Recorded August 1, 1825 by James Babb T. Clerk

The Children of Abel & Betsy Brown

Clarissa Brwon was born at Gilford, N.H., November 20, 1814

Benjamin F. Brown Born at ditto April 24, 1817

John M. Brown Born at Epsom July 18, 1821


Recorded by Michl McClary

The Children of Job & Huldah Brown

David Brown Born August 11th 1779

Joseph Brown Born June 10th 1782

Nancy Brown Born June 14th 1785

Richard Brown Born Novr 17th 1787


The Children of Levi & Lydia Brown

Abel Brown born January 23, 1782

Levi Brown born March 25, 1786

Benjamin Brown born Decr 28, 1792


Recorded Jan. 1808 by Samuel Morril, T. Clk.

The Children of Saml Brown & his Wife

Molly Brown Born January 8th 1794

Joseph Brown Born July 20th 1796

Abigail Brown Born May 28th 1798

Sarah Brown Born July 30th 1801

Betsy Brown Born April 18th 1804

Nancy Brown Born August 16th 1805


Children of William Brown & Lucretia Billings (Gray) Brown

Mary Lucy Born September 9th 1821

Susan Elizabeth Parson born April 20th 1824

Charles Jeffry Parsons born March 31st 1829