Epsom articles from old newspapers

Section Eleven - REAL ESTATE


NH Gazette 5-26-1769

TO BE SOLD (cheap for Cash) by WALTER PHILBROOK of Greenland,
A Tract of LAND lying and being in the Towhship of Epsom, being the Lot No. 43 in the third Range, containing 100 Acres. Said Land is well Timbered and Watered and will be warranted good and free and clear of Incumbrances whatever. ALSO,
To be Sold by said PHILBROOK, half a Pew in Greenland Meeting House.

NH Gazette 12-21-1782


At the house of Elizabeth McClary, innholder in Epsom, on Tuesday the seventh day of January next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon (by virtue of a licence from the honorable Judge of Probate of Wills, &c. for the county of Rockingham) the following lots of land in Epsom, aforesaid, viz. One lot in the first range, No 12, containing 26 acres - one lot No 3,in the second range, containing 30 acres - one half the lot No 61, in the same range, containing by grant about 52 acres, mostly under improvement, with a barn and orchard thereon; - also part of the lot No 105 in the third range, containing about 45 acres; - likewise one lot in Pittsfield, containing 50 acres, which was originally part of the right of Thomas Westbrook Esq; - also, the common and undivided land belonging to the said 50 acre lot. -
Said lands, are part of the real estate of Andrew McClary, late of Epsom, aforesaid, Esq; deceased. Conditions of sale to be seen at time and place.
Epsom, December 16, 1782

NH Gazette 9-7-1786

BY Virtue of a licence from the hon judge of Probate, &c. for the county of Rockingham will be sold at PUBLICK VENDUE, on Friday the 6th day of October next, at the dwelling house of the widow Mary Tucke of Epsom, ONE HUNDRED ACRES OF GOOD LAND in said Epsom, No. 8 in the second range, - Conditions of sale to be made known at time and place of sale. - Also, to be LETT and entered upon next April, the FARM where the widow Mary Tucke now lives, containing 100 acres with a good dwelling house and barn thereon, the said Farm is partly under improvement, it has produced eight tons of good English hay, sixteen barrels of cyder, and fifty bushels of Indian corn, has excellent pasturing. - For further particulars enquire of the widow Mary Tucke of Epsom, or Daniel Pierce of Portsmouth.
Portsmouth September 5, 1786.


On reasonable Terms,

A FARM containing one hundred acres of land; with a convenient Dwelling House, Store and Barn, and appurtenances, agreeably situated and lying in Epsom, between the house of Major MORRILL and the Meetinghouse, now in the occupation of the subscribers, of whom information will be given respecting the terms, and a good title to the premises.
Epsom, June 31, 1793


To be Sold in Epsom.

The first containing about 175 acres of good land, under good improvement, consisting of mowing, pasturing, tillage, orcharding and woodland, pleasantly situated near the meeting house, and will serve for two small farms, having heretofore been improved as such, and has on it two houses, three barns and out houses, and is well situated for a trader, tradesman or innholder.
A second containing about 100 acres, chiefly under improvement, with a house, barn, orchard, &c. thereon.
A third containing about 90 acres, under some improvement, with a house and barn on the same, and a good privilege for saw and grist mills.
A mill for grinding Scythes in a good place for a blacksmith, where he may have a good run of business.
Several other small pieces of land, all of which will be sold together, or divided and subdivided, as will best suit the purchaser. For further particulars
Inquire of AMOS MORRILL.
Epsom, August 28, 1793

NH Gazette 8-14-1798

ALL persons indebted to or who have demands against the estate of ANNA JOHNSON, late of Epping, deceased, are desired to exhibit them for settlement to the subscriber, administrator on said estate.
Epsom, July 30, 1798
Within twenty rods of Epsom Meeting House; three quarters of an acre of Land, on which is a beautiful garden spot, a small House and Barn, decently furnished.

NH Gazette 12-23-1800


THE subscriber offers for sale in the town of Epsom, within one hundred rods of the meeting house, and on the main road leading through said town, about thirty acres of good land, with a good House, thirty three feet by thirty, and one story high, with a convenient shop for a clothier, with press, shears, &c. complete, and two convenient barns, a good well, and pretty orchard thereon - also a new fulling mill in complete order, standing on an excellent stream, with one half acre of land adjoining the same.
Also, six acres of good wood land, within one mile of the dwelling house - for further particulars inquire of the subscribers on the premises.

US Oracle 7-4-1801

A Small FARM in Epsom one mile from the Meeting-House, about fifty or sixty acres, with house, barn, and a large work-shop, consisting of good Mowing and Tillage land, good Well, and an apple Orchard that will recommend itself - The premises ma be entered on immediately if required, and long credit given. - For particulars enquire of IRA SANBRON of Epsom, or the printer hereof.

