Names of the Scholars of our School

Some may wish to know the names of those who attend this Institute. So, in rhime I'll try to tell the same. Though of Poets bright wit I am destitute of Andrews there is one Ella; Browns six George E., Harriet and Laura, Sarah and John C. with Charles Albert we think these enough. Though it leaves room for Ancel whose surname is Clough. Elva Cass, Wyman and Albert. Anna Chapman. A Charles, Claraett, who is twelve years old they say. And then these are Does, James Amos and Walter, with Mary Abby Fife, who we think never will falter.
Sarah Dolbeer and Alonso who we may well call the squire, next Haynes Mary Jane and grave Jeremiah; then Lewis Healey and Thomas A. Lear with Flora and Nancy who seldom are here, then Calvin; and Susan A. Straw and James S, next comes the Sanders, Mary Anna the less, next Woodman John P., and Mary E. Wells, while Philbricks the number to 34 swells.

[If Clara Etta Chapman, born 1846 is age 12, that would put this school class about the year 1858. The families are New Rye, so that is most likely the New Rye School District No. 9]

Based on the above, the students are the following.
Ella Andrews
George E. Brown
Harriet Brown
Laura Brown
Sarah Brown
John Calvin Brown
Charles Albert Brown
Ansel Clough
Elva Azilla Cass
William Wyman Cass
Albert S. Cass
Annie M. Chapman
Clara Etta Chapman
Charles Chapman
James Doe
Amos Doe
Walter Doe
Mary Abby Fife
Sarah Dolbeer
Alonzo Dolbeer
Mary Jane Haynes
Jeremiah Haynes
Lewis Healey
Thomas Alvin Lear
Flora Ann Lear
Nancy Davis Lear
Josiah Calvin Lear
Susan A. Straw
James S. Straw
Mary Ann Sanders
John P. Woodman
Mary E. Wells
And Philbricks, Julia Irene and Annie B. Philbrick making 34.