Rev. Arthur Caverno

Epsom's First Free Will Baptist Minister

Baptisms, Marriages and Funerals from his diary

The original diary is housed at the New England Historic Genealogy Society in Boston, Mass. Epsom portions were photocopied for the Epsom Historical Association.


In Epsom July 4, 1824
Elizabeth Marden, Lydia Marden, Eliza Robinson.

In Epsom Sept. 12th 1824
Joshua Haines, Samuel Green, John Tripp, Daniel P. Cilley, Hiram Parker, Marie Lawrence, Sarah Parker, Nancy Green, Polly Green, Sarah Tripp, Elizabeth Lamper, Anna Clark.

October 10th 1824
Richard Worth, John Worth, James Worth, Fanny Wiggins, Adaline Dolloff, Sarah Bickford, Jonathan Marden and Mary Mann.

Oct. 12, 1824
Samuel Fowler, Love Elliott, Eleanor Dickey, Hannah Bickford and Jane Bickford.

Oct. 17th 1824
Samuel Wells, William Fowler and Martha Philbrook.

Oct. 31
Eliza Bickford

Dec. 25th
James McCutcheon and wife.

May 1st, 1825
Jacob Wallace and Ann McDaniels.

July 24th
Elizabeth Shepherd

Aug. 28th 1825
Elizabeth Chesley, Rachel Wallace, Emma Wallace and Mary Osgood.

June 3, 1827
Mary Grant

October 21st
Mrs. Olive H. Caverno (my beloved wife)

Aug. 10th 1828
Mrs. Comfort Tarlton, wife of Wm. Tarlton


In Epsom, March 23rd, 1825
Mr. Simeon Philbrick of Allenstown and Miss Olive Bickford of the former place. $1.00

In Epsom, July 28th 1825
Mr. Nehemiah Chase of Pittsfield to Miss Judith James of Northwood. $1.00

In Epsom, Nov. 3rd, 1825
Mr. Samuel Wells Jr. and Miss Eleanor Dickey, both of said town. $1.00

In Epsom, Nov. 24th, 1825
Mr. Isaac Dowst and Miss Sally Robinson, both of Epsom. $3.00

In Epsom January 12th, 1826
Mr. Jonathan Jenness of Loudon and Miss Martha Philbrick of the former place. $1.00

In Epsom, Aug. 3rd, 1826
Mr. John C. Ross of Fort Constitution (N.H.) and Miss Elizabeth Pettingill of the former place. $.50 cts

In Epsom, Sept. 27th, 1826
Mr. Douglas M. Heath and Miss Rebecca F. Currier, both of said town. $1.00

In Epsom, Nov. 16th, 1826
Mr. Samuel Goss and Mrs. Elizabeth Cochran, both of said town. $1.00

In Epsom, Jan. 9th, 1827
Mr. Samuel Davis of said town and Mrs. Betsey George of Concord. $1.00

In Epsom, Jan. 11th, 1827
Mr. Stephen Avery of Strafford and Miss Ann McDaniel of the former place. $5 Francs

In Epsom, Feb. 8th, 1827
Mr. Bradbury Cilley and Miss Mary Smith, the latter formerly of Deerfield. $1.00

In Epsom, March 19th, 1827
Mr. Asa Prescott and Miss Sophronia Bunker. $1.00

In Epsom, April 5th, 1827
Mr. Samuel Hoag of Epping and Miss Hannah B. Philbrick of the former place. $2.00

In Epsom, May 16th, 1827
Mr. John Goss and Miss Eliza Wallace, both of Epsom. $1 Crown


In Epsom 1826
Jan. 16
Emma Wallace
Washington Marden

Jan. 26
Mrs. Ann Davis, wife of Samuel D.

Jan. 31
Jonathan Brackett

Feb. 7
Sally Robinson
Nancy Sherburne
Lavina, a child of Benjamin Bickford

March 2
John Robinson

March 13
Wid. Abigail Fowler

April 16
Ebenezer Brackett

April 19
James Robinson

May 18
Sarah Prescott

May 29
A child of Amos Davis

Sept. 17
Mary Jane Tarlton

Oct. 7
A child of Reuben Sanborn

Nov. 27
Mrs. Martha Jenness

Sept. 12
Mrs. John Grant

Oct. 20
Mr. A. Prescott