Surnames starting with P

PAGE, Clara Woodman (Haynes)
Aug. 26, 1937
Paper unknown
EPSOM, Aug. 26 - Mrs. Clara Woodman Page of New Rye died at her home early Thursday morning after a long illness. Mrs. Page was the daughter of Hiram Bartlett Haynes and Abby Jane Cotton, and was born in Epsom March 8, 1853. Survivors are the widower, Fred A. Page; a daughter, Miss Grace A. Woodman; a brother, Frank Bartlett Haynes; and two cousins, Fred C. Fife of Epsom and Miss Abby Cotton of Wilton.
Bearers were Anson B. Cass, Norman H. Munroe, William E. Yeaton and Walter B. Wells. Burial was in the family lot in New Rye cemetery.

PALMER, Myra L. (Doe)
December 25, 1910
Paper Unknown
The funeral of Mrs. Myra L. Palmer was held at Epsom at noon yesterday, at the Free Baptist Church in that place. The officiating clergyman was the Rev. Tetherly, who was assisted by Rev. A.R. Toothacre. The bearers were Albert Young, Walter Quimby, William C. Burnham and Ernest Marden. There was a profusion of flowers from relatives, friends and fraternal orders. Delegations were present at the service from Suncook lodge, D. of R., and the Daughters of Liberty.
Appropriate singing was rendered by Mrs. Eva Cox and Mrs. A.R. Toothacre.
The interment was in the cemetery at Gossville, and Elmer D. Goodwin of this city was the funeral director and furnishing undertaker.

PARKER, Mary (McClary)
Independent Statesman
In Fitzwilliam, April 3, Mary McClary, wife of Amos A. Parker, Req., and daughter of Gen. Michael McClary, formerly of Epsom, aged 81 years

PEARSON, Evangeline (Brown)
March 7, 1957
Paper Unknown
Mrs. Evangeline B. Pearson, 81, widow of Moses G. Pearson, died yesterday at the Concord hospital. Mrs. Pearson, a native of Epsom, had been a resident of this city for the past 30 years. She made her home at 9 Palm Street.
She held membership in the First Baptist church and was a charter member of the West Concord Garden club.
Survivors include a son, Harold D. Pearson of Epsom.
The body will be entombed at Blossom Hill cemetery to await burial in the family lot at the North Road cemetery, Epsom, in the spring.

PEARSON, Timothy
Dover Gazette & Strafford Advertiser
In Epsom, June 21st of typhus fever, Mr. Timothy Pearson, aged 34, formerly of Deerfield.

PEAVEY, Joseph
Dover Gazette & Strafford Advertiser
In Epsom, on the 21st inst, Mr. Joseph Peavey, formerly of Strafford, aged 33 years. Printers in Maine are requested to publish this death.

Independent Statesman
In Epsom, Oct. 2, Ann R. wife of Moses W. Perkins, aged 70 years

New Hampshire Statesman
In Portsmouth, Mrs. Mary Perkins, aged 70, widow of Jonathan Perkins, formerly of Rye, later of Epsom.

PETERS, Walter W.
April 24, 1957
Paper Unknown
EPSOM, May 10 - Funeral services were held this week at the New Rye church for Walter W. Peters, who died in Naples, Italy, April 24. Rev. H. Franklin Parker officiated.
Bearers were Richard Peters, Middleton, Conn., and Perley Coomb of Westwood, mass., honory bearers: also Walter Linquist, Nantucket, Mass.; Walter Cuteliff, Reading, Mass; Forrest Combs, Port Jefferson, L.I., William Westwood, Mass., Kenneth Wells, Coombs, Massepequa, L.I., and Charles Arthur Johnson, Gossville.
Burial was in the family lot in the New Rye cemetery. The flag which draped the coffin of Mr. Peters, a veteran of World War I, was folded and presented to Mrs. Peters by Robert F. Demers, commander of the Elwood O. Wells post, American Legion, with Edward Clough assisting.

New Hampshire Statesman & Concord Register
In Epsom, 25th inst Jethro Pettingill, aged 72, a pensioner of the United States, and a soldier in the war of the Revolution

NH Patriot
In Epsom, April 18th, Elder Daniel Philbrick aged 82 years -leaving 10 children, 45 grandchildren and three great great grandchildren. Elder P. had been a professor of the Free Baptist communion 50 years and came to the grave like a shock of grain fully ripe in the same hope of entering that rest when the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest. Elder P. entered the service of his country during the revolution, was in the battles of Bennington, Stillwater and Saratoga, and during life was a firm supporter of the Republican form of government which he fought to establish - an appropriate discourse was delivered at the funeral by Elder Dyer, from the words "all these died in faith."

PHILBRICK, Mary P. (Cass)
August 12, 1953
Paper Unknown
EPSOM, Aug. 12 - Mrs. Mary Parsons (Cass) Philbrick, Epsom's oldest resident, died early this morning at her home here.
Born in Epsom 92 years ago on Feb. 10, 1861, she was the daughter of Joseph Blake Cass and Mary (Brown) Cass. She was the widow of Maurice C. Philbrick who for many years was Epsom town clerk.
Survivors include three children, Miss Blanche C. Philbrick, Ellsworth B. Philbrick, and Mrs. Hazel P. Steele, Epsom town clerk; two grandchildren, Maurice Philbrick and Mary E. Steele.
Funeral services will be held at her home on Friday at 2 o'clock.

PIKE, Guy T.
July 12, 1932
Paper Unknown
This community was greatly shocked Tuesday to learn of the death in a Concord Hospital of Guy T. Pike, who passed away in the early morning. Having been in poor health for some months and receiving no relief or benefits from various medical treatments he was taken to the Hospital June 11, and was apparently recovering when the end came suddenly.
Mr. Pike was born in Hillsboro, NH, February 14, 1877, the son of George A. and Augusta A. (Bowen) Pike. Coming to Epsom with his parents in boyhood he had through life proven himself a man of sterling qualities. He was R.F.D. Carrier on Route 1 from the time of its going into effect until a few years ago when he retired because of ill health. He was an esteemed member of the Jr. O.U.A.M. of Gossville and of the Odd Fellows. A man always kind in his dealings with his fellowmen, a kind husband, brother and friend has gone to his last rest.
The surviving relatives are the widow, who was Rachel A. Wells (Rogers); a brother, George, and sister, Mrs. W.C. Burnham, nieces and nephews, all of Epsom; also a step son, Charles C. Rogers of Pittsfield.
Funeral services were held from the Epsom Baptist church Thursday, July 14, the pastor, Rev. Ralph Osborne, officiating. Interment was made by J.W. Steward, undertaker and funeral director.

PIKE, Rachel (Wells)
Sept. 19, 1936
Paper unknown
EPSOM, Sept. 21 - Mrs. Rachel Wells Pike, widow of Guy Pike, died Saturday at the Margaret Pillsbury hospital in Concord. Funeral services will be held at the home of a son, Charles Rogers, in Pittsfield tomorrow at noon, on her 50th birthday anniversary which is also her wedding date. Mrs. Pike was born at Epsom Center, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Wells, Sept. 22, 1886. Burial will be in Gossville cemetery.

PITMAN, Elizabeth (Peverly)
Newburyport Herald
In Epsom, Wid. Elizabeth Pitman, Aet 99 y. 9 mo. & 19 days.

PRESCOTT. Col. Jeremiah
Essex Register
In Epsom, Col. Jeremiah Prescott, aged 75, and officer of the Revolution.