Epsom Free Will Baptist Church Members 1824- 1845

A list of original members of the Epsom Free Will Baptist Church was kept in the front of its Monthly Meeting records starting July 1, 1824. The list was revised in 1845, and that list appears later in the records.


Arthur Caverno dismissed
Nathan Bickford
Daniel Philbrook
Ephraim Locke
Joshua Haines
Hiram Parker (Rejected)
John Tripp (dismissed)
Samuel Green
Daniel P. Cilley (Dismissed)
Richard Worth (excom")
John Worth letter
James Worth Dismissed
Jonathan Marden Rejected
Thomas Bickford
Samuel Fowler
William Fowler (Rejected)
Samuel Wells
Samuel Johnson (Rejected)
James McCutcheon
Jacob Wallace (Deerfield) (Rejected)
George Grant
John Grant Disowned Jany 1834
John Wallis
Samuel Wells (excom
Amos Prescott
Caleb Durgin (Letter)
John Griffin
John Burnham
Jeremiah Burnham
Samuel Worth
Thomas Tripp
John Yeaton 3rd
Joseph Emerson
Wm. Abbott jr
James Wiggin
Ephraim Locke Jr.

Jonathan Knowles
Died July 23, 1847
George Sanders
James L. Prescot
Francis Knowles
Ayers Knowles
Wm. Johnson
David Brown
Samuel Knowles (Letter 1844)
Wm. Manson
Wm. Sanders
Joseph Brown
Joseph Ames
Daniel Lock
Samuel W. Johnson (Letter 1844)
Merrill Robinson (dismissed?)
John Drew (Letter 1842)
G. P. Ramsey by letter
Daniel Clough by bapt
Simeon Sanders
Wm Bracket bapt
Michael M. Libbey July 9, 1842? By letter
James Bracket by baptism died January 2, 1845
A.D. Swain bap

James Marden
Nathan Marden
Charles Gordon
John Burnham Jr.
Jeremiah Burnham dismissed
Mar. 5, 1843 by bapt
L Geo Young
By baptism

[ Ed. Note: End of list by gender]

Sally Worth
Sally Grant
Sally Wiggin
Margaret Knowles
Emaline Grant
Melinda Chapman
Elizabeth Johnson letter 1841?
Fanny Brown
Olive S. Knowles let 1843
Semima ? H. Johnson a letter 1844
Nancy Abbott
Mary Sanders
Louisa C. Manson
Rachel Sanders
Dorcas Marden
Mary Jane Marden let 1842
Harriet Ames
Abigail Wood
Sarah V. Locke
Mehitable Locke deceased ? 1842
Betsey Philbrick
Tamson? Buncker? died

Lucretia Tarlton
Mary Marden died Apr 1839
Elizabeth Currier
Sally Osgood died
Elizabeth Marden
Lydia Marden
Eliza Robinson
Mehitabel Johnson
Nancy Marden
Marie Lawrence (Rejected)July 1824
Sarah Parker (Rejected)
Betsey Lamper (Died)
Nancy Green
Polley Green (Died July ?? 183?)
Anna Clark Letter
Sarah Tripp
Aadaline Dollar (Disowned
Fanny Wiggins
Mary Mann (Letter)
Hannah Bickford (??)
Jane Bickford (Dismissed)
Sarah Bickford (??)
Eleanor Dickey (now Wells) Died
Martha Philbrook
Love Eliott (Dismissed
Deborah Locke (Died)
Eliza Bickford
Elizabeth Fowler (Deceased)
Olive Locke
Hannah McCutcheon (Dead 184?)
Catharine Johnson
Ann Mack Daniels (Rejected)
Elizabeth Chesley (Died)
Elizabeth Shepherd (Dismissed)
Rachel Wallace dismissed
Emma Wallace (deceased)

Mary Osgood dismissed
Sarah Ann Blaisdell
Mary Grant (Died July the 1 1829)
Olive Caverno dismissed
Comfort Tarlton died ??
Eunice Emerson died
Sarah Kiniston dismissed
Eliza Locke
Mary Locke
Dolley Grant died Dec. 184?
Molley Locke
Hannah Flower excom?
Lydia Prescott
Betsey Burnham
Sally Burnham
Mary Jane Gorden
Sarah Dolloff dead
Mary Tripp
Harriet McCutcheon
Hannah Critchett now Lovejoy
Abigail Brown Rej
Sally Yeaton
Betsey Locke dead
Sally Goss (letter)
Paggy Lock
Abigail Philbrick
Sally Locke letter
Susan F. Goss (letter)
Joanna Maxfield Carpenter
Eleanor Young
Susan Fowler received 1844 a letter of dismissal
Sally Towle
Betsey Fowler Letter July 1834?
Mercy Bickford
Patty How
Ruth Philbrick dismissed
Polly Philbrick letter 1840
Hannah Marden
Eunice How Letter 183?
Hannah Cilley

Mary Heavey ? letter
Mary Rand diss 184? ??
Mary Green
Abigail Healey
Sarah S. Lock
Judith Marden
Hannah Diens? Letter 1842
Mehitable Clough letter
V.G. Ramsey bap
Caroline Sanders let.
Harriet Brown bap
Betsey C. Bracket bap
Betsey E eaton?
July 9 by letter Mary Libbey
July 10 by baptism Martha Libbey
Delia G. Prescott
? 14 by baptism
Sally Robinson
Dec. 4 by bap

Lucinda Fowler bapt
Mary Critchet bap
Harriet Tripp bapt
Martha Hall bapt
Sophronia Prescott bapt
Lucretia Yeaton bapt
Elisabeth ? Emerson bapt
Lucinda Wadleigh by letter