NH Gazette 10-5-1802

On reasonable Terms,
IN Epsom, containing about one hundred and twenty acres with good buildings, well wooded and watered, within fifty rods of the Meeting House, in said Epsom, for further particulars apply to JONATHAN LOCK on the premises.
Epsom, Sept. 27.

NH Gazette 7-12-1803

A Valuable Farm,
LYING in Epsom, on what is called New Orchard Road, leading to Pittsfield; containing seventy-five acres; a two story House, double in length, with a good Cellar, and never failing Well of water, with a food Barn thereon. Said FARM produces twenty-five tons of English Hay annually, and pasturing in proportion, with a young thrifty Orchard that has produced forty barrels of Cyder, annually. Said Farm is well watered and wooded. - For further particulars inquire of Capt. WILLIAM BARTON, living on the premises, or
Epsom, June 14, 1803.

NH Gazette 3-1-1808

NOTICE is hereby given that all the real estate, formerly owned and occupied by John Godfrey, lying in Epsom, will be sold at Public Auction on Monday the 4th day of April next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, consisting of about 50 acres of LAND, with the buildings thereof, viz. - A new and convenient dwelling house, thirty by forty feet, one story high, well finished with a good cellar under it; a new and convenient Barn, Shed, and a Coopers Shop, situate on the first New Hampshire Turnpike Road, leading from Concord to Portsmouth, and on the road leading from Gilmanton to Newburyport, which renders it an excellent stand for a Tavern or Trader.
Sale to be on the premises, when the conditions will be made known. - Further information may be had by applying to LEVI MEAD & JOHN HARVEY of Northwood, - or JOHN GODFREY, living on the premises.
Northwood, February 22, 1808

Concord Gazette 5-5-1813

To be Let,

ON liberal terms, and possession given the 6th day of March next, that pleasantly situated Farm, in Deerfield, well known by name of Godfrey's Tavern, near Pleasant Pond, so called, which is considered to be one of the best stands for a Tavern and Store, in the State. There is on said farm, a good house, Store, two Sheds, Woodhouse, and a complete Stable, well finished, and an Orchard that produced apples sufficient to make from 15 to 20 barrels of Cider the last season. It is also well wooded.
For further particulars, enquire of Mark French, of Epsom, where the conditions will be made known.
Jan. 5, 1813

NH Patriot 5-9-1815

For Sale,
A FARM, situated in Epsom, in the fourth range of Lots, containing one hundred acres of excellent land, with a new barn, 46 by 42, and 125 young apple trees. About 30 acres of said lot is cleared, and fit for mowing, pasturing and tillage; the remainder is well timbered with a thick growth of white oak, white pine, yellow pine, and the easterly end of said lot joins on Suncook river, where stands a new Sawmill and Gristmill. Conditions, which will be liberal, will be made known by applying to the subscriber.
Epsom, May 4, 1815

NH Patriot 8-1-1815

To be Let,
THAT pleasant and noted Stand, for a Tavern and Store, situated in Epsom on the N.H. Turnpike Road. Said House and Store are handsomely finished, in good repair, and exceeded by none between Concord and Portsmouth, for trade or a Tavern or both.
To let, a FARM, one mile from said Seat containing one hundred acres of Land, of which thirty are under improvement. Conditions made known by applying to the subscriber.
Epsom, July 14, 1815

NH Patriot 11-14-1815

THAT noted STAND, exceeded by none for Trade or a Tavern or both, situated in Epsom, between Portsmouth and Concord, on the New Hampshire Turnpike. Said Store and House is finished in the best manner, and exceeded by none for convenience and pleasantness of situation. With it is a good Barn, Shed and an excellent well of never failing water. The land is of the best quality, and implanted with fruit trees. Immediate possession will be given. For further particulars, inquire of the subscriber on the premises.
Epsom, Nov. 2, 1815
[similar ad printed 2-20-1816]

NH Patriot 5-9-1820


A SITUATION in Epsom, 1-4th of a mile west of the meetinghouse, on the main road from Portsmouth to Concord-consisting of four acres of land of good quality, and under good improvement, with an excellent water privilege for any kind of Mill machinery - a small dwelling house of three rooms, blacksmith's shop, one forge - a small barn.
Terms low and payment made easy. For further particulars enquire of THOMAS D. MERRILL, or of REUBEN SANBORN, on the premises.
Epsom, April 27, 1820

NH Patriot 1-12-1824

FARM at Auction !

