Recorded July ye 8th 1773

Eliphalet Sanborn and Wife and thair Children

Eliphalet Sanborn Born the 19 Day of July 1730

Margaret Sanborn Born march ye 13th 1744


Josiah Sanborn Born october ye 4 in the year 1763

Lydia Sanborn Born December ye 24th in the year 1765

Rachel Sanborn Born aprel ye 3d in the year 1768

William Sanborn Was Born July ye 6th in the year 1770

Andrew Sanborn Was Born febury ye 17th in the year 1773

Margaret Sanborn Born may 22d 1775

Jeane (Jane) McClary Sanborn february ye 24 1778

Simon Sanborn was Born June the first 1780

Caleb Sanborn born Decr 3d 1782

Eliphalet Sanborn Junr Born march 4th 1790


The Children of Josiah & Anna Lock Sandborn (Sanborn){all seen Sandborn}

Frederick Sanborn born October 28th 1789

James Sanborn born November 14th 1791

Nancy Sanborn born November 28th 1793

Rachel Sanborn born January 3d 1796

Hannah Sanborn born Febry 8th 1798

Josiah Sanborn born May 3d 1800


recorded by Michl McClary Town Clk

The Children of Moses & Sarah Sandborn (Sanborn){all seen Sandborn}

Sarah Sanborn Born August 21st 1780

Simon Sanborn Born July 21st 1782

Ebenezer Sanborn Born October 10th 1784

Polly Sanborn Born Septr 24th 1787

Joseph Sanborn Born July 9th 1789