Recorded by Michl McClary, T.C

The Children of Amos & Margaret Morrill

Mary Morrill Born April 4th 1769

Hannah Morrill Born October 29th 1770

Theophilus Morrill Born March 1st 1775

Amos Morrill Born Cer 13th 1778

William Morrill Born Septr 12th 1782

Jeremiah Morrill Born Feby 23d 1785


Recorded by Saml Morrill Town Clerk

Samuel Morral (Morrill) Son of Samuel Morrill and Ann his wife

Born July 12th 1779


Recorded Jany 27th 1809 by S. Morril, T. Clk. {spelled Morril throughout}

The Children of Saml Morrill & Elisabeth his Wife

Anna Maria Morrill Born June 30th 1803

Sarah Kimball Morrill Born June 5th 1805

Elizabeth Jane Morrill Born Novr 8th 1807

Clarissa Parker Morrill Born Jany 16th 1810

Hannah Dana Morrill Born April 10th 1812

Samuel Lawrence Morrill Born August 5, 1814

Samuel Lawrence Morrill Died July 29th 1816 about 12 o'clock at Night

Priscilla Hazen Morrill Born June 25th 1817