WILL be sold at public vendue, unless previously disposed of at private sale, on Thursday the 12th of February next, at ten o'clock, A.M. on the premises, 60 acres of excellent land, situated in Epsom, on the road leading from the turnpike to Pembroke, and near the centre of the town; suitably proportioned into mowing, pasture, tillage, orchard, and woodland, together with one half a good two story house, half a barn 52 by 30, one fifty foot shed, and a convenient joiner's shop. At the same time and place will be sold three good cows, six sheep, one pair good iron bound wheels, and sundry other farming tools. Conditions of sale liberal, and made known at the time and place of sale.
Epsom, Jan. 8, 1824.

NH Patriot 2-9-1824

Mills, &c. at Auction

To be sold at Auction on Tuesday the 2d day of March next on the premises, at one o'clock, P.M. a GRIST MILL with two runs of Stones, situated in Epsom, on Suncook River at the short falls, so called, being a never failing stream of water. Also a small House and Barn with three acres of good Land near said Mill. The buildings and mill have been recently erected, and are in good repair. A liberal credit will be given for a part of the payment.
Epsom, Feb. 2, 1824.

NH Patriot 8-2-1826


A FARM situated in Epsom, county of Merrimack and State of New Hampshire, containing about one hundred and fifty acres of land of an excellent quality suitably divided into mowing, tillage, pasturing and wood, together with the buildings thereon, which are a house, thirty-nine by thirty-one, two stories, and mostly finished; a barn one hundred feet by thirty-two, well finished; two sheds adjoining the barn, together with a woodhouse, blacksmith shop and cider mill, all in good repair. Said Farm is watered by a brook of never failing water running through the same, together with two wells, contiguous to the buildings, which never fail - with an orchard which will average fifty barrels of cider yearly.
Another Farm situated in said Epsom, adjoining the above, lying and being on the easterly side of Suncook river and adjoining the same, of a superior quality, suitably divided into mowing, tillage, pasturing and woodland, containing about sixty acres. Lying on the main road leading from Epsom to Pembroke, together with the buildings thereon, which are a convenient dwelling-house, new and mostly finished, together with a woodhouse adjoining the same, a barn forty-one feet by thirty-eight, well finished, and a good well of never failing water. All of which will be disposed of at a reasonable price. Payment made easy with food security. Any person wishing to view said premises can have an opportunity by applying to the subscriber, living on the same.
Epsom, Aug. 17, 1826

NH Patriot 4-20-1829

TO be sold in Epsom, N.H. the Farm commonly called the Parsonage Farm, lying opposite the meeting house in said town, containing nearly sixty acres of good land with a house suitable for two families, and in good repair, with a barn and shed thereon. Inquire of JAMES BABB, Esq. Post Master, Epsom, or WILLIAM WEST, Concord.
April 31, 1829.

NH Gazette 1-24-1832

Land in Portsmouth, Epsom
By virtue of a license from the Court of Probate for the County of Rockingham, will be sold at Public Auction, on WEDNESDAY, the 21st day of March next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at the Auction Room of Samuel Larkin in State-street Portsmouth, the following described pieces or parcels or Real EstateL that is to say,

One piece or parcel of LAND situate in Epsom, in the County of Merrimack, commonly called the Allen Farm and occupied by Amos Prescott, containing about one hundred and twenty acres under improvement, with a good HOUSE and large BARN thereon, and out buildings.
Also, one other tract or parcel of LAND lying in said Epsom, commonly called the Treadwell Lot, being number sixty-three in the second range in the division of said town, adjoining the above mentioned premises, containing about two hundred and eighty four acres of Wood and Timber Land.
Terms of payment very liberal, and a credit for a considerable portion of the purchase money given with good security.
For Terms and further particulars, apply to JAMES FOSS, Kittery; WILLIAM H. Y. HACKETT, Portsmouth; or to either of the subscribers.
S. LARKIN, Auct'r
Portsmouth, Jan. 24, 1832

NH Patriot 2-13-1832


If not previously sold at private sale, will be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION, on the premises on Monday, the second day of April, nest, at nine of the clock A.M., a PAPER MILL in complete running order, situate on Suncook river in the town of Epsom, County of Merrimack and State of New Hampshire; said mill is abundantly supplied with a spring of water of the purest kind, a good aqueduct and cistern - also a convenient
With 20 rod of said mill, with a good well of never failing water, a young orchard of choice ----- fruit, and several never failing springs of water, near the house.
One other convenient DWELLING HOUSE & BARN within about 50 rods of said mill with a good well of water, and a young orchard, also a GRIST MILL with two run of stones, situated on the opposite side of the stream. The town bridge crosses directly from one mill to the other. For terms and further particulars apply to NEHEMIAH R. KENNISON on the premises or to RICHARD PARK, in Taunton, Mass.
Epsom, Jan. 23, 1832

