of John Crockett Yeaton, dating from 1886.

Inside Cover

Anna G. Veasey

C.C. Currier

E. Georgia Bachelder

Ethel Gertrude Brown

Effie G. Osborne

Edith G. Stevens

F.B. Randall

Brother, George H. Yeaton

Henry D. Lewis

Jospehine B. Shaw

Lillian L. Merrill

Lizzie H. Yeaton

Nellie May Hussey

Olive E. Sanborn

Sarah R. Nutting

John C. Yeaton signs his book in the front.

Augusta M. Sargent

Arthur Weldon

Dr. C.T. Crosby

Edith G. Batchelder

Ernest W. Fernald

Brother - Edwin R. Yeaton

Wife of Edwin, Ella M. Yeaton

W. Frank Lewis

Sister, Helen E.P. Yeaton

Lufie R. Hayward

Isabel Tilton

Myrtie E. Stevens

Olive E. Freese

Ruth M. McGowan

Winifred M. Brown