Home Lot # 20

Though this lot was drawn by James Marden, it was forfeited and given by the proprietors to Joseph Simpson in April of 1735 for, as stated by John Mark Moses, they had ‘settled a family in the town.’ John Mark Moses says that he sold land to Charles McCoy, and perhaps that is the family referred to, though it is possible it is the McClary family. The list of those proprietor’s to draw the accompanying 30 acre out lot shows that the home lot was owned by Daniel Moulton. Simpson drew out lot number 63, and probably had an additional 30 acre out lot with the home lot. Often families had to settle land before they acquired deeds.

In 1753 Joseph Simpson sold the land to Andrew McClary who later sold it to his son John who lived on home lot #19. It is not known if any structures were ever on this property.


27-334 July 1, 1743
Joseph Simpson of New Castle, Esq., to Andrew McClary of Epsom, millwright,
Land in Epsom containing 50 acres being ye 20th lot given to me by ye proprietors on ye rounds of my settling a family in said town, according to ye charter and note of ye proprietors, reference thereto being had, lying on ye south west side of ye highway that runs through ye settlements and on ye northwest side of George Wallis’ 50 acre lot, running 50 rods on said highway and 150 rods deep as ye home lot runs. – Joseph Simpson.

35-314 March 7, 1747
Andrew McClary of Nottingham, Innholder, to John McClary of Nottingham, husbandman,
A parcel of land in Epsom containing 100 acres, it being the whole of the lots numbered 19 and 20 of the lots laid out for the settlers of said town, bounded as by the records of said town may appear, excepting only 5 acres off the southeasterly side of said 20th lot. – Andrew McClery


(M) 151-236 September 16, 1858
Charles A. Steele of Epsom, yeoman to Michael M. Steele of Epsom,
All my right in and to a certain tract of land in Epsom being a part of the homestead farm of Jonathan Steele, late of said Epsom, deceased, being an undivided half of said homestead farm in common and undivided with Elizabeth H. Steele and being all the real estate the said Jonathan Steele owned in said Epsom at the time of his decease, meaning to convey by this deed all my title in the farm aforesaid as heir at law of my late father Jonathan Steele. – Charles A. Steele

(M) 491-415 September 7, 1927
Helen S. Barstow of Epsom to Katharine B. Berry of Arlington, MA
A tract of land with the buildings thereon in Epsom, known as the McClary Home, bounded on the north of the road from Slab City to Deerfield; on the east by the land of John Griffn; on the south by land of Hollis Hall; and on the west by Mrs. Helen Carter’s land; said tract containing 100 acres. Being the property inherited by said Helen S. Barstow from the estate of Michael McClary Steele, late of Epsom, who died in 1906 and whose estate was probated in Merrimack County. Together with such furniture in said premises as had been agreed upon; including a mahogany dining table formerly loaned by said grantor to said grantee. – Helen S. Barstow


38-200 December 20, 1748
Joseph Simpson of New Castle to Daniel Moulton of Rye, husbandman,
A lot of land in Epsom being Lot 63 containing 200 acres, also one 30 acre lot of land. – Joseph Simpson

54-382 March 19, 1757
Daniel Mouton of Rye, husbandman to Charles Treadwell of Portsmouth, shop keeper,
A parcel of land in Epsom being the lot No. 63, containing 200 acres, laid out to the original right of Joseph Simpson Esq., with all the common and undivided land in said town belonging to the right of said Simpson, all which I purchased of said Simpson by his deed dated December 22, 1748. – Daniel Moulton

58-484 June 18, 1759
Daniel Moulton of Rye, yeoman, to Charles Treadwell of Portsmouth, shop keeper,
A lot of land in Epsom containing 40 acres being lot No. 20 in the fourth range of lots, being an additional lot to ye home lot so called which I purchased of Joseph Simpson. – Daniel Moulton and Sarah (her mark) Moulton

137-23 June 2, 1791
Charles Treadwell of Portsmouth, shop keeper, to Simeon Locke of Epsom, yeoman,
A lot of land in Epsom containing 30 acres being the lot numbered 20 in the fourth range of lots which I purchased of Daniel Moulton. – Charles Treadwell