should expect to find proof of it by through search. A William Wallace Jr., I suppose son or grandson, had wife Alice in Greenland in 1761. They were in Epsom, 1767-9 and had children baptized Jan. 1, 1779, Simeon and Jane Moses. They probably returned to Greenland. Deed mention a Samuel Wallace of Greenland as "laborer" in 1737, and as "husbandman" in 1748. He seems to have been in Barrington in 1754, when he bought land in Epsom that was deeded in 1796 by Nathaniel Wallace, his son as I suppose. Nathaniel had a wife Deborah.

An Abram Wallace of Epsom, also supposed to have been son of this Samuel, married Dec. 27, 1764, in Epsom, Hepzibah Blake. They had children baptized: Samuel, Dec. 8, 1765; Abraham, March 1, 1767; Ruth, Feb. 19, 1769; Phoebe, Jan, 26, 1772,; Mehitabel, Oct. 10, 1773. He made a will Dec. 16, 1812, allowed Jan. 21, 1818 (Exeter Probate Records, vol. xiiv, page 323) bequeathing to wife Hepzibah, sons: Abraham and James: daughters; Ruth Wallace, Phoebe Wallace, Mehetabel Cass, Sarah Towle, Hepzibah Brown and Rhoda Cass, and to son-in-law James Marden.

I believe the above can be depended on as a reliable foundation for a "Wallace Genealogy."

Boston Transcript
Additions to #992
June 10, 1907


Exeter, N.H., Probate Records vol. xxi., page 395, have a copy of the _____ Wallace (or Wallis, if it is ____ollow a spelling which the (later?) generations have abandoned) of __ N.H. It was dated March 16 __ and (prov)ed June 24, 1772. The legatees are _____ the following order: Son Samuel Wallace, son William Wallace, daughter Jane Moses (wife of Mark 3), daughter Martha Scaggel, daughter Abigail Blaisell (wife of William) and grandsons Joseph Wallace (had land in Greenland), Weymouth Wallace, Nathaniel Wallace and Furnald Wallace. Besides the above children, William Wallace had a son Joseph, to whom he had given land (Exeter Deeds, 112-156), and (wife?) Martha in 1726.

Weymouth Wallace was born in 1752, ___ Epsom, N.H., served in the Revolutionary War from May 1776, till December __ 1777; also had been wounded in the battle of Bunker Hill. He was of Sandwich, N.H., in 1820 and 1829; had children and grandchildren.

George (5) Wallace (George 4, Samuel 3, William 2, George 1) married Rachel, daughter of Philip Babb. They had children: Jennie: William, cooper, who married Sally True; John, who married May 1, 1806, Mary True and had eleven children, among them John and George of Epsom; Philip, who married Rachel Babb, and had children Alonzo, Caroline, Joseph and Clarinda.

Ebenezer () Wallace (George 4, Samuel 3, William 2, George 1) married, first, Jan. 11, 1770, Sarah McGaffey; second, March 4, 1790, Elizabeth Quimby of Deerfield. Children: Jane, born Oct. 2, 1771 married ---- Morrill; Margaret, born May 2, 1772, married (Thomas) Critchett; George, born Jan. 20, 1774. (A George Wallace married a Lydia Eastman at Epping, N.H., Sept. 25, 1797); John, born Aug. 22, 1776, tailor, died in Deerfield, N.H., in 1806, leaving widow Anna and daughter Sally; Hannah, born July 2, 1778; Sarah, born Aug. 30, 1780; Ebenezer, born Dec. 23, 1784; and Elizabeth, born March 22, 1788. All these children were living in 1894.

Ebenezer (4) Wallace (Samuel 3, William 2, George 1) married Dorothy (3) Lang (John 2, John 1). His sister Mary married Peter Ball. Spencer (5) Wallace (William 4, Samuel 3, William 2, George 1) was of Exeter, N.H. in 1790.