Recorded Feb. 21st 1814 by Saml Morrill, Town Clerk

Isaac Osgood born April 2nd 1779

Betsy Osgood Wife of Isaac Osgood born August 15th 1775

The Children of Isaac & Betsy Osgood

Polly Osgood Born January 21st 1803

Joseph H. Osgood Born Novr 6, 1805

Elisabeth Osgood Born August 16 1808

Polly Osgood Born Decr 29th 1810

Abraham Osgood Born May 29th 1813

Polly Osgood and Joseph H. Osgood Died August 23rd 1808

Catherine J. Osgood Born April 10th 1817 And Died the 13th March 1818


The Children of Moses & Mary Osgood {1st wife}

Lydia Osgood Born October 18th 1774

Deborah Osgood Born July 20th 1777

Isaac Osgood Born August 14th 1779

Elisabeth Osgood Born Septr 11th 1782

Mary Osgood Born January 14th 1786

David Osgood Born June 6th 1788 - deceas'd May 4th 1789

The Children of Moses & Rachel Osgood {2nd wife}

David Osgood Born March 12th 1792

Peggy Osgood born March 7th 1794


Children of Lieut. Samuel Osgood

Isaac Osgood Son to Lieut. Samuel Osgood Born April 2nd 1779

Lidia (Lydia) Osgood Daughter to Saml Osgood born Septr 25th 1781

Hannah Osgood Daughter to Saml Osgood born 23d February 1784

Sarah Osgood Daughter to Samuel Osgood born September 16th 1786

recorded by Michl McClary Town Clerk


Recorded Septr 3d 1793 by M. McClary Town Clerk

Elenor Osgood Wife of Samuel Osgood deceased August 23d 1793 in the 51 year of her age


Recorded August 31, 1808 by Saml Morril Town Clerk

Elisabeth Osgood Wife of Samuel Osgood deceased April 5th 1808 in the 67 year of her age

Samuel Osgood Jnr son of Samuel Osgood deceased September 24th 1808 in the 32nd Year of his Age