Jeremiah G. Marden and son Henry


"Jeremiah Marden & his son Henry were born in the town of Epsom and were soldiers in the civil war from 1861 to 1866 They moved to the west sometime before the rebellion broke out and were following the pursuits of farming, and when the President called for Volunteers to defend the old flag and save the country, they Volunteered their services. It is impossible to ascertain the dates of their birth or the dates of their enlistments. They both served in the Western regiment and it was the wish of relatives in Epsom that their names be inscribed in this book as the sons of Epsom who did their part in helping defend the Stars and Stripes to perpetuate the Union."

Jeremiah Gorden Marden was the son of William Marden and Margaret Bickford, born about 1816. He married Nancy W. Marden, daughter of Woodbury Marden. He and his wife were dismissed from Epsom Church Mar. 26, 1858 to move to Sextonville, Wisconsin. Their son Henry was born about 1842 and married Elsie Ann Burnham, September 13, 1861 in Wisconsin.

From the Lone Star Historical Society in Wisconsn:

Jeremiah Gordon joined the 6th Wisconsin Light Artillery from Sextonville on December 29, 1863. He died of disease on May 18, 1865 at Chattanooga, Tenn. Our Sauk County Historical Society has in it's possession original documents belonging to the 6th Wisconsin. I found that Jeremiah applied for furlough on January 16, 1865 "respectfully request that it be granted for the reason that I have had no furlough for more than one year and my immediate presence is required at home to arrange my private affairs." On the reverse side is a handwritten note stating that he was "liable this month for foreclosure of his farm, had a chance to sell part of it in order to make provisions for his wife and children." Another document is for a transportation voucher for Jeremiah from Madison, Wis. to Louisville, Ky. on March 16, 1865. The "Artilleryman's Diary" written by Jenkin Lloyd Jones of the 6th Wisconsin states that on May 21, 1865 he went to a National Cemetery and looked for "poor Uncle Marden" but could not find his name. The Richland County Cemetery records show that Jeremiah Gordon is buried in the Willow Valley Cemetery, in Richland County, Wisconsin. "J.G. Marden died 18 May 1865 age 49y 6m 16d Wis Vol Battery at Chattanooga Tenn. Buried next to him is N.W. d 7 Nov. 1872 age 52, 2m 6d (his wife Nancy)
Henry Marden enlisted as a Private on 14 Aug 1862 and mustered out on 7 June 1865 in Crystal Springs, MD. Henry and his wife Eliza, along with Henry's sister Alice, and three children are listed in the 1880 Westminster, Los Angeles, California census. Henry served with the 25th Wisconsin Infantry, Company B.










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