Recorded my Mchl McClary Town Clk

The Children of Saml & Sarah Blake & Sarah Blake his Two wives

Hepzibah Blake Born Novr 12th 1744

Mary Blake Born July 22d 1746

Mehitable Blake Born August 13th 1752

(the above are the first Sarah's Children)

Esther Blake Born October 27th 1761

Sarah Blake Born November 24th 1763

Abigail Blake Born Feby 23d 1766

Rebecca Blake Born October 26th 1767

Mercy Blake Born Born 15th 1769

Temperence Blake Born Feby 17th 1771

Hannah Blake Born Jany 17th 1774

Saml Blake Junr Born November 24th 1775

Elisabeth Blake Born May 25th 1777

James Blake Born August 10th 1781

Samuel Blake, Father to the above Children born August 17, 1718, Old Stile

Sarah Blake, Samuel Blake's second wife born Feby 12, 1736: O.S.

Recorded by D-------------