Andrew McGaffey

Exeter Jan 23, 1782 - These certify that Lt. Andrew McGaffey, late of the 3rd New Hampshire Regiment of Continental Troops, was a Sergeant in my Company in the year 1775 and received a wound in his left side in the action at Benker Hill, which fractured his ribs and was for several days thought mortal, but his wound was afterwards healed and he was appointed Lieutenant in the 3rd New Hampshire Regiment and served two campaigns, in which time he was a considerable time unfit for duty by reason of the wound above mentioned having broke out anew, he has since left the service in the manner set forth in his petition, and he is now considered as discharged from the service, although he has not a regular discharge from the commander in chief - H. Dearborn, Lt. Col.
This may certify that Lieut Andrew McGaffey, now of Sandwich, being a Sergeant in Capt. Henry Dearborn's Company, Col. Stark's Regiment in the year 1775, was wounded in the action of the 17th day of June with a shot from a musket which passed the trunk of his body through the coster and discharged by the vertebrae of the back, was under my immediate care for a number of months. - O. Williams, Regt. Surgeon. Dated at Epsom July 18th, 1782
Extract of a vote of the General Court Sept. 14, 1782 - That Lt. Andrew McGaffee be allowed one third part of his monthly pay to commence at the time his pay as an officer in actual service ceased and to continue during the pleasure of the General Court and that he be enrolled as an Invalid Pensioner accordingly.
Appears in the record of Town returns, Andrew McGaffey (or the other Andrew McGaffey)
This may certify that the above mentioned soldier (Andrew McGaffey) was in actual service in the Continental Army for the town of Epsom, aforesaid, December 26, 1780, as witness my hand - Neal McGaffey, Ensign, 2nd New Hampshire Regiment - Epsom, March 29, 1781, John Casey, Benjamin Goodwin, Thomas Babb, Selectmen for Epsom.
A list of pensioners for the State of New Hampshire 1785 - Lieut. Andrew McGaffey, one third of monthly pay, paid up to Nov. 1, 1784

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