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Birth Records

From Old Town Books Source- the transcription of the Old Town Books at theNH Historical Society. Includes births AND other vital records for many of the Early Families of Epsom.

BIRTHS FROM TOWN RECORDS 1848-1900 Sources: ETR (Epsom Town Books). Spouses added when known and children's names added in ( ) when known but not recorded. In parts for easier downloading - files still large, so be patient. *1887-1900 from Epsom printed town reports

1848-1859..... 1860-1869..... 1870-1886..... 1887-1920*

Marriage Records

Part 1 - 1761-1877 Sources CR (Church Records, as transcribed at NH Historical Association): ECR (Epsom Congregational Church Records, as transcribed at NH Historical Association):OTR (Old Town Records from NH Archives):ETR (Epsom Town Books).

Part 2 - 1877-1920 Souce AETR (Annual Epsom Town Report)

Marriage Intentions - 1854-1900 - Copied from Epsom Town Books held at the Epsom Town Offices. Book continues through 1920 and are not included here. Broken into parts for easier loading.

1854-1869 ....1870-1889 ..... 1890-1920

Death Records

Part 1 - 1761-1850* - Main Sources are Epsom Town Records from the old town books at NH Archives as transcribed at NH Hiistorical Society; the town books at the Epsom Town Offices, and Dolbeer Death Records; cemetery records.

Part 2 - 1850 - 1877* - Main Soucres are the Dolbeer Death Records and the town books at the Epsom Town Offices

Part 3 - 1877 - 1920 - Main Sources are the town books at the Epsom Town Offices and printed annual Town Reports.

Part 4 - 1901 1920 - Individuals brought back to Epsom for interment from Epsom Town Reports.

*Spouses, maiden names and burial information added when known.

Congregational Church Death Records 1815-1824, 1831

Dolbeer Death Records - Jonathan Dolbeer was the clerk for the Epsom Congregational Church most of his life, and as such, kept a diary of deaths in Epsom. The only mention of this book was in the former "Granite Monthly" magazine in a series of articles called 'Epsom Early Settlers' (the inspiration for this website), but in turned up in the archives of the Epsom Historical Association, overlooked for many years. There are a few deaths record in the actual church records starting 1815 for a few years. The town books started to list deaths in 1850, but some years were missed. In 1887 they were printed in the town reports. John Dolbeer started his list in 1819 with just listing by year, later he added month, day and age. After he died about 1857, his nephew Calvin Dolbeer continued the work until 1874. As such, this is the only actual complete record of deaths for the town of Epsom, and I have yet to see it in error.This is transcribed in such a fashion as you will need your browsers find capabilities to search for individuals.