NH Patriot 3-10-1834

NOTICE. A FARM, to be sold at Public Auction at the Store of Tho. D. Merrill on the 22d day of March next at 10 Oclock A.M. Laying on the Old Road Leading from Concord to Portsmouth, within a few rods of the Meeting-House, School-House, Paint Mill, Saw-Mill &c. containing about Sixty-five Acres of good land well divided into Mowing, Pasturing and Wood-land. It has on it a food one Story House, Barn and other out Buildings necessary for the convenience of the Farm. Conditions made known at the time of sale.
Epsom, February 24th, 1834

NH Patriot 2-27-1845

Farm and Buildings for Sale.
The subscriber, having made arrangements for leaving the Farm where he now lives, this spring, is desirous to sell. Said Farm is situated in EPSOM, one half mile north of the turnpike on the main road from Manchester to Pittsfield. There are about eighty acres in the place. The Farm produces well, and is very easy of cultivation; is well wooded and watered.
The buildings are a one story house, 40 by 30, a barn, 48 by 38, a wood-house, hog-pen and corn-barn.
Possession given immediately. Terms of sale, easy.
Epsom, Feb. 19, 1845.

NH Patriot 8-23-1849


WILL be sold at Public Auction, on Saturday, the 8th day of September next, at four o'clock P.M., on the premises, the old Congregational meeting house in Epsom. The building is about 50 feet by 40, the timber in the frame is large and with the rest of the wood work is believed to be sound and good.
Conditions at time and place of sale.
Frederick Sanborn
Moses P. Gray
Jonathan L. Cilley, Committee of the Proprietors.
Epsom, Aug. 20, 1849

Unknown 8-20-1849

AUCTION. Will be sold at public auction, on Saturday, the 8th day of September next, at four o'clock P.m>, on the premises, the old Congregational meeting house in Epsom, The building is about 50 feet by 40; the timer in the frame is large and with the rest of the wood work is believed to be sound and good. Conditions at time and place of sale. Frederick Sanborn, Moses P. Gray, Jonathan L. Cilley, committee of the proprietors. Epsom, Aug. 20, 1849


NH Patriot 8-30-1849


THE subscribers offer for sale their farm in Epsom, well known as the Cilley place, lying on the Turnpike road and near the centre of the town, and close to the line of the contemplated Railroad from Hooksett to Pittsfield. The home place contains upward of 200 acres, a large proportion of which is Mowing and Tillage, the buildings are two good dwelling houses, two barns with shed, and all other out buildings suitable for two families. Also, a large pasture about two miles from the home place, containing about 90 acres, well watered, lying by the side of Odiorne's pond (so called). Also, a wood and timber lot, containing about 90 acres, about one and a half miles from the home place, and very handy to Long Falls Saw Mill. They also offer the crops now growing, and the hay in the barns, being sufficient to winter 50 head of cattle; the greater part cut on the home place the present season. If not disposed of at private sale the present season, it will be offered at Public Auction the 20th day of February, 1850.
Conditions of sale for the whole or such parts as may be agreed upon, will be liberal.
W.P. Cilley
J.L. Cilley
Epsom, August 6, 1849


NH Patriot and State Gazette 5-28-1856


The subscriber offers for sale one of the best farms in the county of Merrimack, being the one in Epsom, now owned and occupied by himself, and well known as the Knowles place, situated one mile from the town house and centre village in Epsom, on the road to Pittsfield city, from which it is distant but five miles, wher is a market for every thing raised on a farm, equal to Concord. The farm contains about 210 acres, one fourth of which is covered with a heavy growth of pine and hemlock timber, mixed in with hard wood. The residue suitable divided into tillage, mowing and pasture, the whole mostly fenced with stone wall. The tillage land is remarkably well adapted to the raising of wheat and corn. There is an excellent orchard on the premises. The buldings are a two story dwelling house 40 feet by 32 with an L, w stories 20 feet square, all well finished and painted inside and out. A cider house, chaise and wood house. well finished. A barn, lately built, 84 feet by 36 feet, thoroughly finished. A corn barn __ by __ feet, and __ sheds. An abundant supply of excellent water in the house and in the barn yard. The timber land is but 100 rods from a saw mill; the swelling house 1 mile from a grist milll, 1 mile from the Congregational meeting house, 1 1/2 mile from the Baptist meeting house, and about 80 rods from a school house.

