History, Charter and Minutes of the Epsom Shoe Factory in pdf format

Charter of the

We the undersigned Citizens of Epsom, N.H. agree each with the other as follows:

We agree to enter into copartnership for the purpose of building a building for the manufacture of shoes. The location of said building to be uponland of William Goss at the water power near Prescott Bridge, so called; also for the purpose of putting in a wheele. Keeping such premises in repair, and doing all other acts and things whatsoever may be necessary to keep such building and property in suitable condition for renting.
The name of said firm shall be the Epsom Shoe Factory Company and all business of the partnership shall be done under that name.
The Captial Stock of said firm shall be Three Thousand Dollars and each of the subscribing partners agrees to furnish the amout of said Capital Stock which he places opposite his name on this agreement.
The profits and losses of said building & the renting of the same shall be shared by the partners in proportion to the amount they have subscribed to the Capital Stock. The arrangments for managing said business shall be arranged by mutual consent, or by vote of the partners, each twenty five dollars worth of Stock entitling the owner to be one vote in the case of any voting = and a majority of the votes cast at any time shall controle the action of said partnership.
Correct books of accounts shall be kept in which shall be entered all money received or paid out and all matter of account relating to the business of said firm which shall be common and accessible to all the partners. Neither partner shall have power to find the firm as surety in any case, nor their Agent except by the written consent of the other partners.

By a majority vote of the partners this agreement may at any time be changed.

Witness our hands and seals this second day of May 1881.

Name Number of shares
at $25 per share

William Goss 32
Silver & Robinson 20
Henry F. Sanborn 6
Horace Bickford 4
Hiram H. Holmes 2
Andrew S. Evans 4
Zachaariah Leighton 4
John T. Cotterell 1
Alfred P. Bickford 4
David M. Philbrick 4
Morrill D. Bickford 4
William Tripp 3
Albion Locke 4
Lowell Eastman 1

Hannah P. Steele 2
Albion H. French 4
George Sanders Jr. 2
Jefferson A. Edmunds 2
Benjamin Towle 4
Jonathan Marden 4
George C. Knowles 2
David M. Knowles 2
J.B. Tennant 4
Daniel G. Chesley 4
J.C. Hall & Son 2
C.O. Brown 1

total 126