Surnames starting with S

SALTER. Anna (Webster)
New Hampshire Statesman
At Epsom, Jan 14th, Mrs. Anna, wife of Alexander Salter, aged 62 years and six months

New Hampshire Statesman & Concord Register
In Norwich, Vt., Feb. 26 Andrew Sanborn, aged 57, a native of Epsom in this State.

SANBORN, Ann (Lane)
New Hampshire Statesman
In Epsom, May 29, Mrs. Ann Sanborn, wife of Capt. Benvolio Sanborn, and daughter of Jonathan Lane, of Hampton Falls, aged 63 years and 8 months

SANBORN, Ann (Locke)
New Hampshire Statesman & State Journal
At Epsom, on Saturday, 18th inst Ann, wife of Hon. Josiah Sanborn, 79.

SANBORN, Benvolio
New Hampshire Statesman
In Epsom, April 15, Capt. Benvolio Sanborn, aged 65 years and 9 months

SANBORN, Frederick
Independent Statesman
In Epsom, May 9, Dea. Frederick Sanborn, aged 91 years, 6 months and 12 days

July 17, 1933
Paper Unknown
The news of the tragic death of Henry F. Sanborn of New York came as a great shock to his friends in this vicinity. Mr. Sanborn was 44 years of age, the son of the late Judge Walter H. Sanborn and Emily Bruce Sanborn. In boyhood, his summer vacations were passed in Epsom on the Sanborn farm. He was a visitor to Epsom during the early spring of this year and intended to visit his mother, Mrs. Sanborn and sister, Mrs. Grace Hartin during their stay in New Hampshire this summer. Of pleasing personality and friendly disposition, Mr. Sanborn apparently had no enemies and his sudden death is very mysterious. Mr. Sanborn disappeared on July 17 and his body shot twice in the back was found by berry pickers on Long Island last Saturday. The body was brought to McClary cemetery for interment on Wednesday afternoon, burial being near the graves of Mr. Sanborn's great-grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Sanborn, who were among the early settlers of Epsom. The services at the cemetery were private and attended by members of the family. Scripture reading and prayer were conducted by Rev. Ralph Osborn, pastor of the Epsom Baptist church. Albert J. Yeaton, Edwin L. Bunker, William H. Knowles and Hollis Hall acted as bearers. Elmer Goodwin of Manchester was the undertaker.

Dover Gazette & Strafford Advertiser
In Epsom, Hon. Josiah Sanborn, aged 80, a member in former years of both branches of the Legislature.

SANBORN, Mary Robinson
SANBORN, Luther Calvin

Paper unknown
In Epsom, of Dysentery, Mary Robinson Sanborn, aged 8 years and 9 months, and Luther Calvin Sanborn, aged 3 years and 1 month, children of Mr. Reuben Sanborn, jun.

SANBORN, Myrtie E.
Oct. 10, 1936
Union Leader 10-11-1936
EPSOM, Oct. 11 - Mrs. Myrtie E. Sanborn, wife of Clarence H. Sanborn, died at her home on Saturday, Oct. 10, after a brief illness. Mrs. Sanborn was the daughter of Alonzo and Carrie E. Page Batchelder of Epsom, and was born on Jan. 16, 1872. Reletives in addition to the widower, who survive are Mrs. Laura A. Langley, Mrs. Doris Batchelder Philbrick and Miss Nellie F. Sherburne, all of Epsom. Funeral services will be at the home on Route 28, on Monday afternoon.

Farmers Cabinet
Intoxication and Death - At Epsom, N.H., on Saturday evening, as a man named Reuben Sanborn, in a state of intoxication, was returning to his home from a day's work, with his scythe and broad ax, he fell, as is supposed, upon his tools, and cut his arm severely. Some individuals took his tools from him and started him along. He was found the next morning dead by the side of the road, within a half-mile of his home. He had bled profusely, and probably became faint and was unable to proceed and perished from exposure to the night air.

SANBORN. Susan Parson
New Hampshire Statesman & State Journal
In Epsom, 22d Feb Susan Parson, twin daughter of Benvolio Sanborn, aged 6 years

SANDERS, Abraham B.
New Hampshire Statesman
In Dover, Mr. Abraham B. Sanders, aged 29, Mr. S. was a native of Epsom and for several years a popular teacher in the public schools.

