Children of Daniel & Ruth Philbrick

Daniel Philbrick born September 4th 1753

Ruth Philbrick born October 3d 1756

Margaret Philbrick born Jany 22d 1780

Hannah Phibrick born October 26th 1781

Rachel Philbrick born June 27th 1783

Abigail Philbrick born Jany 4th 1785

Daniel Philbrick Junr born October 17th 1786

Ruth Philbrick born Septr 4t 1788

Molley Philbrick born June 26th 1790

John Philbrick born March 8th 1792 deceased

Betty Philbrick born Septr 6th 1793

John Philbrick Junr born Jany 28th 1796

David Phibrick born August 19th 1797


Recorded January 22, 1824 by Michael McClary, Town Clerk.

The Children of Daniel Philbrick 3rd & Polly his Wife

Abigail Philbrick Born November 5th 1809

Ruth Philbrick Born November 22nd 1811

Mary Philbrick Born November 27th 1813

Asenath Philbrick Born September 3rd 1816

Abigail Philbrick Born November 26th 1818

Betsey Philbrick Born February 16th 1821

David M. Philbrick Born August 26th 1823