For further particulars apply to the Rev. J. A. Knowles, Lake Village, or the subscriber on the premises, Any person wishing to purchase a farm of the foregoing description, is invited to call an examine for themselves. No charges will be made for showing. John Langley, Epsom, April 30, 1856


Weekly Union (Manchester) 9-28-1853


THE subscriber will sell his farm, pleasantly situated in Epsom, NH, containing 182 acres. The said farm is divided into mowing, pasturing, tillage and woodland, with a plenty of orcharding. The buildings are one two-story house with a large ell, and a barn 70 feet by 38, with all necessary out buildings, all in good repair, and suppkied with excellent water. There are about 4000 hills of Hops in a good state of cultivation. Terms of payment will be made easy. - Charles Quimby, Epsom, April 11, 1853


Mirror and farmer (Manchester) 10-7-1865


The "Wiggin Farm" situated in Epsom, will be sold at public auction on Thursday, Oct. 12 at 10 o'clock Am>. unless sooner disposed of at private sale. Said farm contains 125 acres of excellent land. The pasture is large and the best in the county. The buildings are in good repair; house nearly new and in excellent condition. Also, at public auctiion on the same day, two wood lots, one containing 14, the other 25 acres. Also. live stock, hay and grain, farming tools and furniture. Edwin B. Harvey, Epsom, Sept. 5, 1865


Mirror and farmer (Manchester) 1-9-1869


The subscriber having recently had his buildings burned, offers for sale his Real Estate as follows, to wit:

1st. Home lot, consisting of 140 acres of land, suitable divided into Mowing, Tillage, Pasturing and Woodland - 20 acres of wood and second growth pine timber - about 12 acres of excellent meadow land. Upon the farm is a large number of Apple Trees which bear excellent fruit. Said farm produces about 40 tons of hay annually.

2nd. A valuable wood and timber lot lying upon the easterly side of Chestnunt Pond, so called, comtaining about 60 acres. Standing upon said lot are 150 old growth Pines, and a heavy growth of Hemlock and Spruce timber.

3d. One lot lying upon the southerly side of Suncook Pond, so called, in Deerfield, containing 50 acres - 16 acres of which is wood and timber, with 60 old growth Pines.

4th. One lot lying on the northerly side, near the outlet of Suncook Pond, about 150 rods from Lord's Mills, so called, containing about 22 acres, with a small House and Barn upon it. Most of said lot is covered with wood and timber, with 50 old growth pines. - Daniel P. Locke, Epsom, NH Dec. 22, 1868


Mirror and farmer (Manchester) 4-23-1870


Situated in Epsom, and lying on both sides of the Northwood Turnpike, about one-eighth of a mile below Marden's Corner, and three minutes walk from Depot of the Suncook Valley Railroad; 1/2 mile from the Freewill Baptist Meeting-house, 1 mile from the Congregational Meeting-house, saw-mill, grist-mill;1/8 of a mile from school, store, blacksmith-shop, carriage shop. Said farm contains one hundred and ten (110) acres of land, lying on both sides of Suncook River, suitably divided into mowing, tillage, pasture and woodland, with a fair share of natural mowing. The wood is within a short distance from the buildings. The farm is well fences. The field and pasture are divided by Suncook River. Also, one field is almost fenced by a large bend of the river, so there is but a small amount of fence to build. There is also a good mill privilege on the farm, with an ample supply of water.

The buildings are a Cottage House and L, thoroughly finished and very convenient , with an excellent cellar; barn, 36x60, with a cellar; wood shed, hennery, carriage house, corn-barn, and carpenter shop, all nearly new, well finished, and in good repair.

There is also a Young Orchard of Apple and Pear trees, just commencing to produce.

The land is easy and very productive, being a good Stock Farm, handsomely situated, making it one of the most desirable situations in the county. The stock and almost every variety of farming tools can be purchased with the farm if desired. Terms of payment easy. Inquire of the subscriber on the premises, or of Moses Martin, near Buck-street Mills in Pembroke. Mrs. Miriam B. Robinson, Epsom, NH March 29th, 1870.


Mirror and farmer (Manchester) 4-4-1874


The subscriber offers for sale his mills, situated in Epsom, NH, one mile from Depot. A good deal of business done. Grist Mill repaired over last year. Saw Mill has 5 circular saws. NICE SHINGLE MACHINE, of latest and best pattern. Anyone wishing to buy such property will do well to call and examine. Good business in dull times as well as in good times. Eph. Heald, Epsom, NH