SANDERS, Edward T.
Independent Statesman
In Epsom, Feb. 28, Capt. Edward S. [T] Sanders, aged 77 years and 7 months

SANDERS, Lucinda E.
New Hampshire Statesman
In Epsom, March 9m Miss Lucinda E. daughter of Capt. Edward T. and Emeline Manson Sanders, aged 26.

SANDERS, Martha Ann
Boston Daily Advertiser
In Charlestown, 31st ult, Miss Martha Ann, Youngest daughter of Col. J. Sanders, of Epsom, NH, 21.

Boston Daily Advertiser
Dr. Orren S. Sanders of 511 Columbus avenue, this city, who died at his home yesterday of senility, was born in Epsom, N.H. Sept. 24, 1830. He studied medicine in the Castleton Medical College, Vt., graduating in 1843. He also attended Dartmouth College, from which he received an honorary degree in 1886.
Dr. Sanders was one of three seniors belonging to the homoeopathic medical profession in Boston, and the community as well as his school, recognized him as one of its most successful members. For two years he was a member of the Boston school committee. He was a large contributor to many charities. He was original in the plan and subscribed $5000 toward founding the Little Wanderer's Home.

SANDERS, William
New Hampshire Statesman
In Epsom, Sept. 23, William Sanders, aged 59 years, 3 months and 27 days

SARGENT, Jonathan
New Hampshire Statesman
At Epsom, Mr. Jonathan Sargent aged 54 years.

SAWYER, Frank William
November 13, 1942
Paper unknown
EPSOM, Nov. 14 - Frank W. Sawyer died yesterday at the Memorial hospital in Concord after more than a year's illness. He had been at the hospital about two months. Mr. Sawyer was born in Concord, Jan. 18, 1892, son of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Sawyer. He had lived in Epsom practically all his life. The survivors include his widow, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Sawyer; a son Herbert Richard Sawyer; a brother, Walter A. Sawyer, Gossville; a sister, Mrs. Emma C. Holmes, Penacook. The bearers were Edwin C. Waters of Concord and Millard J. Yeaton, Edward B. Demers, James M. Steele, George W. Knowles and Albert J. Yeaton, all of Epsom. Burial was in the family lot in the Short Falls cemetery.

SAWYER, Lena (Marden)
December 31, 1933
Paper Unknown
Mrs. Lena Marden Sawyer died suddenly at her home late Sunday night. Her death was a shock to her family and friends as Mrs. Sawyer had appeared to be her usual health during the day. The doctor attributed her death to a cerebral hemorrhage. Mrs. Sawyer was born in Gossville July 6, 1887 and was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Marden. She attended the Gossville schools. On December 24, 1913 she married Frank W. Sawyer and started housekeeping just 20 years ago on New Year's Day. Mrs. Sawyer was a member of the Epsom Baptist church and formerly belonged to Ivygreen Rebekah lodge of Short Falls. She is survived by her husband Frank. W. Sawyer; her parents Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Marden; two sisters, Mrs. Ada Marden McKay of Concord and Mrs. Ethel Pike of Gossville; two brothers, Walter L. Marden of Concord and Gerald Marden of Gossville and several nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held at noon Wednesday at the Epsom Baptist church with Rev. Ralph Osborne officiating. Burial in Short Falls cemetery.

October 19, 1947
Paper Unknown
EPSOM, Oct. 20 - Albert D. Sherburne, 82, a lifelong resident of this community, died suddenly at this home yesterday. He was the son of James and Lucy (Bickford) Sherburne, and is survived by a daughter, Miss Nellie F. Sherburne of Epsom; a cousin, Ralph H. Sherburne of Penacook; nieces and nephews.
Mr. Sherburne was a past grand of Evergreen lodge, I.O.O.F. of Short Falls, of which he was a 50 year members; and of Ivy Green Rebekah lodge of Short Falls. He served for 30 years as a deputy fire warden.
Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 2 o'clock at the Epsom Baptist church.

