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Town Records

Epsom Town Charter

The town charter of 1727.

Epsom Town Records at Family

NOTE: These are images taken of the transcriptions of the original town records at the NH State Archives, and copied into newer books, and photographed by the LDS Church. They are at the website and not part of the site. They are not indexed.

VOLUME 1 town records, volumes 1-3, 1721-1827 ppgs 1-1200

VOLUME 2 town records, 1816-1860 vol. 4 and Selectmen Account Records


The Family Search website has images of the early Epsom town records. The original town books are at the NH State Archives. The State had them hand copied into new books, and those books are at the NH State Library. The LDS church microfilmed them, and the microfilms are also at the library, and these are the images now online. From them one can find the page numbers from the original town books the page numbers of the State copies. Each image contains two pages and has an image number, and of course, a web address. The downside is none of the images are indexed, and there are over 1000 pages. Among the information in these historical records are poll and agricultural information starting in 1793, and town assessments (each person's State, Town, School taxes etc.) to 1825. Below, having combed and browsed the images, are links to the images. Once you find the year you are interested in, the listings are alphabetical. This is great material that give an indication of the wealth and life style of Epsom's early inhabitants.

Poll and Agricultural Data from town records, 1793-1825 - links at


When the old Town Hall was being cleaned out several books containing the poll tax and agricultural census for Epsom were uncovered. Much of this info is also available at the NH State Archives. Some of these years were copied from the archives, the majority are from the books found at the town hall. This information will help place people in Epsom during these years

Included: Land, Value, Buildings, Mills, Carraiges, Horses, Oxen, Sheep etc. These are LARGE files.

1795 ... 1806 . 1815 .. 1825 .. 1846 .. 1847 .. 1848 .. 1850 .. 1851 .. 1852

... 1853 ... 1855 ... 1857 ... 1858 ... 1859 ... 1860 ... 1862 ... 1864 ... 1888


This book was found in the old Town Hall and is held by the Epsom Historical Association. Not sure why it was kept, though the title might give some clue - what is odd is that it lists males starting at age 18 through age 45. Why it stops at age 45 is unknown. Most entries include age, whether single or married, and occupation. Many were just in town for a year or two which makes this a great source to help track people here a short time - and to verify marital status and occupation - a great looking glass on the town from 1870-1883 plus 1887-1889 (and with no 1890 census, a great addition to the 1893 checklist). Nearly 500 entries, broken down by last letter of SURNAME. Click the letter below: (NOTE: SOME BROWSERS SEE ONLY TO 1887)


.....R....S ...T.....U.....V.....W.....X.....Y.....Z.....

1828 Tax Records - Transcription of the 1828 Tax Records for Epsom, including resident and non-resident. Resident includes local, school and state tax. Non-resident info includes acres, range and lot number along with tax amount. Also included is the proportion of taxes given to the 7 school districts, as well as names of those who worked on the turnpike. [view original document]

1893 Checklist -A checklist of the registered voters in Epsom for the year 1893, donated to the Historical Association by the Garland Family. With the absense of an 1890 census, this becomes a useful list.

EPSOM FIRE LOG - 1891-1931 A record of fires in the town of Epsom covering 40 years with date, type, owner and remarks.