Home Lot # 19

Jedediah Weeks was the original proprietor of this home-lot. One half of the lot was sold in 1741 to the emigrant Andrew McClary. Weeks sold the other half to Nathaniel Huggins of Greenland, who sold it to Samuel Wallace of Greenland in 1737, who sold it to Andrew McClary in a deed of 1747 - the property being called the ‘easterly’ half. His son John built a home on this lot in 1741 which remains today, the oldest structure in Epsom. Andrew sold to his son John both lots 19 and 20 in 1747.

John McClary married Elizabeth Harvey and had one male heir, Michael McClary, who inherited the house and property. Through both father and son, this homestead was well known, being frequented by most of the influential men in New Hampshire. It was here the Society of Cincinnatus was formed. A well-detailed history of the house was published in the Manchester Union Leader in 1893. Michael McClary died in 1824, and the homestead went to Jonathan Steele who married in 1819 Elizabeth Harvey McClary, daughter of Michael McClary and Sarah Dearborn. The next family member was Michael McClary Steele (son of Jonathan and Elizabeth Steele) who was the owner at the time of the Union Leader article. He died in 1906, and then the homestead went to his daughter Helen Burden Steele Barstow. The family continued ownership until 2006.


35-311 April 29, 1737
Nathaniel Huggins of Greenland, joiner to Samuel Wallis of Greenland, laborer,
Land in Epsom, 40 acres, that is to say one half of my 50 acre lot I bought of Jedediah Weeks of Greenland, it being Number 19 of ye lots granted to twenty men for settlement – ye easterly side of said lot adjacent to William Mardin’s lot 25 rods in width and 160 rods in length as it is, and 15 acres more not yet divided and drawn for which when ye proprietors of said town of Epsom shall accomplish, ye then Samuel Wallis shall enjoy as his property. – Nathanial Huggins, Jr.

25-314 April 30, 1741
Jedediah Weeks of Greenland, yeoman to Andrew McClary of Epsom, yeoman,
One half of my 50 acres lot granted to me in said town of Epsom being ye 19th lot in number as it was laid out to me, bounded South easterly by ye other half of said lot now in possession of Samuel Wallis Jr., and northwesterly by land of James Marden and fronting by ye street and 160 rods in length and containing about 25 acres, and 15 acres of land more in said town not yet drawn. – Jedajah (Jedediah) Weeks

35-313 February 27, 1747
Samuel Wallis of Greenland, laborer, to Andrew McClary of Nottingham, yeoman,
Land in Epsom containing 40 acres, that is to say the one half of the 50 acre lot which I Samuel Wallis bought of Nathaniel Huggins of Greenland, said lot being in Number 19, one of the lots granted to the twenty men for settlement, and being the easterly side of said lot adjacent to William Marden’s lot, so called, 25 rods in width and 160 rods in length together with 15 acres being half of the 30 acres lot not yet drawn for which should belong to Jedediah Weeks, his right as one of the settlers of said farm. – Samuel (his mark) Wallis

35-314 March 7, 1747
Andrew McClary of Nottingham, Innholder, to John McClary of Nottingham, husbandman,
A parcel of land in Epsom containing 100 acres, it being the whole of the lots numbered 19 and 20 of the lots laid out for the settlers of said town, bounded as by the records of said town may appear, excepting only 5 acres off the southeasterly side of said 20th lot. – Andrew McClery


(M) 151-236 September 16, 1858
Charles A. Steele of Epsom, yeoman to Michael M. Steele of Epsom,
All my right in and to a certain tract of land in Epsom being a part of the homestead farm of Jonathan Steele, late of said Epsom, deceased, being an undivided half of said homestead farm in common and undivided with Elizabeth H. Steele and being all the real estate the said Jonathan Steele owned in said Epsom at the time of his decease, meaning to convey by this deed all my title in the farm aforesaid as heir at law of my late father Jonathan Steele. – Charles A. Steele

(M) 491-415 September 7, 1927
Helen S. Barstow of Epsom to Katharine B. Berry of Arlington, MA
A tract of land with the buildings thereon in Epsom, known as the McClary Home, bounded on the north of the road from Slab City to Deerfield; on the east by the land of John Griffn; on the south by land of Hollis Hall; and on the west by Mrs. Helen Carter’s land; said tract containing 100 acres. Being the property inherited by said Helen S. Barstow from the estate of Michael McClary Steele, late of Epsom, who died in 1906 and whose estate was probated in Merrimack County. Together with such furniture in said premises as had been agreed upon; including a mahogany dining table formerly loaned by said grantor to said grantee. – Helen S. Barstow

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PHOTO: The John McClary Home