October 12, 1918
Paper Unknown
Arthur Sherburne, aged 15 years, died at the home of his aunt, Grace B. Stone, Saturday noon, acute Bright's disease following an attach of influenza from which he had been suffering since returning from a visit to Newport, R.I., September 14, being the cause of death. Always courteous and a willing worker, Arthur was beloved by his schoolmates, teachers and neighbors, by whom he will be greatly missed. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon, Rev. G.B. Southwick being the officiating clergyman. Watson Ambrose, George Kelley, John Chesley and Ellsworth Philbrick were the bearers. Beautiful flowers from relatives and friends surrounded the casket. Burial was in the Gossville cemetery.

SHERBURNE, Harry Eugene
January 4, 1950
Paper Unknown
EPSOM, Jan. 6 - Funeral services for Harry Eugene Sherburne will he held Saturday at 2 o'clock at the Epsom Baptist church. Mr. Sherburne, who had been in usual good health, died suddenly on his 70th birthday, Jan. 4 at the home of his sister, Mrs. Grace B. Stone. He was the son of Stillman E. and Clara Alton Sherburne, and was born in Epsom in 1880. He is survived by his sister, Mrs. Stone; two brothers, Arthur Sherburne, Chichester; and Percy Hall, Epsom; seven daughters, Mrs. Leslie Marler, California; Mrs. Doris Nellou, Newport, R.I.; Mrs. Barbara Dasoulis, Dunbarton; Mrs. Phyllis Abbott and Mrs. Evelyn Nellou, Concord; Mrs. Arline DeRush, Oregon; and Miss Audrey Sherburne, Concord; one son, Philip Sherburne; and nieces and nephews.
Burial will be in the family lot in the Gossville cemetery.

SHERBURNE, Hattie L. (Batchelder)
October 13, 1932
Paper Unknown
Mrs. Hattie L. Sherburne, wife of Albert D. Sherburne, 62 years, a life-long resident of Epsom, passed away at ther home on Thursday, October 13 after an illness of two weeks. She was born on January 26, 1870, the daughter of Alonzo and Carrie (Paige) Batchelder. On October 18, 1888, she was united in marriage to Albert D. Sherburne of Epsom. They have been blessed with 44 years of happy companionship. Besides the widower, Mrs. Sherburne is survived by her daughter, Miss Nellie F. Sherburne, who resides at home, one sister, Mrs. Clarence H. Sanborn of Epsom, a step-mother, Mrs. Laura A. Langley of Epsom and step-sister Mrs. Doris Philbrick of Long Island, NY. Mrs. Sherburne was a former officer of Ivygreen Rebekah lodge and the Ladies' Sewing Circle also a member of the Woman's Club. From girlhood, she was a regular attendant of the Epsom Baptist Church. On Sunday afternoon following a prayer service at the home, the funeral was held from the Baptist church with a large attendance. Rev. Ralph Osborn, pastor of the church was the officiating clergyman. During the Rebekah service Mrs. Ralph Osborn acted soloist. The bearers were John C. Brown, Harry Silver, William H. Knowles and Walter J. Philbrick. The casket was surrounded by beautiful floral tributes. Burial was in the family lot at Gossville cemetery.

New Hampshire Statesman
In Chichester, June 18, suddenly of heart disease, while at dinner at the Elm House, Mr. John Sherburne, of Epsom, aged 78

SHERBURNE, Olive (Pitman)
New Hampshire Statesman & State Journal
In Epsom on the 18th ult [Dec. 1832] widow Olive Sherburne aged 83

