Nathan Marden Born in the year 1721 on Novm 15th old stile

Susanna his wife Born august 23rd 1725

Married october 6th 1743

There childrens Ages -

Sarah Marden was born Novmr 24th 1744 old stile

James Marden was born Novmr 2th 1746 old stile

Lucy Marden was born Novmr 27th 1748 old stile and departed this Life octo 30 1752 in the fourth year of her age

one born June 13th 1751 and departed this Life the same day old stile

Judath (Judith) Marden was born June 13th 1752

Nathan Marden was born Sept 25th 1754 New Stile

there (their) grand Childrens ages
(children of) Ithiel Cleford (Clifford) and Sarah Marden his wife {all spelled Cleford)
Lucy Clifford born october 12th 1766
Sarah Clifford born January 26th 1768
James Clifford born March 31th 1769
Nathan Marden Clifford born March 25 1770

John Clifford born august 15th 1772

(children of) James Marden and Sarah his wife
Mary Marden born february 1th 1769
Susanna Marden born September 17th 1770

John Marden born September 6th 1772


Recorded by Michl McClary TC

The Children of Nathan Marden Junr & Sarah Marden

Edward Edmunds Marden Born October 1st 1777

Susanna Marden Born May 5th 1780 - Deceas'd May 30th 1780

Susanna Marden Born Feby 16th 1782

William Marden Born Novr 3d 1785