The Epsom Cemetery Book is available for download in two parts. The first is the index, the second, gravestone inscriptions. Adobe pdf format.


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List of Cemeteries in Epsom, New Hampshire, as numbered in the Epsom Cemetery Book.

No. 1 Marden Cemetery, Rte. 28 north. just beyond rotary

No. 2 Prescott Cemetery, Chichester Road - No longer in existence

No. 3 Short Falls [Epsom]Cemetery, corner of Rte. 28 and Short Falls Road

No. 4 Fowler-Lovejoy Cemetery, on Martin Hill Road, off Drolet Road

No. 5 Yeaton Cemetery, Black Hall Road, across the road from Fifes

No. 6 Poor Farm Cemetery, Black Hall Road, on small knoll before Bob Cutters.

No. 7 Bickford Cemetery, River Road, Short Falls

No. 8 James Sherburne Cemetery Cemetery, Gossville, on property of Al Bickford.

No. 9 Stephen Rand Cemetery, Gossville, across from Patterson (former Stevens) home.

No. 10 Joseph Sherburne Cemetery, New Orchard Road, in Kimball field.

No. 11 McClary - Epsom Center, Center Hill Road

No. 12 Brown-Wallace Cemetery, Sanborn Hill Road, New Rye off Swamp Road.

No. 13 Brackett - Libbey Cemetery, Mountain Road, New Rye off Swamp Road.

No. 14 Robinson Cemetery, Mt. Delight Road. past Red School House on right.

No. 15 Red School House Cemetery, corner of Moutain and Mt. Delight Roads

No. 16 Lear Cemetery, just on Epsom/Allenstown line behind home of Alan LaFleur

No. 17 Brown-Davis Cemetery, New Rye Road before Allenstown line.

No. 18 Wells-Brown Cemetery, New Rye - in field behind Brian and Sherry Pattillo.

No. 19 Cass Cemetery, New Rye, on property of Harvey Harkness

No. 20 Haines Cem., New Rye - between fields of Keeler (old Nash property) and Harvey Harkness.

No. 21 New Rye Cemetery, on New Rye Road across from Congregational Church.

No. 22 Gossville Cemetery [Hopkinson], between R.R. & Chichester [Goboro} Road

No. 23 Marden Cemetery # 2 ,Rte. 28 south just beyond rotary behind Tim's Used trucks

No. 24 Mountain Road Cemetery, Mountain Road near home of Gordon Ellis

No. 25 Locke Cemetery, Locke Hill Rd. off of New Orchard Road, just past Reid home.

No. 26 Knowles Cemetery, New Orchard Road

No. 27 Tripp Cemetery, Short Falls - in field behind old Tripp/Fowler (Mickey Yeaton) home

No. 28 Granny Howe Cemetery, Granny Howe Road

A Dowst Cemetery, Allenstown, past Wells Corner, New Rye

B Rand Cemetery, Deerfield, N.H. [Route 107]

No. 29 Brown Cemetery, North Road

No. 30 Yeaton Cemetery # 2, North Road, near John P. Yeaton home

No. 31 Perkins Philbrick Cemetery, North Road, behind barns across from old Phlbrick cape.

No. 32 Wallace Cemetery, Colby Road, behind Colby House on a small hill.

No. 33 Cate Cemetery, East side of New Orchard Road at top hill across from old Merrill home.

No. 34 Barton-Philbrick Cemetery, behind home of David Barton on Barton Road (off North Rd.)

No. 35 Philbrick Cemetery # 2, on Barton Road near home of Charles Davis (old Eunice Barton).

No. 36 Brown Cemetery # 2, on Barton Rd across from former Kenneth Barton home.

No. 37 Yeaton/Brown Cemetery, East side of Black Hall Road next to the Moore House

No. 38 Wiggin Cemetery, in field beside the Marden home just before Chichester Line, Route 4

No. 39 Dickey Cemetery on Swamp Rd. in corner of Bosiak field, just after Parker home

No. 40 Doe Cemetery, Goboro Road

No. 41 Tarlton Cemetery, Tarleton Road

No. 42 Rowell Cemetery, behind the home of Richard Harkness

No. 43 Nathaniel Sherburne Cemetery, New Orchard Rd. behind former G. Dowst home (Carlson)

No. 44 Old Wallace Burying Ground, Old Mountain Road, New Rye, Corner of Cass field.