SHORES, Alton Folger
April 4, 1927
Paper Unknown
Monday morning Alton F. Shores, late of the Griffin Road, passed away at the Margaret Pillsbury Hospital, Concord, where he had been a patient for some three weeks. Mr. Shores had not been in the best of health for some over a year. He entered the hospital for an examination and it was decided that an operation was necessary. Following the operation, Mr. Shores made for a time satisfactory progress, then another operation was performed to assist the matter, Again recovery started, but a relapse occurred which developed into his death on Monday morning. Mr. Shores was born in Somerset, Mass., June 3, 1893, the son of Frederick and Nellie (Johnson) Shores. As a boy he came to Epsom with his mother and resided in that town until he married Miss Emily Fogg, of the Griffin Road, on September 8, 1915, since which time he resided with his wife, in the Fogg home on the Griffin road. During the years since then, Mr. Shores helped the late Romanzo B. Fogg in the conduct of the large Fogg farm and indulged in the added activities of a large flock of hens and several pairs of silver foxes. Ever active and industrious Mr. Chores found little time to enter into the life of the town and he always declined to hold public office; the single exception was when he served as representative to the General Court during the 1925-1926 term. He was for a few years a member of the Deerfield Grange and served as secretary two years. A good neighbor and friend, Mr. Shores had ever been a most active resident in his part of the town. He is survived by the widow and one son. Folger Shores, his mother, Mrs. William Knowles of Epsom; his father Frederick A. Chores, of New Bedford, Mass.; and one sister, Mrs. Arthur Marble of Somerset, Mass. The funeral was held at the home of his mother, Mrs. W.H. Knowles on April 7 and was largely attended. Rev. Jason Miller of Medfield, Mass., a summer resident of Deerfield and neighbor of Mr. Shores, conducted the service assisted by Rev. Emmet Russell, pastor of the Epsom Baptist church. Selections were rendered by Norman A. Arnold, tenor soloist from Brookline, Mass. The bearers were Allan Sherman of New Bedford, Mass., Dr. Russell of Concord; Gilbert H. and George W. Knowles. A profusion of beautiful flowers silently expressed esteem and sympathy.
Burial was in McClary cemetery under the direction of Kendall, Foster and Kilkenny of Concord.

SMITH, Hannah R. (Cass)
New Hampshire Statesman
In Epsom, Nov. 18, Mrs. Hannah R. Smith, daughter of Samuel Cass, aged 35.

SMITH, Nettie Y. (Yeaton)
August 24, 1934
Paper unknown
SHORT FALLS, Aug. 29 - Mrs. Nettie Y. Smith of Short Falls died Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Bernice Chase on Merrimack Street, Manchester, where she had been cared for during her illness since the first of the year. Mrs. Smith was born in Epsom on Sept. 20, 1866, and was the daughter of James C. Yeaton of Epsom and Hannah Towle Yeaton., who was a native of Barnstead. Mrs. Smith attended the schools of Epsom. In January, 1885, she married William A. Smith of Suncook; and at various times lived in Suncook, Concord, Manchester and Short Falls. Mr. Smith died in 1916. For several years Mrs. Smith was housekeeper for the late Israel Garfield of Short Falls. Mrs. Smith is survived by two sons. Arthur E. Smith of Montello, Mass., and J. Earle Smith of Manchester; a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Yeaton of Short Falls, and a brother, James H. Yeaton of Concord. The bearers were nephews of the deceased, Russell S. Yeaton and Maurice A. Yeaton of Short Falls, and Elmer Hutchinson and Philip Hutchinson of Concord. Burial was in the family lot in the Head cemetery, Hooksett.

STEELE, Elizabeth H. (McClary)
Independent Statesman
In Epsom, Feb. 18, Elizabeth H. Steele, widow of the late Jonathan Steele, Esq., and daughter of Gen. Michael McClary, aged 80 years

STEELE, Hannah (Cilley)
June 29, 1913
Paper Unknown
Died - In Epsom, June 29, Mrs. Hannah, widow of the late Charles A. Steele. Mrs. Steele was born in Epsom April 16, 1837, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Cilley. The most of Mrs. Steele's life was spent in Epsom. Early in life she married Lyman Swain of Northwood, who gave his life to his country. More than forty years ago she settled at Epsom Center, which was ever after her home. Her second husband Mr. Steele died some years since.
Mrs. Steele's life was a busy one, never forgetting to assist the needy and afflicted. She will be greatly missed where she had lived so long and dispensed so many kindnesses.
Mrs. Steele had been in failing health for some time and when the end came somewhat suddenly there was no surprise.
She leaves three sons, Joseph L. Swain of Stoneham, Mass., Charles M. Steele of Epsom, Andrew M. Steele of Beverly, Mass., and one daughter, Mrs. Sarah Swain Bunker of Epsom.
Funeral services were held from her late home conducted by the Rev. Mr. Gordon of the Free Baptist Church; singing by Eva Lawrence Cox; the bearers were Walter Chesley, Albion Ambrose, Edwin Yeaton, and John Yeaton. Ray Bickford was funeral director. Interment was made in the Gossville Cemetery.

