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Suncook Valley #1, at Epsom.
Short Falls Depot
(1905) Boston & Maine Railroad Depot at Short Falls.
Suncook Valley Railroad - Blueberry Special at Short Falls. Old Short Falls store (Wendler's) at right.
Blueberry Special at Short Falls. Old Creamery on left.
(December 15, 1952) Last Suncook Valley train before the railroad was embargoed. Helen Lombard, back to, with mail bag. Anna Yeaton watching from side. On December 20th, the last trail hauled out all the cars that had been "trapped" on the railroad. The hopper in the photo in the LV #17905, bound for Concord.
(1906) Epsom Station - Thomas and Caroline Carr. He was the Station Agent.
Merrimack Farmers Exchange Inc. This was the former Epsom Freighthouse.
Looking north from Short Falls Depot. Cider Brook Golf Course on the right (Stephen Lombards)
Odd Fellows' Hall and Short Falls Station
Epsom Station
Boston and Maine Short Falls Station
Blueberry Special coming into Epsom
Odd Fellows' Hall at Short Falls. Railroad crossing sign and tracks in foreground.
(1936) Epsom Railroad Station
Blueberry Special off the tracks - Ed Stapleton views site
Hank Dowst viewing Blueberry Special off the track.
Work on the Blueberry Special
B&M #1025 - the Blueberry Special
Helen Lombard picking up the mail at the Short Falls station.
Blueberry Special roars into town. Short Falls station - winter
(around 1910) Epsom Station. The freighthouse (left side of the photo) would become the Merrimack Farmers Exchange.
Odd Fellows' Hall and Short Falls Depot
(1934 or 1935) Odd Fellows' Hall at Short Falls.
Epsom Railroad Station
Epsom Milk Shed
(November 4, 1934) Mixed train hauling building equipment for RT 28-Alton, passes the Epsom Station (Lawrence B. Walker)
(1930's) From notes of Benjamin M. Towle on Goboro Road: The Water Tank house was built by the railroad and housed large quantities of wood for running the train. The Marston house just beyond was bought by the railroad. The railroad company built the carriage road on the backside of the Marston house. The tracks were in front and the Marston house was used as a station before the present station was built. The newer depot is out of the picture to the left. The shed in the foreground is former Manchester & Lawrence boxcar #75.
Bickford and Huckins truck loading lumber on the Suncook Valley Railroad at the Gossville Station.
(about 1906) Epsom Station
Short Falls Train Photos, the B&M #1025 was on loan while the Blueberry Special was under repair. The Blueberry Special was Engine #1.
Derailment, B&M 1025
Derailment, B&M 1025
Ed Stapleton viewing train
Derailment, B&M 1025
B&M 1025's tender. Engineer's side.
Rerailing the B&M 1025's drivers.
B&M 1025's tender. Fireman's side.
Close up of the fireman's side lead driver
Trackcar #726. Old car working on the railroad tracks. Front view.
Old car working on the railroad tracks. Driver's side.
Old car working on the railroad tracks. Driver's side.
A portion of B&M railroad tracks in Epsom.

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