Past Programs

Epsom Historical Association

September 2006 Meeting


The Epsom Historical Association scheduled its September meeting to be held at the McClary Cemetery, but inclement weather forced the gathering to take place at the old Epsom Town Hall. The program "History of the McClary Cemetery and the early settlers of Epsom Center" included a talk with slide images. The program focused on the McClary Cemetery as the 'old burying ground' through about 1940. The program continually linked the activities and growth of Epsom Center with that of the cemetery as it evolved from the burying ground to the McClary Cemetery as we know it today. Mentioned in the talk were some of those buried in the cemetery, including Deacon Ephraim Locke, Honorable John McClary, Martha Jenness and Lieutenant and minuteman Jonathan Curtis. Among the revelations were the mention of the McClary Cemetery Corporation, and the actual first meetinghouse which predated that built in 1764. Photos included many of the old homes that still and formerly stood on Center Hill. Phil Yeaton provided cider and donuts at the conclusion of the meeting. Officers for the next year were approved, and thus remain the same as this past year.