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Epsom Historical Association


November Meeting 2008

The Lost Art of Making Shoes

“The Lost Art of Making Shoes”
Bruce Graham is a local craftsman who has revived the once common art of making shoes the time honored way of one at a time. Bruce demonstrated the process step by step including materials, tools, shaping, styles and many other aspects of the trade. Bruce’s presentation was interesting and entertaining and included a powerpoint presentation about shoemaking in Epsom. Penny Graham assisted in the presentation. Election of officers and a business meeting preceded the meeting which was held at the old Epsom Town Hall. The forty people in attendance enjoyed refreshments following the program.

Bruce Graham presents his program on early shoe making

Members of the Epsom Historical Association

Members of the Epsom Historical Association

Dick Frambach brings everyone up to date on work on the old meetinghouse (shown below newly painted, shingled and closed in)

Ed Nutter presents Nominating Committee Report

Harvey Harkness, outgoing President.

The Epsom Historical Association recoginized several members for service. They included (as pictured above) Elsie Fife, for ten years as secretary; Philip S.Yeaton as Vice President; Charles Yeaton as Program Chariman; Carleton Rand for outstanding participation and past president; and Harvey Harkness for serving as president the last five years. All fiive, plus Ed Nutter, have agreed to serve on the newly formed Advisory Board to continue to guide the Historical Association.