STEELE, Helen E. P. (Yeaton)
March 27, 1951
Paper Unknown
EPSOM, April 2 - Rev. Donald E. Macomber conducted the funeral services for Mrs. Helen E.P. Steele on Friday afternoon at the Epsom Baptist church.
Charles B. Yeaton was soloist with Marjorie F. Yeaton at the piano. There was a profusion of flowers, including a large basket and a broken floral gate from the neighbors and friends. The bearers were Edwin Jacquith Jr., George W. Knowles, Louise A. Demers and Roscoe Warren.
Burial was in the family lot in McClary cemetery at Epsom Center. Mrs. Steele was a former member of Ivygreen Rebekah lodge, the Epsom Woman's Club and was a past president of the Epsom Center Neighborhood club.

New Hampshire Statesman
In New York, April 5, Rev. J.M. Steele, of Columbus, Ohio, recently of Stratham aged 34 years and 7 months; son of Jonathan Steele Esq., of Epsom.
The Congregationalist 4-24-1857
Mr. Steele was a native of Epsom, N.H., a graduate of Dartmouth College in 1814, and of Andover Theological Seminary in 1817. He had been settled in Winchester in this State for several years, and in Stratham, N.H., which place he left in 1856 to become pastor of a church in Columbus, Ohio, which, we believe, assumed a Congregational character at that time.
Mr. Steele was a man of great energy and very superior abilities, and at the time of his death had entered upon a field which promised an uncommon degree of usefulness. He had engaged in his labors with great ardor, and it was on behalf of his church that the visit to the East was undertaken in which he met the disease which conquered him. His sudden death, just as these plans promised success, is another instance of the mysterious ways of God.

STEELE, Kitty G.
Independent Statesman
In Epsom, Aug. 16, Kitty G. Steele, aged 16 years, 11 months

STOKES, Cora B. (Edmunds)
November 22, 1919
Paper Unknown
Mrs. Cora B. (Edmunds) Stokes, aged 62 years, passed away after a long illness endured with Christian fortitude, Saturday evening, November 22. Mrs. Stokes was born in Epsom, December 3, 1856, the daughter of Jefferson and Sally (Goss) Edmunds and with the exception of a brief residence in Concord and Manchester, had always resided in this town. In 1885, she was united in marriage at Concord to Maj. John K. S tokes, who died over twenty years ago. The surviving relatives are a daughter, Mrs. Iva D. Pease; two grandchildren, Benjamin Holmes Pease and Dorotheda Stokes Pease; three brothers, Frank Edmunds of Haverhill, Mass., Frank Edmunds of Concord, and Horace W. Edmunds; also two sisters, Mrs. Ada E. Cobb of Boston and Mrs. Grace D. Oliver. The funeral was held at the home Tuesday noon, Rev. Dr. A.L. Smith of Plymouth conducting the services. Prayer was offered by Red. G.B. Southwick, pastor of the Free Baptist church of which the deceased was an active member over forty years. Burial was in the Blossom Hill cemetery at Concord.

STRAW, Ellery C.
June 21, 1934
Union and unknown paper
Special to the Union - Short Falls - June 22 (1934) - Ellery C. Straw died at his New Rye home on Wednesday afternoon June 21, after a brief illness. Mr. Straw was born in Epsom, NH on April 10, 1866, the son of James S. Straw and Mary E. Wells.
He was married at Rye to Margaret Bernard on Feb. 2, 1888, after which he moved to the home in Ne Rye where he spent the rest of his life. His wife died in October 1926. Mr. Straw was a member of Evergreen Lodge, I.O.O.F., of which he was warden for many years. He is survived by one brother, Oscar W. Straw, and two sisters, Mrs. Lucinda S. Emerson and Mrs. Leola S. Cohcrane, all of Pittsfield; a niece, Miss Mildred Emerson, and three nephews, Lester Emerson, John Straw and Richard Straw. The funeral will be Sunday afternoon at the New Rye church and burial in the family lot at the New Rye Cemetery. Bearers were Bertel R. Foss of Penacook, James T. Libbey, Ernest C. Dowst and Walter B. Wells.

Deaths of New Hampshire Soldiers in the Army
New Hampshire Statesman
SWAIN, Elbridge, Chichester, aged 33